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Paris Blues

DEMS 11/2-10

See DEMS 11/1-23

The discussion of Paris Blues refers to the LP release. Do you know if the music from the LP release is what's to be found on the "enhanced" CD that also includes dialogue? Is there more music on the CD and could any of it possibly be the actual music found in the film?
Joe Medjuck

The only difference between LP and CD is the fact that the CD has as a bonus the movie trailer and four additional dialogue sequences taken from the soundtrack. The music on LP and CD is identical.

Membran 222427 444
Quadromania 4 CD set

DEMS 11/2-11

See DEMS 06/1-27

1-11. Crescendo in Blue is take -2
1-12. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart is take -2

1-13. Prelude to a Kiss is take -2

4-1. Snibor is master take.
Brian Koller

Indeed. I do not have the Quadromania 4 CD set but since I believe that CD 1 of this set is copied from Giants of Jazz 53046, the best thing I could do was to compare both takes of Crescendo in Blue on the Mosaic 11 Box set (CD VIII tracks 2 and 17) with the version on my Giants of Jazz CD. Indeed, contrary to my notes, Giants of Jazz 53046 has take -2, the same as on the Raretone LP 23002. I have no doubt that the Quadromania set also has take -2.
The same is true for I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (3Mar38) and Prelude to a Kiss (9Aug38). On Giants of Jazz both tracks are take -2.
Snibor is the master take, which means that it is in The New DESOR DE4915j.
DEMS Bulletin 06/1-27 will be corrected.
Sjef Hoefsmit

Expected new release of Mar52

DEMS 11/2-12

The exciting 1952 band, which a lot of people thought wrongly would fall on its face because of the absence of Johnny Hodges and Lawrence Brown, isn't as well represented on record as it should be. Indeed RCA's efforts at bringing out a live concert by it were disastrous [Seattle 25Mar52].
I'm happy to say that Alastair Robertson of Hep is to issue, probably in August, on his Hep label a double album of a concert by the band at the Crystal Gardens in Salem, Oregon in [22]Mar52. There are many unique things about the music, one of which is an apparently on-stage arranged piece to feature Willie Cook.
I haven't heard the discs but I believe that the sound quality is excellent.
To write his liner notes, Alastair asked to be put in touch with the best Ellington authority that could be found. He came up with Andrew Homzy.
Couldn't be bettered, then!
Steve Voce

I do not find the RCA LP from Seattle disappointing.
If the piece to feature Willie Cook is the so called W.C. or Moonstone, it would mean that also selections from The New DESOR session 5204 will be included. There are indeed many selections in both sessions (5204 in Volume 1 and 5205 on Correction-sheet 1038) not yet released. I hope that there will not be too many duplications with Folkways, Skata, Sunburst, Stardust and Musica Jazz.
I am excited about this news. I have the tapes and indeed the band was great. It is good news that these nice recordings will be made available and that Andrew Homzy will write the liner notes. (He did accept, I hope).
Sjef Hoefsmit

What about Ralph Collier?

DEMS 11/2-13

1. This conga player is said to be in the band only for the 26Apr54 session (The New DESOR page 1453), but on page 202, the band lineup for 26Apr54 is said to be "same as 5404." The 5404 lineup does not include Ralph Collier.
2. Liner notes for the Capitol LP "Duke Ellington in Memoriam" suggest that Ralph Collier also played on the Capitol studio sessions of 1Sep54 and 8Oct54. The New DESOR on page 198 lists Ralph Collier on Montevideo.
3. So, when was Ralph Collier in the band? Only for Montevideo, only on selected Capitol sessions, or in the touring band for parts of 1953 and 1954?
Brian Koller

1. It is clear from the notes in The New DESOR session 5406 that Collier was added to the band for Bunny Hop Mambo and for Isle of Capri.
2. In the session of 1Sep54, Collier only played in Bakiff, as clearly stated in the New DESOR page 206.
However Collier did not play in the 8oct54 session. It was not Collier on congas but Frank Rollo on bongos. I believe that the liner notes were in error.
3. Ralph Collier was in the band on 3Dec53, session 5333, to play in Montevideo. It is clear that he did not only play in Montevideo. He played apparently on some of the Capitol sessions, though not in the touring band, for parts of 1953 and 1954. If you are suggesting that there should be mentioned more dates than just 26Apr54 on page 1453 of The New DESOR, I agree with you.
Sjef Hoefsmit

An invitation from Mosaic Records

DEMS 11/2-14

You may be aware of Mosaic Records. We have been issuing limited edition classic collections of jazz for over 20 years. Recently we released The Complete 1932-1940 Brunswick, Columbia and Master Recordings of Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra (an 11 CD box set) [DEMS 11/1-11; 10/3-5] and 3 years ago we produced The Complete 1936-1940 Variety, Vocalion & OKeh Small Group Sessions (a 7 CD collection) [06/2-39; 07/1-39].
Our brochure, which has over 30 limited edition jazz collections, is sent out twice per year to all that might be interested in our offerings. We understand the Ellington Society has a mailing list and since we will be sending the latest edition of our brochure off shortly, we wondered if you might be able to make the list available so that we may send them one of our free Mosaic brochures.
Also, we periodically send e-mails to our customers and if you have a website or a publication that they may be interested in we would be pleased to inform them.
Scott Wenzel

Since we have not sent out printed Bulletins since 2004, we do not have a recently updated list of DEMS members' addresses. We advice our readers to send their home addresses and their e-mail addresses to Scott Wenzel. The Mosaic publications are very well done. It is a pleasure to see the many invaluable releases that Mosaic has produced in all these years. Scott will be pleased to put your names on his mailing list.

A message from Klaus Götting

DEMS 11/2-15

I have just sent out (as PDF-file through e-mail to a few interested Ellington friends) my present -up-dated- version of 
''The Duke - Where And When''
This is my "light" version with photographs left out - the complete version with pictures interspersed is available on demand (needs too much space for easy transmission with my snake internet connection).
Klaus Götting
Paris France

The index, compiled by Klaus, gives the sources for all kinds of interesting facts in chronological sequence. The "light" version has more than 120 pages! It is a very useful starting point to find what you are looking for in the many publications, which Klaus has consulted. The Acrobat Reader has a very good "find" system. If you know the location, the date or any other element, you will find your entry very quickly.
Klaus made this index for himself to begin with, but he will be happy to send you one of the two versions, now it has reached a high degree of maturity.

I'll again up-date my "The Duke: Where And When" as soon as the next DEMS Bulletin will be out end of July and make it available to all those interested; this time with the complete version with photographs.
Look out and thanks for your interest.
Klaus Götting