Duke Ellington - Malletoba Spank - Comparison CBS original audio (1959) vs. "Original" (sic) Jazz Sound remastered audio (2012)
Title Year Length Comment Waveform
Malletoba Spank CBS (Click to listen)
1959 01:00 Original CBS audio
Malletoba Spank OJS (Click to listen) 2012 01:00 Remastered (sic) by Original (sic) Jazz Sound
  2 file(s) Length: 00:02:00

No in-depth discussion needed: once you have listened to these two samples (I don't think you ask me to tell you which one sounds better), you will immediately understand why I am furious with OJS's vandalism. The only useful additional information is this: both samples are excerpted from the SAME recording session.

This is how an unscrupulous company uses out of copyright music to resell it after having "remastered" it using a very strange technique. Okay, the price (3 €) is cheap but it's still three Euro too much for this terrible rubbish. You can find the (really) original Columbia album with complete documentation and a physical CD in a jewel case in many general stores for about 6 Euro. Is that too expensive? I don't think so: not only you will enjoy the real music, but the extra three Euro you will pay for a respectful copy will contribute to encourage the record companies to dig up the hidden treasuries still buried in their vaults. Serious companies like the Spanish Essential Jazz Classics produce a much better work.

I chose this example (all OJS records are unlistenable) because this Ellington album ( 'Jazz Party') is among the most outstanding recordings in jazz history, made in 1959 (I repeat: 1959) by Columbia in their legendary 30th Street studio in New York City. Even today (2014), some audio engineers are reluctant to admit that this superlative lesson of audio recording was made using analogue equipment more than half a century ago.

By the way, although OJS claims this is a live album, it's actually a 100% studio album.