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Stealthy ad blocking (and more)

Tuesday 29 March 2016

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Blocking unwanted connections with a ’hosts’ file is a very efficient and convenient way to install an undetectable ad blocking system: web sites trying to prevent you from accessing their contents because you are using AdBlock Plus, µblock Origin or a similar utility will not know you are immunized against their toxic material. So, their retaliation policy will fail.

Additionally, those offending sites [1] will be prevented from messing up your device with third party cookies, web bugs, spyware and hijacking code.

Incidentally, you will use much less bandwidth.

Users of Jolla/SailfishOS devices, see here

To get notified of updates see here

See online : Blocking Unwanted Connections with a Hosts File (There’s no place like


[1] Keep in mind that most news websites are full of harmful contents, as their business logic consists in collecting value from you without your consent or knowledge.

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