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Letter to my bot

Friday 23 December 2011

Dear bot,

You are not very intelligent yet, but already very annoying. I don’t know who is behind you or where you are [1], however this site is full of traps, pots of glue and other bad things specially put there for you. [2]

You’ll get caught, if not already done so, then you will learn to avoid the pitfalls and you’ll bother again.

So I will put other more cunning traps and you’ll still get caught. Very clever who can say whether, at the end, it’s you or me to come with the last word. What is sure however is that you are the harmful and that I am in my right when I prepare dirty tricks for you. Believe me, becoming smarter, you expose yourself to more and more serious trouble.

Your business model may be profitable today, you steal addresses to resell them [3], you put paid links in your rotten comments and everything is OK for you. But just be aware that the money you are earning is a justification to retaliate more and harder, and that the escalation does not play in your favour. If your business becomes big business, the community of your victims will go very far in retaliation without compunction.

It is currently organizing itself for that, without hesitating to use means like yours and those of your obscure sponsors.

Watch out, kisses.


[1] Actually I may know it, but I don’t care.

[2] Human visitors have nothing to fear.

[3] But I’m afraid you won’t find much here, that’s part of our tricks to annoy you.

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