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The association promoting Hybrid Radio - the combination of Broadcast Radio and IP
  • RadioDNS Steering Board news

    15 avril, par Rosie Kendrick — News
    RadioDNS Steering Board voted in for the next 2 years The RadioDNS Steering Board offers guidance and support to the executive team to ensure the project is running in accordance with its members. The Steering Board is voted [...] Read (...)
  • RadioDNS Fifteenth General Assembly

    4 mars, par Rosie Kendrick
    We held our General Assembly on 10th February, which was attended by the majority of the organisation’s members, and announced another year of significant growth. You can see the agenda, [...] Read More...
  • Newsletter 4th February 2021

    8 février, par Rosie Kendrick — News
    General Assembly, Automotive Workshop and the RadioDNS podcast. February is a busy month for us here at RadioDNS, as we hold our General Assembly and first Automotive Workshop of the [...] Read More...
  • IEEE BTS joins RadioDNS

    1er février, par Rosie Kendrick — News
    We have more great news – Broadcast Technology Society of the IEEE has joined RadioDNS as a member. The IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) is a membership organization open to [...] Read More...
  • Konsole Labs joins RadioDNS

    15 janvier, par Nick Piggott — News
    We’re really pleased to announce that Berlin based Konsole Labs have become the latest members to join RadioDNS. We asked Max Knop of Konsole to tell us more about themselves: [...] Read More...
  • Newsletter – 31st Dec 2020

    5 janvier, par Rosie Kendrick
    Hi and Happy New Year! 2020 has certainly been different, but it has still been very busy for us. This year, we were able to launch our new website and publish our Radio Device [...] Read More...
  • RF2Digital Join RadioDNS

    Octobre 2020, par Rosie Kendrick
    We are delighted to welcome another new member to RadioDNS, bringing our membership to an all-time high. RF2Digital is based in the outskirts of Seoul, in South Korea. They’ve been [...] Read More...
  • Audi and iHeart collaborate on RadioDNS in the USA

    Septembre 2020, par Nick Piggott
    We bring people together to collaborate on creating great new experiences of radio in the dashboard using our standards. Audi and iHeart have both supported RadioDNS since its inception. iHeart [...] Read More...
  • New members update

    Septembre 2020, par Rosie Kendrick
    We are delighted to welcome 2 new members to RadioDNS. US Broadcaster Beasley Media Group, who reach 35% of Americans each month, became members at the beginning of last week. [...] Read More...
  • Station Logos on the Dashboard

    Septembre 2020, par Nick Piggott — News
    Adding your station logo alongside your station name is the most obvious improvement you can make to your visual branding in the car. It’s the centre of our Project Logo [...] Read More...
  • Controlling listening based on time and location

    Septembre 2020, par Nick Piggott — News
    Broadcast radio has a predictable coverage area, which makes it easy to know where listeners will be located. Adding streaming into distribution makes that more challenging. As rights to content, [...] Read More...
  • New Radio Metadata Terms define “Fair Use”

    Septembre 2020, par Nick Piggott — News
    Our mission is to accelerate the growth of hybrid radio. We do that by creating standards that reduce the cost and complexity of implementation, and create a bigger ecosystem of [...] Read More...
  • TuneIn adds support for RadioDNS Standards

    Août 2020, par Nick Piggott — News
    Now you can use your RadioDNS SI file to keep TuneIn updated. [...] Read More...
  • Creating your own SI file – a code school with NAB

    Juillet 2020, par Nick Piggott — News
    We held a coding school for the NAB to show how to automate creating an SI file using code. [...] Read More...
  • HRadio Delivers Excellence for Hybrid Radio

    Juin 2020, par Nick Piggott — News
    HRadio is a European project to investigate what new radio experiences could be enabled by use of hybrid radio techniques. It’s had a fantastic set of partners working together across [...] Read More...
  • Hybrid Radio coming to the USA

    Mai 2020, par Nick Piggott — News
    Following our announcement last week that Audi is launching their new MIB3 Entertainment system in the USA, the NAB’s David Layer has written about what that means for US broadcasters [...] Read More...
  • Audi launches MIB3 with RadioDNS in North America

    Mai 2020, par Nick Piggott — News
    Audi lead the way with technology innovation in the connected car, and were the first automotive manufacturer to deliver hybrid radio into their connected cars. They're longstanding members of RadioDNS, [...] Read More...
  • NAB Show Express 2020

    Mai 2020, par Nick Piggott — News
    Following the cancellation of the 2020 NAB Show, the NAB have put together a virtual event, called NAB Show Express. It's free to register and attend. We're really pleased to [...] Read More...

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