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The New DESOR corrections

DEMS 10/3-22

We remind you that these corrections are merely suggestions. They are not (yet) accepted by the authors of the New DESOR. Unsigned suggestions were brought in by Hoefsmit.


Page 8. Session 2819, 20Dec28, St. Louis Blues. I knew Adelaide Hall well. This is definitely not her voice... nor is it her phrasing. It's probably a member of the Hall Johnson Choir, sounding rather as they do in the Bessie Smith film. Maybe it's the name HALL Johnson Choir that led to this mis-attribution.
Earl Okin

Page 20
. Session 3214, 22Dec32. According to the liner-notes by Steven Lasker for the Mosaic 11 CD Box, Lawrence Brown and Johnny Hodges were out on I Can't Give You Anything but Love and on Porgy. Fred Guy is only out on Porgy.

Page 21. Session 3304, 17Feb33. In a note to the discographical details as mentioned in the booklet of the Mosaic 11 CD Box, Steven Lasker stated that: "
The labels for Columbia 35837 and Brunswick 6527 show “Drop Me Off At Harlem". That would mean that we should put that "At" title between parentheses after the "In" titles.

Page 25. Session 3501, 9Jan35. The first release of Admiration Stomp came on the LP FDC 1003. The title read Admiration.
The title Admiration Stomp is found only in discographies, not in the recording files or on any 78 rpm release of which I'm aware.
Steven Lasker

I suggest that Admiration Stomp should be placed between parentheses after Admiration.
Sjef Hoefsmit

Page 25. Session 3502, 5Mar35. According to the liner-notes by Steven Lasker for the Mosaic 11 CD Box, Fred Guy was not in this session.

Page 26. Session 3503, 30Apr35. See the correction for Page 25. Session 3501.

Page 26. Sessions 3504 and 3505, 19Aug and 12Sep35. According to the liner-notes by Steven Lasker for the Mosaic 11 CD Box, Lawrence Brown was not on these sessions.

Page 26. Session 3601. 3Jan36. According to the liner-notes by Steven Lasker for the Mosaic 11 CD Box: "This entire session remains unissued as the master no longer exists at Sony archives." DESOR 3601 should be deleted.

Page 27. Session 3604, 27Feb36. According to the liner-notes by Steven Lasker for the Mosaic 11 CD Box, Billy Taylor plus Hayes Alvis and Otto Hardwick played on all four selections. Joe Nanton only played on Isn't Love the Strangest Thing?.

Pages 37 and 1334. I have the double CD Collectibles COL-CD-7843, which includes the 1950s LPs Blue Light and Hi-Fi Ellington Uptown. The Blue Light CD appears to have Take -1 (DE3819d) of Pyramid, contradictory to DEMS 07/2-29, which in turn suggests that New DESOR disc 0238 is incorrect, since it lists Pyramid as 3819e.
Brian Koller

I cannot argue with you. I do not have the original "Blue Light" LP. Neither do I have the Collectibles re-release. There is a small possibility that Collectibles has a different take than the original "Blue Light" LP.
I have both takes of Pyramid on the French CBS LP 88242. Comparison with this LP revealed that CBS Portrait R2K 44395 (DEMS 90/3-4 and 91/4-5) and that Sony & BMG
88697302362 (DEMS 08/2-31; 08/3-30 and 09/1-25) both have take -1. In a few weeks I hope to be able to compare these releases again but now against the two takes on the Mosaic 11 CD Box set. I hope that somebody who has the original "Blue Light" LP will be so helpful as to compare the takes on the Mosaic set with the LP. Before it has been established that the original LP has take -1, I would not suggest making a correction in The New DESOR.
In the meantime I have been able to make the comparisons with the Mosaic 11 CD Box (CD 9, tracks 7 has take -1 and track 22 has track -2). My conclusions as mentioned above are confirmed.
Sjef Hoefsmit

