10/2 August - November 2010
Our 32nd Year of Publication


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The New DESOR corrections

DEMS 10/2-18

We remind you that these corrections are merely suggestions. They are not (yet) accepted by the authors of the New DESOR. Unsigned suggestions were brought in by Hoefsmit.


Pages XXXVIII, 271 and 1009. See DEMS Bulletin 82/1-6. It would reduce confusion if the Columbia 45rpm single Co 4-41362 was added as a release to The New Desor entry for DE5908b Malletoba Spank. Also, Spank #1 and Spank #2 should be added as Other titles in the Section two - Titles chapter, and to the List of Alternative Titles in New DESOR.
Brian Koller**
If you want to make these corrections/additions to your copy of The New DESOR, please do so. It would however be against the rules, accepted by the authors to keep the content of the two books manageable as explained on pages XXX and XXXI: "we have comprised all the records that include at least one unreleased title and some records we consider particularly important." Since this is a promotion record, not for sale, it is not eligible to be included.

Page 1
. Session 2501. Prince Robinson doesn't play clarinet on this date, only tenor sax. Hardwick doubles clarinet and also sax.
Steven Lasker in VJM's Jazz and Blues Mart, No 157 page 10.

Pages 14, 25, 32 and 1360
Sweet Mama, track B01 of the Franklin Mint double LP (0395) , is DE3009b not DE3009a.
Moonlight Fiesta, track B05 is DE3502c and not DE3713c (see also DEMS 88/5-1).
Tulip or Turnip, track D05 and Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin', track D06 have been switched, that is: D05 is 6102e and D06 is 6103b.
Brian Koller**

Page 58 and Correction-sheets 1004 and 3003
I have compared DE4117xa and DE4117c, the two 3Jul41 takes of Menelik the Lion of Judah from the 24CD RCA Box, and they are identical, down to the cough heard in the background at 1:17. So, it appears that all references to DE4117xa should be scrubbed from The New DESOR.
Brian Koller**
You are right. See DEMS 03/2-20/5.

Page 65
. Session Oct42: DE4229a, Jubilee Theme, may not be an Ellington recording., page 12, states it was recorded by a studio orchestra, presumably the same studio orchestra that performs the closing theme, which also sounds like Jubilee Theme. The same studio orchestra appears to end Ethel Waters' three numbers from the same Jubilee #1 program.
Brian Koller
DE4229a may be an Ellington recording or it may not. I have listened to it several times and I am not confident I can be sure either way. I do believe however that the closing Jubilee Theme is not Ellington. Not because it is much longer (32 bars instead of 8), but because it sounds different. Those of you who have this recording, please listen to it and give us your opinion. The whole program was "released" on the Crabapple CD RMU-3228, see DEMS 00/1-13/1.

Page 1406
. EP 0644, RCA EPAT-435: Track B02 is listed as 4435e but is actually the "alternate" take 4435d. Thus, Disc 0644 is the first release of 4435d. See correction made in 02/1-25, DESOR small corrections page 87.
Brian Koller**

Page 1412
. Disk 0679, the 1961 Roulette LP of Ellington-Armstrong, switches sides A and B of the LP. That is, C-Jam Blues is A01 not B01, etc.
Brian Koller**

Page 1458
. Marie Ellington was born as Maria Hawkins on 1Aug22.

Correction-sheet 3013
. CD 0855, DETS 9039005, Treasury Shows Volume 5. Track B04 is from    the session of 24oct45, DE4583. The last selection [4583k], Let the Zoomers Drool is incomplete. It is faded out at 2:35, but the version on LP 0124 (on page 1307 of volume 2 of The New DESOR) AFRS One Night Stand 764, continues for another 1:12 (total 3:37).
Brian Koller
I do not have disk 124, but I have the broadcast on tape. At the end of this selection (which follows exactly the description on page 994) you hear: "up for another One Night Stand and we wind up another session with Duke Ellington and his Orchestra playing from club Zanzibar in N.Y.C. Featured vocalists were Joya Sherrill and Albert Hibbler. This is the Armed Forces Radio Service." During the end of this comment starts a repeat of 2°(nc)12AS,4BAND,12CA;3°(nc)8BAND. These 36 bars are taken from the end of the last selection, just played.
This is indicated in The New DESOR on page 1307, by the mention of the same title twice: first underlined, because it was "fresh", after that not underlined because it was not "fresh" anymore, but a repeat of the same selection. That the repeat is not complete is not relevant. The New DESOR only gives descriptions of the most complete versions, but does not go into detail about incomplete repeats.
The same selection was released on the LP Joyce 1071. Here too it was not complete, but this time in a different way. First of all the first appearance of this selection does not follow the description of 4583k on page 994 until the end. It ends with 3°(nc)11BAND. This is followed by another voice, different from the one on the original ONS 764, and simply saying: "This is the American Forces Radio Service". This is followed by another version of the same recording of Let the Zoomers Drool: 2°(nc)9AS,4BAND,12CA;3°(nc)6BAND.
By the way, the version on Volume 5 of the Treasury Shows is also not complete. It ends with 3°(nc)10BAND.
There is something else fishy about this session. The description of the opening Take the "A" Train (4583a), mentioned on page 1185 as 1°(nc)8DE;cod4DE does not fit with the opening selection on my tape. I have 2DE;1°16BAND,8BAND&TJ,8BAND;2°(nc)11DE. This is edited out of the complete recording in the middle of the program (4583g).

