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The association promoting Hybrid Radio - the combination of Broadcast Radio and IP
  • RadioDNS Certification – What and Why?

    26 mars, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    Last week, Xperi (one of our members) announced that their Connected Radio platform had certified compliance with RadioDNS standards for Project Logo functionality. Whilst our testing and verification process has been running for a while, this seemed like a good time to explain why we offer (...)
  • WorldDAB and RadioDNS announce guidelines for the use of broadcaster logos in car

    6 février, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    WorldDAB and RadioDNS have produced a set of guidelines for automotive manufacturers and broadcasters. The guidelines outline best practise for broadcasters with services on FM and DAB to supply and update brand logos, and guidance to automotive manufacturers for downloading and display of (...)
  • HbbTV and RadioDNS working together to enable hybrid TV

    Novembre 2017, par Nick Piggott — News
    Our mission is to promote and enable hybrid radio by using DNS to seamlessly join together broadcast radio and IP. We use IP to deliver enhanced content and functionality for broadcast radio. That mission is very similar to that of the HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) Association. We’ve (...)
  • A Fair Use Policy for Metadata and Content

    Septembre 2017, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    What constitutes fair use of a broadcaster’s metadata and content? RadioDNS’ technical standards allow broadcasters to provide large amounts of metadata and content to manufacturers, so that they can create a better experience of broadcast radio. It’s a very valuable set of data to be able to add (...)
  • Meta-data – the best weapon in the dashboard battle

    Septembre 2017, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    On Tuesday we held our first Automotive / Broadcaster Workshop, where we talked about Ten Themes for implementing hybrid radio in the car. If you head over to the Workshop page, you’ll find on-demand audio/video of each of those Ten Themes and a document to download with the conclusions of each (...)
  • Ten Themes in our Automotive and Broadcaster Workshop

    Septembre 2017, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    We’ve wanted to bring together automotive manufacturers and broadcasters for some time. We get to talk to both parties a lot, and it’s sometimes frustrating to see that they share a common vision of a brilliant, modern, experience of radio, but then fail to understand how each one wants to create (...)
  • TDF Group joins RadioDNS Hybrid Radio

    Septembre 2017, par Nick Piggott — News
    TDF Group, Europe’s leading media distribution company, has become the latest member of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio. TDF’s businesses help broadcasters distribute their content to consumers, and develop new technology to improve the value of media consumption. TDF has long standing experience providing (...)
  • RadioDNS Hybrid Radio to be included in new Audi A8

    Septembre 2017, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    First line-fit automotive deployment showcases an outstanding hybrid radio experience We are excited to have reached a significant milestone with an announcement from Audi that they are the first automotive manufacturer to adopt our open standards for their new line-fit hybrid radio platform, (...)

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