Page 41. Session 3906 and 3907, 20 and 21Mar39. According to the liner-notes by Steven Lasker for the Mosaic 11 CD Box, on neither session did the full orchestra include Juan Tizol.
The ledger shows only two trombones present at these sessions.
Steven Lasker

Page 114. Session 4567, 23Sep45. A SECOND Take the "A" Train during this broadcast from Zanzibar was sometimes mentioned until the conclusion for the "Comments on Timner's 4th edition" page 16: "can be deleted. It has never been found." Only Timner-4, Ole. J. Nielsen's disco and earlier Benny Aasland's WWoDE 45-72 (theme) had this item and I've found no additional info in DEMS Bulletin.
A second Take the "A" Train was however played on this occasion and survives: I found it by chance while browsing through my collection on a very old tape from Ed Hausmann in Canada. It runs for some 43sec on piano between Love Letters 4567e and Riff Staccato 4567f. Here attached you'll find this passage (with end of Love Letters and beginning of Riff Staccato) as an MP3 file and I think that you'll agree with me.
Klaus Götting

I agree. Thanks. The correction has already been made by Giovanni Volonté and Luciano Massagli. See in the "small corrections" and on Correction-sheet 1102.
Sjef Hoefsmit

Page 127
. Session 4605, 16Jan46. C-Jam Blues (encore), DE4605h is listed as unissued, but it has been issued on the 13 CD box set from Masters of Jazz, "Anniversary" (1999). [See DEMS 00/1-17]
It is on CD #5 from the set, the "Friends" CD, as Track 20, which includes both the familiar V-disc issued DE4605g as well as the encore, DE4605h.
Brian Koller

Page 237. Session 5722 took place on 22Jun57 at the Carrolltown Sunset Ballroom, according to a new find for Duke's Itinerary by Agustin Perez Gasco (e-mail to the Duke-LYM list on 5Aug10).
Klaus Götting

Page 352. Session 6363, 21Aug63. I would suggest to include in the New DESOR Joya Sherrill's beautiful "narration" of Purple People.
The recording (in broadcasts # 25 and # 49) is announced as session-track -12 and runs for 1min43 approximately. It is (only) narration, but so is the shorter and incomplete 6363l What Color Is Virtue? which nevertheless is listed, just as is Duke's My People 6363v. By the way: tracks -9, -10 and -11 may be similarly interesting but I can't tell; I haven't heard them.
Klaus Götting

We think that the note at the bottom of the session is sufficient documentation for these narrations. See also Correction-sheet 1059.
Track -11 does not exist. Track -9 is seven seconds and track -10 is seventeen seconds long.

Pages 475 and 476 plus Correction-sheet 3031/1
. New DESOR Disc 0922, for the DVD of the 1967/1974 documentary "On The Road with Duke Ellington", appears to omit two relevant Ellington recordings that are on the DVD.
On Chapter 8 of the DVD, Ellington is at Columbus, Ohio, on 25Apr67, presumably before the rehearsal session of DE6750, checking out the piano there and/or practicing a troublesome medley transition on the piano.
Later on Chapter 8, Ellington is performing his finger snapping routine, accompanied by bass and drums. This is at the end of the Morgan State College recital of 1May67, DE6755. This comes right before the snippet from the June 1937 Paramount movie short.
Brian Koller

Page 693. Session 7342, probably September 1973. The specific date is 6Sep73. See Terrence Ripmaster's book "Willis Conover", page 164.
Klaus Götting

Page 714. A Blues Serenade. (3825) I hear Rex Stewart and Johnny Hodges, not Cootie Williams and Otto Hardwick.
Steven Lasker

Page 801. Clementine. 4104c. Some of my friends think that it is Billy Strayhorn on piano. I believe they are right.
Sjef Hoefsmit**

Page 852. Drop Me Off in Harlem. The second chorus in 3304 should read (according to Steven Lasker's liner notes for the 11 CD Box): 2°16AW,8FJ,8AW. I agree.

