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The latest news on digital radio on DAB, DAB+ and mobile on TV DMB. Includes WorldDMB press releases, news from WorldDMB members, country updates and any other news relevant to the topic.
  • Digital Radio for Schools project ongoing in Czech Republic

    8 octobre
    The Digital Radio to Schools project organised by RTI continues with another lecture on digital radio broadcasting on Monday 14 October 14 2019 at the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering and the College of Pardubice, Czech (...)
  • DAB+ numbers rising in Berlin and Brandenburg on the rise

    8 octobre
    According to research conducted by Bitkom, approximately one million people in the German states of Berlin and Brandenburg now own a DAB+ digital radio. However, other regions in the country are leading the way in terms of DAB+ (...)
  • Norwegian station launches in Copenhagen on DAB+

    7 octobre
    Bauer Media is now broadcasting its main Norwegian program Radio Norge in Copenhagen via DAB+. The station is aimed at Norwegians who live and work in the Danish capital.
  • DAB+ reception improves in western Germany

    7 octobre
    The German public broadcaster Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) has improved DAB+ reception in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany by putting a new transmitter into operation. Hochsauerland and parts of the Rothaar mountains now benefit from improved DAB+ (...)
  • ACMA consultation points to digital future for radio in Australia

    5 octobre
    The consultation opened by the Australian Communications and Media Authority on the future delivery of radio services in Australia earlier this year received 21 submissions. Commercial Radio Australia reinforced the importance of allocating spectrum for DAB+, while Ford Australia also stressed (...)
  • DPG launches new digital-only station in Belgium

    4 octobre
    DPG Media has announced that it will be launching Willy, a new digital-only rock station, in Belgium on 11 October. The station will be available to DAB+ listeners as well as online. DPG Media is a Belgian publishing company that owns media assets in Belgium, Denmark, and the (...)
  • Azerbaijan starts DAB+ broadcasts

    3 octobre
    Azerbaijan has successfully launched a DAB+ trial in Baku. A total of 12 DAB+ stations are available to listeners in the capital and the wider region of the Absheron peninsula, covering approximately 3 million people.
  • DAB+ sees great success throughout Europe

    1er octobre
    In this interview, WorldDAB president Patrick Hannon discusses the current state of DAB+ digital radio in Europe, highlighting the reasons behind the success of DAB+ and touching on the importance of the 5 Cs - content, coverage, cars, consumer equipment and (...)
  • Tunisian radio's migration to DAB+

    1er octobre
    The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) will host a joint workshop with WorldDAB on Thursday 10 October 2019. The workshop will take place at the ASBU headquarters in Tunis and will focus on the current deployment of DAB+ digital radio in Tunisia and how radio, manufacturers and retailers can (...)
  • DAB+ launches in Normandy

    1er octobre
    After Paris, Marseille, Nice, Lille, Lyon, Strasbourg and Nantes, DAB+ has now launched in Normandy. As of 1 October, the city of Le Havre has 13 DAB+ stations on air, while listeners in Rouen can benefit from 18 DAB+ stations.
  • Slovenia calls public call to award T-DAB+ frequencies

    30 septembre
    Slovenia's Agency for Communication Networks and Services (Akos) has launched a call for tenders for DAB+ frequencies. The contract concerns two multiplexes – R2 (national) and R3 (Ljubljana) – and the deadline for the submission of bids is 11 (...)
  • Spain trailing behind rest of Europe on DAB+ front

    30 septembre
    While the radio industry in Europe continues its transition to digital, the Spanish government has yet to manifest any signs of commitment to the rollout of DAB+ in the country, prompting industry experts to raise their concern on the (...)
  • Population coverage in Czech Republic to reach 80% by end of the year

    30 septembre
    The new national multiplex operated by Czech Radio, which is set to be divided into two parts serving the west and eastern parts of the country, will help bring population coverage to 80% by the end of 2019.
  • Southern Cross Austereo launches new DAB+ stations

    30 septembre
    Southern Cross Austereo has announced changes to its lineup, with the launch of new DAB+ stations. Triple M launched MMM Hard N Heavy on 1 October 2019 in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, while Hit Oldskool and MMM Country also launched in Hobart on the same (...)
  • SRG conveys DAB+ benefits for drivers

    27 septembre
    The business opportunities associated with the growth of DAB+ in cars were brought to light during the first automotive workshop organised by SRG, the Swiss broadcasting association, on 26 September. SRG's next workshop on DAB+ in the car will be taking place in Lausanne on 3 October, as (...)
  • DAB+ in the spotlight at Austria Media Day

    26 septembre
    DAB+ digital radio took centre stage during the Austria Media Day that took place on 25 September. WorldDAB president Patrick Hannon highlighted the significant development of DAB+ in Austria and the rest of Europe, touching on the reasons behind the success of DAB+ radio and stating that radio (...)
  • Nova extends brand identity with new DAB+ stations

    26 septembre
    Following the trend set by other networks, Nova Entertainment has streamlined its brand identity with the launch of two new DAB+ stations - Smooth Relax and Smooth Chill - so that new digital stations align with the successful Smooth brand. "Extending the smoothfm brand provides us with future (...)
  • Reduced distribution costs with DAB+

    25 septembre
    According to research conducted by Arqiva's Simon Mason, FM is the most expensive distribution channel, standing at £0.00105 per hour, compared to £0.00047 for distribution via IP. DAB+ provides the most affordable means of distribution, standing at £0.00033 per (...)
  • Media Broadcast expands national DAB+ network in Germany

    25 septembre
    Media Broadcast has announced its plans to expand Germany's national DAB+ network with the launch of four new transmitters in the states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria. One out of four households in Germany are now equipped with a DAB+ radio, and over 68 million people are expected to have (...)
  • RTBF launches new DAB+ stations in Belgium

    25 septembre
    RTBF, the public broadcaster for the French-speaking community of Belgium, has announced the launch of two new DAB+ stations for French-speaking Belgium - Jam and Viva+. This brings the total number of RTBF DAB+ stations in the country to (...)

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