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Compuserve is dead (updated)

(originally published on April 21st 2008)

Monday 21 April 2008 / 30 July 2009, by CeD

Other versions of this article:

Within a few weeks, my fif­teen years old Compuserve ad­dress­es will be phased out.

I am not ex­act­ly hap­py about this de­ci­sion, as Compuserve used to be a bril­liant ear­ly pi­oneer since 1969, long be­fore in­ter­net be­came a pop­u­lar com­mu­ni­ca­tion and ex­change chan­nel.

Today, I have to de­plore the fact that this com­pa­ny com­mit­ted sui­cide, de­stroy­ing grad­u­al­ly all its valu­able as­sets and re­mov­ing one by one any of ex­clu­sive ser­vices and val­ues they used to of­fer their “mem­bers”, in­clud­ing email ser­vice (after hav­ing in­vent­ed it, that’s the last straw!).

By the way, don’t look for an email ad­dress where to no­ti­fy your can­cel­la­tion: they just don’t have an email ad­dress. Don’t try to cancel your ac­count by a postal mail sent to Compuserve Customer Service, P. O. Box 28650, Jacksonville, FL28650-8650, U.S.A. This would just waste the price of a stamp.

If you are a French mem­ber, see this web page and call Customer Service for France (33 3 21 13 49 49). Be pre­pared: they just don’t speak French.

Your ac­count will be closed im­me­di­ate­ly, very ef­fi­cient. However, your cred­it card will still be deb­it­ed for two months…


AOL killed Compuserve

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