Page 866. Farewell Blues. The second chorus in 3501 should read (according to Steven Lasker's liner notes for the 11 CD Box): 2°RS instead of 2°CW. Eddie Lambert (p59) and I agree.

Page 867. Fickle Fling. Other title - Camp Grant Champ should read Camp Grant Chant. Page XXXIV.
Marcello Piras

Page 960. I've Got To Be a Rug Cutter. 3701 and 3702. In his liner-notes for the Mosaic 11 CD box, Steven Lasker made the remark that there is no tap-dancing on these recordings, merely foot stomping by the band.

Page 968. Johnny Come Lately. The description of 4309a is not correct. The structure clearly differs from 4301v and should read as follows (changes underlined):
1°16BAND,8LB,8BAND; 2°16JN,8BAND,8JN; 3°16BAND&JR,8DE,8BW; 4°(nc)16BAND
Jean Portier

Page 1051. No Greater Love. According to Steven Lasker's liner notes for the 11 CD Box and Eddie Lambert p61: CW and not AW played the 8 bars for trumpet in both choruses .

Page 1122. Shoe Shine Boy. According to Steven Lasker's liner notes for the 11 CD Box and Eddie Lambert p61: RS and not AW played behind Ivie in the second chorus.

Page 1372. LP 0466, Joyce 1066. Track B01 should include after Everything but You (4582j): Take the "A" Train (4582a).
Brian Koller

Page 1385. Double CD 0532, Music Masters 65119-2. On this double CD "The Great Chicago Concerts" Track 1-04, Memphis Blues (4647f) also includes the opening bars of St. Louis Blues (4647g), which is not included in this release.
Brian Koller

Page 1423. I have four recordings of this title:
6LP box set "An Explosion of Genius", New Desor 0736,
Track A05 3906e and Track A06 3906f
1CD Stew Burp, New Desor 0828,
Track 019 3906f
4CD Best of DE, New Desor 0919,
Track D12 3906e
One easily to determine difference between 3906e and 3906f is the piano notes near 0:17.
Track D12 matches with A06, and Track 019 matches with A05.
It appears that Track A05 is 3906f, and Track A06 is 3906e.
Brian Koller

That is the case. See DEMS Bulletin 81/1-2, top of right column.
This should indeed be corrected in The New DESOR page 1423.

Page 1424. LP 0746, Unique Jazz 15. On this "Rainbow Room Broadcasts 1967" LP, the last 10 seconds of Sophisticated Lady (6772i) are missing on Track A05, but are present at the beginning of Track B02, Kentucky Avenue, A.C. (6772j).
Brian Koller

Page 1492. Al Sears was born 21Feb10 according to John Clifford in his article "The Big Raw Tone" in the Bulletin number 4, Nov10, of the Duke Ellington Society of Sweden. "Al decided to coincide his birth date with that of George Washington [22Feb] as it was a national holiday at the schools."

Correction-sheet 1089, session 9069, 7May71. According to the Newsletter of the Duke Ellington Society Southern California Chapter, Volume 14, #3 page 3, the name of the interviewer was Arnold Dean.

The New DESOR correction-sheets

Here are the latest additions to the Correction-sheets:

DEMS 10/3-23


  1101  6645    Los Angeles    11May66  10/2-8
        9096    Pittsburgh     30May66  (Duke's Beer)
        6108    NYC           2&3May61  09/1-11

  1102  6024    Los Angeles    21Jul60  09/1-11
        4567    NYC            23Sep45  10/3-22


  3031/2 "On the Road"         Docurama DVD 0922  02/2-22/7
         "Paris Blues" Optimum Classics DVD 0923  09/1=11
          3403d      Universal 61106092 DVD 0924  09/1-13

as soon as there are more sessions for 3031/2, the sheet will be
updated until the number will change into or 3031

Small corrections
5014 - Two pages with small corrections, assembled August 2009, from page 18 until and including 1487 (see 09/2-22); assembled December 2009, from page 220 until and including 1504 (see 09/3-37); assembled April 2010, from page IX until and including 1461 (see 10/1-28); assembled August 2010, from page XXIII until and including 1498 (see 10/2-20).

