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The association promoting Hybrid Radio - the combination of Broadcast Radio and IP
  • Consultation on Standard Terms of Use for Broadcaster Metadata

    8 mars, par Nick Piggott
    We’re consulting on a standard agreement for radio stations and automotive manufacturers and we’d really like your input.  Here’s all the info, including the link to review and feedback to us: RadioDNS Hybrid Radio enables more metadata and content to flow from radio stations to cars. Now we’re (...)
  • Digital Radio Week 2020

    17 février, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    Every year we gather in Geneva for a whole load of events around the theme of digital radio. Hosted by the EBU, it’s an intense three days, culminating the Digital Radio Summit. We’d like to thank the EBU for hosting our events – our Steering Board meeting, our General Assembly and the Automotive (...)
  • TuneIn joins RadioDNS

    22 janvier, par Nick Piggott — News
    Hybrid radio combines broadcast radio with metadata delivered over an Internet connection. Our open standards approach to hybrid radio means we’ve created standards for radio station metadata, which many radio stations around the world are implementing. Whilst this standardisation is primarily (...)
  • RadioDNS @ CES

    5 janvier, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    It’s January, and time for CES®. If you’re making the pilgrimage to Las Vegas to get across all the tech innovation, make time from trawling the halls to see RadioDNS Hybrid Radio. Here’s where you should stop off: DTS Connected Radio – DTS Connected Radio supports RadioDNS. The Xperi/DTS booth is (...)
  • Automotive Workshop V – Bringing Broadcasters and Automotive Manufacturers Together

    Décembre 2019, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    Broadcasters and manufacturers want to create the very best experience of radio in the car, but don’t always understand how to work with each other. Each year our automotive workshop (held jointly with WorldDAB) brings broadcasters and manufacturers together to talk frankly and in detail about (...)
  • BMW implements RadioDNS

    Septembre 2019, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    We’re really pleased to say that BMW are now implementing RadioDNS in their vehicles. Since July 2019, BMW vehicles have been using our SPI Standard (TS 102 818) to find and update radio station logos for FM radio stations across Europe and North America. That means station logos are being (...)
  • Work with us to develop our new testing platform

    Août 2019, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    We’re here to make sure that hybrid radio works brilliantly using open technology standards. As well as defining the standards, we want to provide the right tools to help people implement them really well. We already offer our members a testing platform for systems which pull in and use metadata (...)
  • Update on the Standard Terms for Metadata Use

    Août 2019, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    We’re committed to making hybrid radio easy and cost-effective for everyone, and we do that by looking for ways to standardise activities. Our technical standards define how to discover and transfer metadata from broadcaster to a radio, but they don’t say anything about how that metadata may or (...)
  • Updates to our Standards

    Juillet 2019, par Nick Piggott — Uncategorized
    Part of our role in the hybrid radio ecosystem is to identify where common standards would accelerate and/or lower the costs of implementation. Our technology standards exist to harmonise the way data is distributed, and we update them to include new functionality requested by our members, (...)

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