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Thomas Tompion aka Thompion

Is this clock authentic?

26 January 2011, by CeD

Apparently, the clock­mak­er changed his mind at least on­ce when sign­ing this work (see the car­touche). His sur­name is “Thompion” in the car­touche, “Tompion” in the bot­tom of the di­al.

JPG - 442.3 kb

(Click to en­large) Does it ap­pear to be au­then­tic nev­er­the­less?


Note: this clock is NOT for sale. However, I will wel­come any ex­pert opin­ion on its au­then­tic­i­ty.

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  • Thomas Tompion aka Thompion

    11 December 2013 13:09, by Tobias
    This clock start­ed life with a square di­al, the arch has been added later, after the clock­mak­ers death. The clock has lost its orig­i­nal case. The clock move­ment may have a num­ber on the back, at the bot­tom. If you let me know the 3 dig­its I will be able to date it for you.

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