Al these "small corrections" are assembled from the very first (5001) to the last one (5014) on what we prefer to call sheet 6000, see


DESOR small corrections

DEMS 10/3-24

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DESOR small corrections 5014

Volume 1 (Corrections December 2010)

XXV - Add: OC … Optimim Classics (09/1-11)

XXVI - Add: Un … Universal (09/1-13)

14 - Session 3009, 12Jun30, Sweet Mama: FMRS (FM-4001/02) is 3009b instead of 3009a.(10/2-18)

23 - Session 3403, 26Feb34, 3403d, delete unissued; add Un 61106092 (09/1-13)

25 - Session 3502, 5Mar35, Moonlight Fiesta, 3502c; add: FMRS (FM-4001/02). (10/2-18)

32 - Session 3713, 16Jun37, Moonlight Fiesta, 3713c; delete FMRS (FM-4001/02). (10/2-18)

114 - Session 4567, 23Sep45. Make a note that the session should be replaced by the session 4567 on Correction-sheet 1102. (10/3-22)

291 - Session 6024, 21Jul60. Make a note that this
session should be replaced by the session 6024 on Correction-sheet 1102. (09/1-11)

295 - Session 6036, Dec60. Delete this session. (09/1-11)

298 - Session 6108, 2&3May61. Make a note that this session should be replaced by the session 6108 on Correction-sheet 1101. (09/1-11)

430 - Delete session 6645 and make a note for the corrected session 6645 on Correction-sheet 1101 (10/2-8)

431 - Add session 9096, 30May66. Correction-sheet 1101.

Volume 2 (Corrections December 2010)

1064 - Paris Blues. Delete 6036b.
The correct structure of 6108a is: 1°(nc)4HS&JHa;pas8BAND;2°(nc)8HS&JHa;
The correct structure of 6108b is:
6108g: delete:cod4BAND;
6108i:cod58BAND&MME&PG instead of:

1064 - Pars Stairs (ABAC30)
The correct structure of 6108e is:

1088 - Riff Staccato. 4567f:int2DE instead of int8DE.

1143 - Sophisticated Lady. Delete 6036a.

1204 - The Clothed Woman. Delete 6036c. The correct structure of 6024d is:

1352 - Add 0922, DVD, Docurama, NVG-9502. Correction-sheet 3031. (02/2-22/7)

1360 - 0395, Franklin Mint Recording Soc. (FM-4001/02)
Track B01, Sweet Mama, is 3009b, not 3009a.
Track B05, Moonlight Fiesta, is 3502c, not 3713c.
Track D05 is 6102e, track D06 is 6103b. (10/2-18)

1389 - Add: 0923, DVD, Optimum Classics, OPTD-1348. Correction-sheet 3031. (09/1-11)

1403 - 0626 RCA FXM1-7302. The title on track A03 should not be underlined. (10/2-18)

1406 - 0644, RCA Victor EPAT-435.
Track B02 is 4435d instead of 4335e. The title of track B02 should be underlined. (10/2-18)

1412 - 0679, Roulette R-52074. Side A and side B must be switched. (10/2-18)

1424 - Add: 0924, DVD, Universal 61106092. Correction-sheet 3031. (09/1-13)

1458 - Marie Hawkins Ellington Aug 1, 1922 - (10/2-18)

1493 - Sherrill, Joya Aug 20, 1927 - Jun 28, 2010. (10/2-2)

Correction-sheet 1053. Session 3403, 26Feb34,
delete unissued; add Un 61106092 (09/1-13)

DEMS 10/3-25

At he end of another year, I wish the readers of DEMS Bulletin, very pleasant holidays and a perfect 2011.
Sjef Hoefsmit**