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The latest news on digital radio on DAB, DAB+ and mobile on TV DMB. Includes WorldDMB press releases, news from WorldDMB members, country updates and any other news relevant to the topic.
  • New local DAB+ networks go live in Poland

    13 janvier
    Two new regular digital radio multiplexes launched by PSN Infrastruktura have started in Toruń and Rzeszów, both offering five local DAB+ radio stations. A third multiplex was launched by Dabcom in Tarnów, with initially five local radio stations, and a sixth one to join soon. Further local (...)
  • How green is DAB digital radio?

    12 janvier
    A recent study shows that by purely broadcasting on DAB+, Bayerischer Rundfunk could save two million kilowatt hours. In Germany, on average this is a CO2 saving of 856 tons. The transmission of a single BR program only consumes 26% of the energy of a program broadcast on (...)
  • Member of National Broadcasting Council optimistic about DAB+

    11 janvier
    Hopes are high that the National Broadcasting Council may announce in January the competition for broadcasting licences on the nationwide DAB+ MUX . Leading commercial broadcasters are sceptical, and remain silent. Prof. Janusz Kawecki from the National Broadcasting Council in an interview with (...)
  • Change in DAB+ distribution of Austrian Welle station 1

    11 janvier
    Since 10 January Austria's DAB+ multiplex includes a programme specifically for Vienna from radio station Welle 1, which up to now had been broadcasting only a unified version of their programme for Austria. The purely Viennese version of Welle 1 starts exactly one year after the programme (...)
  • New DAB+ radio station launch in Vienna

    11 janvier
    lulu.fm starts on Saturday, January 15, 2022 in Vienna on DAB+ digital radio, reaching more than 3 million inhabitants in the greater Vienna area. The new radio station ensures audibility and visibility within the Austrian radio landscape of the LGBTIQ community it (...)
  • Arqiva welcomes digital radio multiplex licence renewal

    6 janvier
    UK communications infrastructure and media services provider Arqiva has welcomed the government’s decision to allow regulator Ofcom to renew two essential national commercial digital radio multiplex licenses to December 2035. The decision will help secure the long-term and sustainable future of (...)
  • RTBF plans for move from FM

    6 janvier
    New strategic plan would see the public service broadcaster for French-speaking Belgium shift to all DAB+ by 2027. Under a new strategic plan approved by its board of directors in December, RTBF plans to wind down its FM and DVB-T signals over the next five (...)
  • RTBF wants to switch off FM and DVB-T

    5 janvier
    The publication Broadband TV and News has reported that the public broadcaster in French-speaking Belgium wants to switch off DVB-T and FM radio by the end of this decade. The move is reported as part of a new strategic plan adopted by the RTBF Board of Directors. The aim of the plan is to (...)
  • UK commercial digital radio multiplex licences renewed until 2035

    5 janvier
    The UK government has announced the renewal of the two UK national digital radio multiplex licences, meaning stability for listeners and broadcasters, and providing long-term continuity for various national commercial stations to broadcast digitally. Radio lovers will be able to enjoy the best (...)
  • Swiss broadcaster gains new advertising clients with expanded DAB+ coverage

    5 janvier
    Swiss radio station JAMES FM is expanding its DAB+ broadcasting area to include the important economic region of Zurich. What began as a DAB+ station in Central Switzerland has now a loyal audience throughout Switzerland. Since the beginning of the year JAMES FM can also be received on DAB+ in (...)
  • Czech Republic DAB+ network operators plan coverage expansion

    5 janvier
    Czech Republic's DAB+ network operators are preparing to expand the coverage of their digital radio networks. New transmitters are currently undergoing international coordination with regulators in neighbouring countries who must comment on their technical (...)
  • New folk music station launched on DAB+ in Vienna

    5 janvier
    A new folk music radio station - VM 1 - has launched has launched via DAB+ digital radio and as a live stream. VM1 will play a mixture of folk music, hits, traditional Viennese song and country music. A VM1 programme can already be heard across Austria on streaming platforms and via its website (...)
  • New DAB+ station Radio Mont Blanc launches in France

    4 janvier
    Radio Mont Blanc launched on 20 December on DAB+ in the Savoie and Haute-Savoie regions, notoriously one of the most difficult areas in France to cover with a radio signal due to the challenging topography of this mountainous (...)
  • Radio Orient launches in Roanne

    3 janvier
    The launch of Radio Orient in the central France region of Roanne brings the number of zones covered by the radio station on DAB+ to 28 (in addition to the 11 zones covered by FM), making it one of the largest radio networks broadcast on DAB+ in France. The station promises to launch in further (...)
  • Local Flemish Stations to Get Access to DAB+

    3 janvier
    Pending the final decision of the Vlaamse Regulator voor de Media — the Flemish media regulatory body — some 60 Flemish local stations will broadcast on DAB+ in early 2022, as part of local DAB+ trials.
  • 12 stations planned for Poland's nationwide DAB+ multiplex

    Décembre 2021
    The National Broadcasting Council will grant 3 nationwide DAB+ licences for general or specialised radio programmes. These places would probably go to commercial radio players RMF FM, Radio Zet and Radio Maryja. The Council also wishes to grant 6 licences for regional broadcasters - to either (...)
  • Car passenger displays, apps and FM switchoffs

    Décembre 2021
    “Co-driver” displays — those targeting the front-seat passenger — are among “mega trends” dominating the European automotive industry. Another is Android Automotive. Martin Koch of Volkswagen CARIAD said the arrival of “co-driver” displays will increase the demand for high-quality visual content in the (...)
  • Poland opens tender for national DAB+

    Décembre 2021
    Poland's National Broadcasting Council announcedon 29 December its plans to issue licences for a nationwide DAB+ multiplex, R1. Three licences on the multiplex will be for for nationwide radio programmes, a further six licences will be issued, and three of the places on the multiplex will be (...)
  • DAB+ comes to Channel Islands

    Décembre 2021
    The Channel Islands has welcomed 22 radio stations, including many new services, broadcasting on a new DAB+ digital radio multiplex. Two transmitters on Jersey and Guernsey, around 14 miles (22 kilometers) west of the French coast, have been switched on, with a third on the tiny island of (...)
  • 2021: Best year yet for DAB+ in Germany

    Décembre 2021
    A decade after digital radio launched, Germany is seeing accelerating growth for both listeners and broadcasters. Digitalradio Büro Deutschland, the joint-initiative between broadcasters, receiver manufacturers, and network operators in Germany, declared the 2021 the “best year for DAB+ since (...)

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