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The latest news on digital radio on DAB, DAB+ and mobile on TV DMB. Includes WorldDMB press releases, news from WorldDMB members, country updates and any other news relevant to the topic.
  • WorldDAB member focus - Audio Video Technologies

    27 mars
    As a leading manufacturer of DAB systems, AVT offers complete solutions for a DAB headend in a wide variety of variants.
  • BBC local radio to offer free DAB radios for over 70s

    27 mars
    BBC local radio is teaming up with manufacturers, retailers and a loneliness charity to offer free DAB radios to the most vulnerable people aged over 70. The initiative is part of the BBC’s Make A Difference campaign, which was launched in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. It is running (...)
  • Health Info radio cuts through the Covid-19 confusion

    26 mars
    Health Info Radio is taking a stand against the confusion created by the spread of inaccurate and downright misleading information about Covid-19. Produced as a public service by Southdown Media in London, the station offers a mix of updates on Covid-19 symptoms, myths, and social isolation (...)
  • Antenne Deutschland prepares the launch of Germany's second national multiplex

    25 mars
    Germany's nationwide digital radio offering is set to become even more diverse in autumn 2020, when Antenne Deutschland launch the country's first national commercial DAB+ multiplex. The broadcasting center for the multiplex is set be decided between Berlin and Munich in the near (...)
  • UK telecoms firms unite on campaign to avoid network outage

    25 mars
    Britain’s biggest telecoms companies including BT, Sky, O2, Vodafone and Virgin Media have put their rivalries aside to launch a national campaign to tell the public how to manage the surge in internet and mobile phone usage and reduce congestion on networks as millions are confined to their (...)
  • DAB+ used to broadcast multilingual information loops in Vienna

    25 mars
    In Vienna, DAB+ is being used to broadcast announcement loops with crucial information related to the spread of Covid-19. In addition to the announcement loop in German, there are also information channels in English, Turkish, Romanian and an Emergency Warning Functionality“ (EWF) station (...)
  • Schwarzwaldradio launches first nationwide game night on DAB+

    24 mars
    In light of the recent developments regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Germany's commercial radio station Schwarzwaldradio has announced the launch of the first nationwide game night on DAB+ radio. Kicking off at 8pm on Friday 27 March, Schwarzwaldradio is hoping to use this programme (...)
  • AirCheck now monitors all major DAB+ stations

    24 mars
    AirCheck has expanded its coverage of digital radio to include all major stations, due to client demand. The addition of a further 29 DAB+ stations completes AirCheck’s digital radio offering. AirCheck’s market coverage now comprises 137 radio stations including 80 DAB+ (...)
  • DAB+ offering expands in Flanders

    24 mars
    The DAB+ offering in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, continues to diversify with the launch of Yesterdayland Radio. The radio station, which was named after the annual retro festival Bobbejaanland, had already expressed interest in broadcasting in DAB+ in the summer of (...)
  • New DAB+ trial launches in Bulgaria

    24 mars
    A new DAB+ trial has gone on air in Bulgaria's capital, Sofia. Launched on 20 March 2020, the trial is operated by Digital Audio Bulgaria.
  • David Witherow, past president of WorldDAB, dies aged 82

    20 mars
    A senior executive at the BBC, David Witherow CBE, was the first president of WorldDAB from 1995 to 1997. He was in charge of the start-up of the BBC’s DAB services in 1995 and in recognition, he received the WorldDAB Award for Outstanding Service (Per Erik Selemark Award) in 2000. Much loved by (...)
  • Radio is more important than ever says Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner

    18 mars
    Commercial Radio Australia’s CEO, Joan Warner, says the role of radio during the coronavirus outbreak is more important than ever, highlighting that all 260 commercial radio stations around Australia – including 220 in regional areas - have contingency plans and procedures in place to work with (...)
  • New dates announced for Radiodays Europe

    18 mars
    Radiodays Europe has announced new dates for the Lisbon 2020 conference, which will now be held on 13-15 December 2020. The event is postponed until late in the year because of Coronavirus COVID-19. All tickets purchased for Radiodays Europe 2020 in March are valid for the new dates in (...)
  • New WorldDAB reports indicates stabilised listening figures in Norway

    18 mars
    WorldDAB's updated report reveals how the switchover has impacted Norway’s radio listening figures. Amongst a number of key findings, the report indicates stabilised listening levels around 62 – 64% daily and 86-88% weekly reach, while a total of 650,000 DAB+ radios were sold in Norway in 2019, (...)
  • Digital Radio Germany adds new features for consumers and industry professionals

    18 mars
    Germany's digital radio organisation has added new features enabling consumers to access an FQA on Germany's new digital radio law, as well as making DAB+ advertising information and promotional material available to equipment manufacturer and retailers - including corporate design packages, (...)
  • Sangean launches new waterproof, mobile DAB+ radio

    18 mars
    The Sangean Aquatic 205 is a waterproof DAB+ station designed to keep dust out of the receiver. Users can add up to eight favourite stations (4 DAB+ / 4 FM) and the receiver also includes Bluetooth.
  • Local radio stations launch on DAB+ in Norway's Sandefjord

    17 mars
    Kontakt Radio and Misjonsradioen (Mission Radio), two popular radio stations in Sandefjord - a city located in the region of Vestfold, Eastern Norway - are now available to listeners on DAB+.
  • New stations launch in northern Germany

    17 mars
    The number of DAB+ stations in northern Germany is on the rise, with Media Broadcast launching three new stations in the cities of Bremen, Bremerhaven and Lübeck. More stations are also expected to launch in the region in the coming (...)
  • Health Info Radio launched on DAB to broadcast COVID-19 updates

    17 mars
    A new service has launched on a number of DAB digital radio multiplexes in the UK with information on the COVID-19 outbreak. Health Info Radio is on Aldershot and Woking, Brighton, Hove and East Worthing, Birmingham, Glasgow, Portsmouth and Norwich SSDAB multiplexes, with more to be added in (...)
  • DAB+ offering expands in northern Germany

    16 mars
    The number of DAB+ stations in Germany is on the rise, with Media Broadcast launching three new stations in the cities of Bremen, Bremerhaven and Lübeck, in the north of the country. Additional stations are also expected to launch in the region in coming (...)

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