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Private proxy - Proxy privé


2 May 2009, by CeD

See online : Main private http proxy (BE) (Proxy principal http en Belgique)

(Service suspended - consider Circumventor instead)

(Service interrompu - solution alternative : Circumventor)
See online : Main private https proxy (BE) (Proxy principal https en Belgique)

(Service suspended - consider Circumventor instead)

(Service interrompu - solution alternative : Circumventor)

These prox­ies [1] by-pass any “black list” fil­ter [2] and make you anony­mous on the path be­tween your com­put­er and the sites you are vis­it­ing. [3] Your in­ter­net ser­vice provider will be un­able to track your brows­ing be­haviour and will not re­­port it to any of­­fi­­cial or pri­­vate watch­ing agen­­cy, even if re­quest­ed to do so ac­­cord­ing to the French law.

Ces prox­ys iden­tiques an­nu­lent tout fil­trage de type “lis­te noire” [4] et as­surent votre anony­mat le long du par­cours en­tre votre or­di­na­teur et les sites que vous vis­itez. Votre four­nisseur d’ac­cès sera dans l’in­ca­pac­ité de suiv­re votre com­porte­ment d’in­ter­naute et ne pour­ra donc en in­former un quel­con­que or­gan­is­me de surveil­lance pub­lic ou privé, même si la loi française l’y oblige.

NOTE: due to limited bandwidth and high demand, I was forced to remove public access to my proxies. Please consider this alternative solution instead.
NB : en raison d’une demande importante et d’une bande passante limitée, j’ai été contraint de supprimer l’accès public à ces proxys. Veuillez considérer cette solution alternative.

Here are some lists of pub­lic prox­ies:

Alternatively, you may al­­so in­stall your own pri­­vate proxy any­where (out of France of course), us­ing Glype. It’s re­al­­ly easy, pro­vid­ed you have a non French-host­ed web space.

For the same rea­son, down­loads are lim­it­ed to 2 Mbytes per file: this proxy is ba­si­cal­ly in­tend­ed for the vic­tims of so-called ’in­tel­li­gent’ fil­ter­ing/spy­ing sys­tems, not for mas­sive down­loads, le­gal or not.

My con­cern is to min­i­mize col­lat­er­al dam­ages of the bad­ly de­signed hadopi mech­a­nism, not to fa­cil­i­tate il­le­gal ac­tions, although I am def­i­nite­ly not in charge of crime pre­ven­tion or de­nun­ci­a­tion: you are re­spon­si­ble of what you do with your com­put­er. At your own risks.


1. I am cu­ri­ous to see when my web­site will be black­list­ed in France…

2. Today April 9th, the French Parliament said NO to hadopi. Wait and see.


[1] they are tuned the same way

[2] “white list” fil­ters will un­for­tu­nate­ly not be by-passed, un­less the proxy it­self is whitelist­ed, which is un­like­ly

[3] This is ab­so­lute­ly not the ul­ti­mate weapon to pre­serve your pri­va­cy and your free­dom in an Orwellian world: just a mod­est coun­try road away from strict­ly watched high­ways.

[4] le fil­trage “lis­te blanche” aus­si ap­pelé “fil­trage minitel” ne sera hélas pas con­tourné, à moins que le proxy lui-même fig­ure dans la lis­te blanche, ce qui est haute­ment im­prob­a­ble

[5] Subscribe to the mail­ing list, as many cen­sor­ship sys­tems up­date their black­list reg­u­lar­ly

4 Forum messages

  • Private proxy: about

    9 May 2009 20:04, by Claude-Eric Desguin

    Enjoy un­re­strict­ed and un­cen­sored brows­ing with our ser­vice. You make a re­quest via this page, we fetch the re­source and send it back to you.

    Browsing through this proxy both keeps you anony­mous from the sites you vis­it and al­lows you to by­pass any net­work re­stric­tions from your gov­ern­ment, work­place, col­lege or even from Christine Albanel Nicolas Sarkozy.

    Visited URL’s and their con­tents are scram­bled (i.e. can­not be easi­ly viewed by any spy on the path be­tween you and the web sites you are vis­it­ing). Your browsed con­tent is par­tial­ly cached on­to this server; the cache is cleared ev­ery 12 hours. It will nev­er be dis­closed to any third par­ty. The proxy is con­fig­ured to NOT log your vis­its: your IP or MAC ad­dress will NOT be record­ed. So, even un­der tor­ture, I am un­able to be­tray you. You may al­so clear your (lo­cal) cook­ies for bet­ter pri­va­cy, or even de­cide to not al­low cook­ies at all. The proxy server does not store any cook­ie.

    See online : Private proxy

    • Proxy privé : quid ? 31 May 2009 12:49, by Claude-Eric Desguin

      Bénéficiez d’une navigation sans restriction ni censure grâce à ce service : demandez à visiter un site, le proxy en lira le contenu et vous le restituera.

      En naviguant par cet intermédiaire, vous demeurez anonyme et vous accédez librement à n’importe quel site même si votre gouvernement, votre employeur ou l’institution que vous fréquentez tente de vous en empêcher.

      Les URL visités sont brouillés, ce qui compromettra une éventuelle surveillance du trafic entre les sites explorés et vous. Les contenus visités sont partiellement mis en cache par le serveur, mais le cache est nettoyé toutes les 12 heures : son contenu ne sera pas divulgué à qui que ce soit.

      Le proxy est configuré de façon à NE PAS enregistrer votre adresse IP ou MAC : même sous la torture, je suis donc incapable de vous trahir. Vous pouvez nettoyer vos cookies (locaux) ou même n’autoriser aucun cookie. Le serveur n’enregistre aucun cookie.

      See online : Proxy privé

  • Private proxy

    15 May 2009 00:22, by objectifnul
    Tested and ap­proved :-)
  • Private proxy - Proxy privé

    14 September 2009 11:25, by Claude-Eric Desguin
    NOTE: After one week of tem­po­rary ac­ti­va­tion of the proxy log for sta­tis­ti­cal pur­pos­es (it is now dis­abled again), it ap­pears that most vis­i­tors use it main­ly to browse p0rn0­graph­ic sites. I la­ment it, but I am def­i­nite­ly not a cen­sor and I will try to not ban any­thing ex­cept some ex­plic­it key­words, main­ly to lim­it band­width wast­ing (al­so to pro­tect proxy users, as most of the­se p0rn sites are pol­lut­ed with var­i­ous mal­ware). I just want to re­mind that this proxy is ba­si­cal­ly in­tend­ed for those who have to face un­due cen­sor­ship from their gov­ern­ment, em­ploy­er, school or ser­vice provider. Please re­spect this prin­ci­ple.

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