11/1 April - July 2011
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The New DESOR corrections

DEMS 11/2-18

We remind you that these corrections are merely suggestions. They are not (yet) accepted by the authors of the New DESOR.


Page 19. Session 3209, 19Sep32, Blue Mood, Franklin Mint FMRS (FM-4001/02) is not 3209c, but is 3209b, as is correctly stated on page 1360 (Track B03 of Disk 0395).
Brian Koller
I do not agree. On my Franklin Mint Blue Mood is identical with Mosaic, disc 2, track 11, which means that it is take -C, 3209c. Page 19 is correct, page 1360 needs to be corrected.

Page 289. Session 6016, 26Jun60. I noticed that the trombone section was different than the section which recorded Nutcracker for the album [session 6006 on 28May60]. The album shows Britt Woodman, Lawrence Brown, Booty Wood (growl soloist) and Juan Tizol. Tizol is missing from the video. []
Stan Brager

Page 872. Foolin' Myself. DE3710a (and 3710b) should be 2°Bck&CW;cod2BAND. instead of 2°Bck&CW.
Brian Koller
You are right.

Page 1381. Disc 0509, Masters of Jazz CD MJCD 025, Volume 3, 1927-1928:
Track 019 is 2803b not 2803a; track 020 is 2803a not 2803b. The liner notes (page 35) are correct.
Brian Koller
We can add: Track 021 is 2803d not 2803c; track 022 is 2803c not 2803d. Track 023 is 2803f not 2803e; track 24 is 2803e not 2803f. As far as these four tracks are concerned, the liner-notes were mistaken.

Page 1401. Disc 0618, The Works of Duke-Vol. 13, FXMI-7133:
Track A08 is 4035a, 4035b, 4035c instead of 4035c, 4035a, 4035b.
Brian Koller
I agree.

Correction-sheet 3002. Session 9004, 11Apr32. DE9004b, When It's Sleepy Time Down South, becomes Lazy Rhapsody after the Sonny Greer vocal.
Brian Koller

Correction-sheet 3003. Ready Eddy on track J24 and on track K03 are both 4035l and not 4035i.
Brian Koller**
I agree with you. See also DEMS 99/3-11, CDs 10 and 11 and DEMS 02/2-17/4.

Correction-sheet 3032. Blue Mood, 19Sep32, the new Mosaic 11-CD box set: Track B11 is 3209b, not 3209c, Track B12 is 3209c, not 3209b, at least relative to CBS 88035.
Brian Koller
I am inclined to question the CBS double LP. CBS had also the composer-credits wrong.
Comparison revealed that CBS 88035, side 3, track 17 is identical with Mosaic disc 2, track 11 which means that it is take -C according to Steven Lasker, 3209c. CBS 88035, side 3, track 18 is the same as Mosaic disc 2, track 12, which means that it is take -B, 3209b. I suggest that we correct page 1323.

The New DESOR correction-sheets

Here are the latest additions to the Correction-sheets:

DEMS 11/2-19


  1104  4727  Los Angeles     6oct47 (8 alternates of Sultry Serenade)
        5123  NYC             7Aug51 (2 alternates of Rock Skippin')


  2006/2  6233i    Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are  08/3-29
          4727                Sultry Serenade

as soon as there are more titles for 2006/2, the sheet will be
updated. The number will change into 2006/3 or 2006 (for the final version).


DESOR small corrections

DEMS 11/2-20

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DESOR small corrections 5015

Volume 1 (Corrections August 2011)

XXV - MoJ … Masters of Jazz

33 - Session 3803, 2Feb38. 3803c add: JP LP-14 (11/1-12)

36 - Session 3814, 5May38. Delete this session. (11/1-12)

37 - Session 3819, 7Jun38.
3819d Pyramid add Co CL-2365, Co CL-663
3819e Pyramid delete: Co CL-2365, Co CL-663 (11/1-27, p1333)

151 - Session 4727, 6oct47. Make a note that there are eight
rehearsals of Sultry Serenade added to this session,
see Correction-sheet 1104.

176 - Session 5123, 7Aug51. Make a note that there are two
rehearsals of Rock Skippin' at the Blue Note added to this
session, see Correction-sheet 1104.

376 - Session 6439, 6439n-j): Mood Indigo issued on Fo 9001 (11/1-27)

Volume 2 (Corrections August 2011)

739 - Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are, see Correction-sheet 2006. (08/3-29)

824 - Daybreak Express, 3313d. Coda should be read: cod4BAND,2LBa.
(11/1-11 p.29)

1000 - Lost in Meditation. Delete 3814a. (11/1-12)

1029 - Mood Indigo, 6439n-j). Add: cod2DEE. (11/1-27)

1036 - Moonlight Fiesta, 3502c. Add: cod22BAND,2DE. (11/1-27)

1113 - Scattin' at the Kit Kat, 3612a. Addd: int3CW,1BAND.
3702c: int3CW,1BAND instead of: int4CW. (11-1-27)

1166 - Sultry Serenade, 4727 has eight moore descriptions of rehearsals,
see Correction-sheet 2006

1323 - LP 0266, Columbia Broadcasting System 88035.
Track A02 is 3205b, track A03 is 3205a. (11/1-27)

1324 - LP 0268, Columbia Broadcasting System 881137.
Track B02 is 3502c, track B04 is 3502b. (11/1-27)

1324 - LP 0269, Columbia Broadcasting System 881140.
Add in the note: Track D01 intro omitted. (11/1-27)

1327 - LP 0278, Columbia Broadcasting System 886653.
Track D01 is 5804xp. (11/1-27)

1333 - LP 0235, Columbia CL-2365.
Track A04 is 3819d. (11-1-27)

1334 - LP 0238, Columbia CL-663.
Track A02 is 3819d. (11/1-27)

1359 - LP 0390, For Discriminate Collectors 10222.
Add in the note: Track A05 intro omitted (11-1-27)

1359 - LP 0392, Foxy 9001. Add as last selectionn of B04:
Mood Indigo, 6439n-j). (11/1-27)

1369 - LP 0449, Jazz Panorama LP-14,
track B01: 3803c instead of 3814a. (11/1-12)

1422 - LP 0734, The Old Masters 44, track B04: tthe second title of the medley is
Don't You Know I Care? Instead of Don't Get Around Much Anymore. (11-1-27)

1466 - Hall, Barrie Lee  Jun 30, 1949 - Jan 24, 2011. (11/1-3)

Correction-sheet 1007, session 5804:
5804xp is on CBS 88635, 5804a is not. (11/1-27)

Correction-sheet 1053, session 3404. 3404a&b: delete unissued;
add: Sony&BMG 886973022362 (08/3-30)

Correction-sheet 3029, Eagle Vision EREDV-431.
Add in the note: Track 103, the 1st chorus is from DE6664m. (11/1-27)