The Duke Ellington Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 15591
Washington, D.C.

Duke Ellington Society
Upcoming Programs

The Duke Ellington Society
presents monthly programs about
Duke Ellington and members of his orchestra.
Our programs are at 7 pm on the first Saturday of each month
from October through June at
Grace Lutheran Church
16th & Varnum Streets N.W.
Washington, D.C.

We occassionally have programs at different venues,
so if you would like to verify the subject and venue of our next program
send an email to

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A Note About Our Society

by Ted Hudson
Vice President
Editor, Ellingtonia

We have been in continuous existence since 1953, when a small group of Washington, D.C. Ellington devotees formed The Duke Ellington Jazz Society. At Duke's suggestion, we dropped the word "Jazz" from our name, for he, with great prescience, considered the term limiting.

There are other organizations, with various names, devoted to the study and enjoyment of the music of Duke Ellington & His Orchestra in Southern California, the Bay Area of California, New York City, as well as in foreign countries such as Great Britain, Canada, and Sweden. Pittsburgh has a Billy Strayhorn entity, and the international Duke Ellington Music Society is in Belgium. Although each is independent, all are very closely tied by interest and friendship. A good number of enthusiasts maintain memberships in more than one of these organizations.

The Annual International Duke Ellington Study Group Conferences, likewise, are all independent enterprises, each sponsored by an organization or ad hoc interest group. The first Conference, in Washington in 1983, was held by our Society. We have sponsored two more, including the centennial celebration known as Ellington '99.

Our purposes and programs primarily promote appreciation of Duke Ellington as a major cultural artist. To this end, we hold educational and entertainment programs, encourage and support the Washington Duke Ellington Youth Project and other student endeavors, engender and support research and critical projects, and serve as consultants, speakers, and writers in the field. We support and participate in the annual Conferences.

Our regular meetings are at 8 pm on the first Saturday of each month, October through June, at the Grace Lutheran Church, 16th and Varnum Streets, NW, Washington, DC. They are devoted primarily to listening to and discussing the music of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, as interpreted by Duke's band and other aggregations. We have a seasonal holiday party is in January and an annual summer picnic. In addition to enjoying these events, members receive our publication, Ellingtonia; it provides information, reviews, and news about our activities as well as about Ellington-related events throughout the world.

Come with us as we enter the second century of Ellingtonia!

Meet Some of Our Members

There is information about some of our members on the Internet. To find out about our other members, well ... why don't you come to one of our meetings?

Anthony Brown
Director, Asian American Orchestra

Luvenia George
Board of Directors, The Duke Ellington Society
Program Coordinator, The Duke Ellington Youth Project, Smithsonian Institution

Brian Gilmore

John Edward Hasse
Curator of American Music, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
Author of "Beyond Category: The Life and Genius of Duke Ellington"
Author of "Jazz: The First Century"

Sjef Hoefsmit
Editor, Bulletin of the Duke Ellington Music Society

Peter MacHare
"A Duke Ellington Panorama" contains a wealth of information about Ellington's recordings

Steve Monkone
Legendary soccer player - DE ZWARTE METEOOR

Jack Towers
Recording engineer

Jerry Valburn
Producer and Ellington collector

Walter van de Leur
Author of "Something To Live For: The Music of Billy Strayhorn"

Patricia Willard
Public Relations for Duke Ellington for 25 years
This link takes you to a very charming interview with Patricia

Esther Williams
Vocalist extraordinary

Davey Yarborough
Saxophonist extraordinary

Our members also produce two of the best radio shows in the U.S. You can listen on the Internet!

The Dick Spottswood Show (Sunday 1-3 pm)

Hot Jazz Saturday Night with Rob Bamberger (Saturday 7-10 pm)