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Internet Explorer 7 vs. Firefox 2

28 November 2006, by CeD

See online : CNET editors compare Firefox 2 with Internet Explorer 7

“For years, Microsoft Internet Explorer has en­joyed near dom­i­nance of the Web browser space—but not any more. Since the re­lease last year of Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Firefox has been steadi­ly erod­ing Internet Explorer’s claim of su­pe­ri­or­i­ty. According to in­for­ma­tion from NetApplications.com, in October 2004 Internet Explorer had 92 per­cent of the mar­ket; in September 2005 that dropped to 86 per­cent; and as of September 2006 Internet Explorer’s mar­ket share dropped to 82 per­cent, with Firefox’s ris­ing to 12.5 per­cent. In two years Microsoft ced­ed 10 per­cent of its au­di­ence to its com­pe­ti­tion.

So how do the lat­est ver­sions of each browser com­pare? For this prize­fight, we looked at Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft’s first new Internet browser since 2001, and Mozilla Firefox 2, Mozilla’s up­date of its pop­u­lar Firefox 1.5 browser re­leased in November 2005. I’ve al­ready had my two cents’ in the above re­views, so I’ve turned over this prize­fight to my col­leagues at CNET who specif­i­cal­ly cov­er the Web ser­vices beat.”

Firefox phishing prevention

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  • Internet Explorer 7 vs. Firefox 2: the winner is...

    28 November 2006 19:45, by CeD
    “Fire­fox 2 still rules the browser roost for now, de­spite a much im­proved ver­sion of Internet Explorer. The most ob­vi­ous new fea­ture for IE 7 (tabs) has been in Firefox forever, and the se­cu­ri­ty ad­di­tions from Microsoft aren’t enough for us to al­lay con­cerns over new pos­si­ble ex­ploits. Lastly, the ex­ten­si­bil­i­ty of Firefox 2 is its knock­out punch, and IE’s add-ons can­not com­pare. The flex­i­bil­i­ty and cus­tomiz­abil­i­ty of Firefox might be best suit­ed to more ad­vanced Web users, but it has earned its spot at the top of the browsers.?

    See online : Conclusion

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