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Villa Teodora (Montenegro)

A highly recommended place

7 August 2011, by CeD

See online : Villa Teodora

  • at Krimovica (Montenegro), be­tween Budva and Kotor
  • Coordinates: 42.2797 N 18.7726 E (http://is.gd/owokok)
  • NAC JJWXH Q1CWF (uni­ver­sal ad­dress)
  • 5 apart­ments for rent from April to October (for one to five guests)
  • Fully equipped kitchens, air con­di­tion­ing, park­ing
  • Unobstructed view on­to the sea and the moun­tains (don’t for­get your binoc­u­lars)
  • 5 min­utes to the beach
  • Very friend­ly land­lords (English, French, Russian, German spo­ken)
  • For one day, one week or one mon­th
  • Quality above av­er­age, price be­low av­er­age
  • Phone : +382 69081881 or +382 68081881 (Mr. Cadjenovic) or use the web site

2 Forum messages

  • Villa Teodora (Montenegro)

    11 August 2011 09:57, by Claude-Eric Desguin

    Three snaps to avoid if driv­ing from Northern Europe to Montenegro :

    1. Croatian mo­­­­tor­ways: the roads are ok, but the tol­l­­­­gates are not. At least three hours wait­­­­ing in Vrgorac.

    2. The Sveti Stefan II fer­­­­ry be­tween Bar and Ancona. This is the worst ship of the Mediterranean Sea. The av­er­age tem­per­a­­­­ture in the cab­ins is above 32°C (90°F), the rest of the ship around 32°. Toilets and show­ers unus­able. Bad and ex­pen­sive restau­rant (see here).

    3. The Saint Gotthard tun­nel (Switzerland): sys­tem­at­ic tail­back (three hours). Use the pass in­stead, be­tween Airolo and Göschenen.

    • Vrgorac 13 August 2011 23:46, by Claude-Eric Desguin
      Fortunately, the Prvan Hotel in Vrgorac will welcome you after the tollgate hardship, even after midnight. No restaurant, but 5 minutes walking away, you may enjoy amazing pizza’s. Ask the reception.

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