The New DESOR correction-sheets

Here are the latest additions to the Correction-sheets:

DEMS 10/2-19


  1098    9083    Hurricane  early Sep43  09/3-2/2-3-B
          9084    Hurricane  early Sep43  09/3-2/2-2-A
          9085    Hurricane  early Sep43  09/3-2/2-2-B
          9086    Hurricane  early Sep43  09/3-2/2-1-A
          9087    Hurricane  early Sep43  09/3-2/2-1-B

  1099    9088    Hurricane        Apr44  09/3-2/35-2-B
          9089    Hurricane        Apr44  09/3-2/35-2-A
          9090    Hurricane        Apr44  09/3-2/35-8-A
          9091    Hurricane        Apr44  09/3-2/35-8-B

  1100    9092    Hurricane        Apr44  09/3-2/35-10-B
          9093    Hurricane        Apr44  09/3-2/35-10-A
          9094    Hurricane        May44  09/3-2/33-5-A
          9095    Hurricane        May44  09/3-2/33-5-B

  1101/1  6645    Los Angeles    11May66  10/2-8


  3031/1 "On the Road" Docurama DVD 0922  02/2-22/7

as soon as there are more sessions for 1101/1 or discs for 3031/1, they will be
updated (1101/2 etc.) until the numbers will change into 1101 or 3031


DESOR small corrections

DEMS 10/2-20

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DESOR small corrections 5014

Volume 1 (Corrections August 2010)

XXIII - Add: Do … Docurama (02/-22/7)

65 - The session 4230 has been released on Docurama DVD NVG 9502.
Correction-sheet 3031 (02/2-22/7)

75 - Make a note for the “fresh” sessions 9083; 9084; 9085; 9086 and 9087, all early Sep43 on Correction-sheet 1098 (09/3-2/2)

83 - Make a note for the "fresh" sessions 9088; 9089; 9090 and 9091, all Apr44 on Correction-sheet 1099 and for the "fresh" sessions 9092 and 9093, both Apr44 plus the "fresh" sessions 9094 and 9095, both May44, all on Correction-sheet 1100 (09/3-2/2)

430 - Session 6643, 9May66.
6643d, delete RCA 09026-663386-2;
add RCA 09026-68705-2 (10/2-8)
Make a note for the corrected session 6645 on Correction-sheet 1101 (10/2-8)

475 - The session 6750has been released on Docurama DVD NVG 9502.
Correction-sheet 3031 (02/2-22/7)

476 - The sessions 6751; 6752; 6753; 6754; 6755 and 6756 have been released in segments on
Docurama DVD NVG 9502. Correction-sheet 3031 (02/2-22/7)

479 - The Medley 6763a has been released in segments on Docurama DVD NVG 9502.
Correction-sheet 3031 (02/2-22/7)
Rondelet, 6764a has been released on Docurama DVD NVG 9502.
Correction-sheet 3031 (02/2-22/7)

480 - The session 6769 has been released in segments on Docurama DVD NVG 9502.
Correction-sheet 3031 (02/2-22/7)

Volume 2 (Corrections August 2010)

817 - Creole Love Call, 6644d. Add: int4DE

836 - Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me, 6643d.
Delete: but int 8DE. (10/2-8)

1404 - RCA 0926-68705-2
Track 008: 6643d instead of 6645b; underline the title.
Correction-sheet 1101 (10/2-8)

1407 - RCA LPM-3576.
Add: NOTE - Track B06: intro omitted

1423 - Toshiba TOLW-3162.
Add in the NOTE: Track 006, Rockin' in Rhythm begins from 4° chorus; Passion Flower: intro and 30 bars of first chorus omitted.

1466 - Hall, Barrie Lee Jun 30, 1949 -
Hanna, John "Jake" Apr 4, 1931 - Feb 12, 2010.

1470 - Horne, Lena Mary Calhoun
Jun 30, 1917 - May 9, 2010 (10/2-1)

1498 - Thigpen, "Ed" Edmund Leonard
Dec 28, 1930 - Jan 13, 2010 (10/1-1)

Correction-sheet 3004. RCA 0926-63386-2.
Track V14: 6645xa instead of 6643d
Correction-sheet 1101 (10/2-8)

Correction-sheet 3030. Quantum Leap QLDVD-0373.
Add in the NOTE: Track 006, Rockin' in Rhythm begins from 4° chorus; Passion Flower: intro and 30 bars of first chorus omitted.

Correction-sheet 3030. Sony & BMG 88697302362.
Track A 10: 3208b instead of 3208c.