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Jolla Safe Travel Mode


25 May 2017, by CeD

Airline travellers are now requested to submit their phone to security controls before getting on board; more and more frequently, specially in the United States, they are even requested to unlock it, and/or to reveal their passwords.

To be prepared for this, here are some preventive measures you can take before check-in, to make police & customs controls as smooth as possible, even if your phone contains privacy tools and classified stuff [1].

Before po­lice & cus­toms for­mal­i­ties:

  • Move your ownkeepass database to j [2]
  • Replace it with a fake database with some credentials for non-sensitive matters
  • Back up folder "/root/.gnupg/" (your GnuPG keyrings) to j, empty it and fill it with inoffensive fake data (see here)
  • Back up/hide all *.gpg and *.asc files
  • Create alternative candid accounts for email and social networks, hide any evidence of your real accounts
  • Disable developer mode and Android support
  • In case you wrote down this note somewhere in your phone, erase it!
  • Pick a “dumb” device (i.e. unable to mount and read encrypted volumes) having a micro-sd slot (e.g. camera, audio player…)
  • Swap phone and dumb device micro-sd cards
  • Smile at security officers, enjoy your flight. You are innocent.


Of course, this doesn’t make you 100% safe if you want to trav­el with ul­tra con­fi­den­tial data (the on­ly way to do so is to keep it far away from any of­fi­cial of non-of­fi­cial lurk­ers). However, you’ll have a rea­son­able prob­a­bil­i­ty to ap­pear as some­one who has noth­ing to hide.


[1] These sug­gest­ed ac­tions are in­tend­ed for Jolla/SailfishOS phones; you may of course adapt them to your de­vice.

[2] Assuming you have an en­crypt­ed “j” vol­ume (e.g. Truecrypt, Veracrypt, LUKS) in your mi­cro-sd card and/or in the cloud (with a strong pass phrase of course). If not, see here.

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