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The latest news on digital radio on DAB, DAB+ and mobile on TV DMB. Includes WorldDMB press releases, news from WorldDMB members, country updates and any other news relevant to the topic.
  • Unterringingen transmitter on air for first national mux

    28 septembre
    The first national DAB+ multiplex with four programmes from Deutschlandradio and nine private stations has added a transmitter at Unterringingen near Nördlingen in Bavaria. The ensemble on channel 5C is broadcast with a power of 10 (...)
  • Commercial DAB+ stations in Australia up 35%

    28 septembre
    The latest GfK radio ratings across the five major metro markets show commercial DAB+ stations again performed strongly with nearly 2.8 million weekly listeners, up 35% from 2.04 million a year ago. Nearly 4.2 million people listened to commercial radio via a DAB+ radio. “We’re thrilled that (...)
  • WorldDAB to host Interoperability workshop in Erlangen, Germany

    28 septembre
    This year’s interoperability workshop, a technical test session organised by the WorldDAB Technical Committee (TC), will be a hybrid event held on 26 October from 11:00-16:00 CEST at IZT's offices in Erlangen, Germany. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a discussion platform for all (...)
  • The 90’s are at the top of the DAB+ table: GfK Survey 6

    27 septembre
    The 90s stations (KIIS,97.3,Mix,96FM), remain as the top digital DAB+ stations across the five metro markets with 365,000 listeners in Survey 6. The 80’s stations (WSFM,GOLD,97.3 KIIS,Mix,96FM) have 358,000 listeners, with OLDSKOOL HITS 90’s with 350,000 and Coles Radio with (...)
  • Small and Catholic radio stations want DAB+ funding support

    27 septembre
    The National Broadcasting Council (Krajowa Rada Radiofonii i Telewizji / KRRiT) has announced that it has received 46 positions from broadcasters, organisations and institutions and 12 opinions from private individuals as part of the consultation on the switch-off of analogue FM radio (...)
  • Radios in Tanzania to switch to digital waves

    26 septembre
    Six years after TV broadcasts switched from analogue to digital it is now time for radio to follow suit as the regulator seeks to clear the crowded airwaves in major cities. The principal broadcasting engineer from Tanzania Communications Authority (TCRA), Mr Andrew Kisaka, said the regulator (...)
  • All DAB+ licences extended until 2026

    25 septembre
    The Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority [Myndigheten för press, radio och tv / MPRT] has decided to extend all licences for commercial digital radio (DAB+). The licences, which were due to expire at the end of September, are therefore valid until 31 July 2026. All licence holders have (...)
  • DAB+ offering grows in Terni: TRL Media mux activated

    24 septembre
    New switch-on in Terni. From the Miranda transmitter site, the TRL Media mux on channel 10D was switched on. The stations present on it are: Radio Leo, Radio Hit FM, Radio Stand By, Radio Easy & Italy, Radio Yes, Radio Tua, Stereocittà and Radio Cafè. Soon TRL Media will also arrive in Viterbo (...)
  • Happy Radio expands DAB coverage in the northwest

    23 septembre
    Happy Radio UK is expanding its DAB+ coverage across the North West by joining the multiplexes in West Cheshire, Chester, North Wales and on the Fylde Coast. Darren Proctor, who set up Happy Radio with Festival Organiser Max Eden, says: “In the six months since we’ve launched; the response to the (...)
  • Metadata holds the key to a great experience

    23 septembre
    Radioplayer's Laurence Harrison spoke about "Keeping radio at the heart of the car dashboard" at yesterday's "Tuning In" conference, organised by the UK commercial radio trade body, Radiocentre. Harrison was asked: If broadcasters had to do one thing to help ensure a strong future for radio in (...)
  • Christmas comes early as Heart Xmas launches on DAB+

    23 septembre
    It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas, as Heart Xmas – a radio station dedicated to non-stop Christmas music, 24/7 – launches across the UK on Friday 23rd September. Heart Xmas is the Christmas-themed sister station of Heart, the UK’s biggest commercial radio brand, and is home to the (...)
  • WorldDAB discusses metadata and small-scale DAB+ opportunities at IBC 2022

    23 septembre
    WorldDAB produced a Sunday-morning conference session at this year’s IBC, exploring “new opportunities and new audiences with DAB+”. The packed event was hosted by WorldDAB’s Vice-President and Project Director of Digital Radio Netherlands, Jacqueline Bierhorst who detailed how DAB+ is driving the (...)
  • KRRiT wants to introduce discounts for DAB+ licences

    23 septembre
    Following consultations, the KRRiT has adopted a position on the end of analogue radio broadcasting. The regulator has also adopted a draft regulation on DAB+ licence fees. On Thursday afternoon, the KRRiT announced in a communiqué the adoption of a draft regulation amending the regulation on (...)
  • "Digital radio boom next year" in Czech Republic

    22 septembre
    In the next year, the Czech Republic can expect a massive development of DAB+ digital broadcasting. At the Innovation Day conference on Thursday 22 September, representatives of Czech Radio and Czech Radio agreed on this. It is in this period that the Czech Telecommunications Authority is to (...)
  • Hesse: Special interest programme for migrants from former Yugoslavia to be launched on DAB+

    22 septembre
    R&B Group AG will receive approval and allocation of DAB+ transmission capacity for its 24-hour radio full service Radio Vidovdan for five years, the assembly of the Media Authority Hesse decided at its meeting yesterday. The new station plays mainly Slavic folk music, traditional hits and (...)
  • Almost a quarter of Dutch households have DAB+ radio

    22 septembre
    24 per cent of Dutch households now own a radio equipped with DAB+. This is according to figures from CBS, Central Bureau of Statistics. Last year, 22 per cent of Dutch households still owned a radio equipped with digital broadcast reception, by 2022 this percentage will have grown to 24 per (...)
  • DAB+ stations will again receive financial support

    22 septembre
    On 7 September 2022 the Federal Council decided to provide financial support for all radio programme services broadcast via DAB+ until the FM switch-off at the end of 2024. Thus in 2023 and 2024, in addition to the licensed broadcasteOrs with a levy share, the licensed broadcasters without a (...)
  • RADIO-J is now broadcast on DAB+ in Nice, Cannes and Monaco

    22 septembre
    After Paris and the Ile-de-France, RADIO-J is now also broadcasting its programmes in DAB+ throughout the French Riviera: Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, Grasse, Fréjus, Saint-Tropez, Menton and Monaco. According to Médiamétrie, 380,000 listeners tune in to Radio-J (+21% in one year, overall (...)
  • DAB+: Deployment in Europe continues

    22 septembre
    While regional deployments are continuing in France and Switzerland is preparing to definitively abandon FM in favour of digital radio, even though digital radio now accounts for more than half of all car radio listening there, several countries in Europe are taking multiple initiatives... In (...)
  • Equipment manufacturers want FM to be switched off in favour of DAB+

    19 septembre
    "It is with great approval that we accept the KRRiT's position that analogue FM transmissions should be switched off no earlier than 31 December 2026 and no later than 31 December 2030" - wrote in a letter to the chairman of the National Broadcasting Council Michał Kanownik, president of the (...)

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