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The latest news on digital radio on DAB, DAB+ and mobile on TV DMB. Includes WorldDMB press releases, news from WorldDMB members, country updates and any other news relevant to the topic.
  • Czech Republic - significant expansion of DAB+ network

    17 septembre
    The development of DAB+ in Czech Republic continues to progress as Czech Radio has announced the DAB+ network in the country has now reached 95% following the launch of 10 new transmitters. The public broadcaster has also revealed its plans to switch off AM services at the end of (...)
  • Radiodays Europe Lisbon 2020 postponed

    16 septembre
    Radiodays Europe has announced that due to the on-going COVID 19 crisis, the event originally scheduled for December has now been moved to 2021 on the following dates: 2-4 May 2021.
  • CSA: DAB+ growth still a priority for 2020

    16 septembre
    Speaking as part of the second edition of the #RadioTour, the president of the French regulator reiterated the continued growth of DAB+ as the CSA's priority for 2020. He also highlighted the broadcasters' continued support for the development of DAB+, and touched on the upcoming launches of (...)
  • WorldDAB General Assembly 2020 event goes online

    15 septembre
    The WorldDAB General Assembly 2020 is being held online this year and the date is set for November 3between 9am and 4pm GMT. The event brings together WorldDAB members and experts from across the digital radio industry for one day and is free to (...)
  • DAB+ reception improves in western Germany

    15 septembre
    DAB+ reception is set to improve in Germany's western state of Rhineland-Palatinate with the launch of a new transmitter. Public broadcaster SWR is planning to further expand DAB+ coverage in the region in 2020 and 2021.
  • Google and radio industry partnership brings more live and local radio to Google Nest speakers and displays

    14 septembre
    Listeners can now find more Australian radio stations than ever on Google Nest devices, thanks to the new integration of RadioApp, the Australian radio industry’s official aggregator radio app, further expanding Australian radio’s accessibility across digital devices. Now, more than 350 (...)
  • Spain to implement EECC regulation into national legislation

    11 septembre
    According to the latest draft for Spain's Telecoms Regulation, starting from 21 December 2020, all car radio receivers that are built into new class M vehicles in Spain will be required to include digital terrestrial broadcasting (...)
  • WorldDAB Technical Committee – enabling radio’s digital future

    11 septembre
    The WorldDAB Technical Committee's work ensures that receiver equipment and broadcast technologies are compatible, and its various Task Forces work continuously to upgrade and advance the DAB standards, keeping them in line with other technical developments, and future proofing DAB (...)
  • Euradio achieves significant expansion through DAB+

    10 septembre
    Euradio is now available regionally on DAB+ across 11 cities across France - Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Nice, Rouen, Le Havre, Saint-Nazaire and La Roche-sur-Yon.
  • New DAB Italia President to prioritise DAB

    9 septembre
    Eduardo Montefusco, President of Radio Dimensione Suono (RDS), was unanimously elected to the presidency of DAB Italia. Following his appointment, Montefusco highlighted the development of digital radio - and DAB in particular - as one of his (...)
  • Applications open for small-scale DAB licences

    2 septembre
    The first 25 small-scale DAB radio multiplex licences are being advertised today by Ofcom. Applicants now have 12 weeks to prepare and submit applications, with the first small scale multiplex licences expected to be awarded early in (...)
  • RedTechTribe launches online

    2 septembre
    This new business and technology platform for the international radio and digital audio industries launched online on 2 September. It will also introduce a bimonthly print issue in December. Created by multicultural professionals especially for the international radio broadcast and digital (...)
  • WorldDAB member focus - Pluxbox

    2 septembre
    Pluxbox is a global player in the radio industry that offers solutions to broadcasters so they can cope with changing their production process to fit the needs of the listeners in the current media world. According to Pluxbox CTO Cas Adriani, DAB is not only a digital way of distributing audio, (...)
  • Regional DAB+ network continues to grow in the Netherlands

    2 septembre
    The Netherland's regional DAB+ network continues to expand, with new station launches taking place across the country. More recently, a new transmitter was launched in Leiden, helping expand DAB+ coverage north of The Hague.
  • Aldi introduces budget DAB+ receiver

    2 septembre
    From 10 September, Aldi will be offering a budget battery-powered radio from manufacturer Terris. The cordless DAB+ receivers will be available across Aldi stores for just under 25 euros.
  • Germany - second national mux preparations in full swing

    2 septembre
    Germany is preparing to launch its second national multiplex, which will host up to 16 commercial stations. According to the latest reports, the first tests ahead of the launch have already started taking place across a number of states in (...)
  • RadioDNS launch new Radio Metadata Terms

    1er septembre
    RadioDNS have launched new Radio Metadata Terms. The Terms is a template agreement between a broadcaster (content provider) and a radio device manufacturer. It describes what is allowed to be done with metadata and content, and is relevant to both broadcasters and (...)
  • Spanish law proposal for introduction of urgent digital radio measures begins its processing soon

    1er septembre
    The initiative, promoted by the party Compromís, is in the Senate in the amendment period until September 17. The concrete measures are expected to be discussed later in the Committee on Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.
  • WorldDAB launches campaign to support the visual radio experience in the car

    1er septembre
    The campaign underlines the important role visual information now plays in providing a positive digital radio experience for drivers – and it offers guidance to broadcasters on how to use information they already have in the form of metadata to provide a richer experience for the (...)
  • WorldDAB urges broadcasters to prioritise the visual radio experience in the car

    1er septembre
    WorldDAB is launching a campaign with the support of its Automotive User Experience (UX) Group members to encourage broadcasters to use their visual assets to keep digital radio prominent in car dashboards.

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