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The New DESOR corrections

DEMS 10/1-26

We remind you that these corrections are merely suggestions. They are not (yet) accepted by the authors of the New DESOR. Unsigned suggestions were brought in by Hoefsmit.


Pages 376 and 1359. 20May64. The last selection in the Medley 6439n was also released on the LP Foxy 9001. It was not mentioned on the jacket, but it is on the record. Speaking of the jacket: Prelude to a Kiss was not played. It was In a Sentimental Mood instead. This is correctly spelled out in The New DESOR. There are more errors on the label on the jacket of Foxy, which didn't make it into The New DESOR.

Page 1466
. Jake Hanna died on 12Feb10
of complications due to a blood disease.

Page 1474
. Claude Jones came into the band on 20Apr44, see page 82.
We can infer from New DESOR p82 that Claude Jones came into the band during the week between 13 April and 20 April, but not, unless there is corroborating evidence, that he joined on 20th.

Roger Boyes

Page 1487
. Birth/death places/dates are given in the New DESOR. While I don't have data for Alberta Pryme's birth date or place of birth, or of her place of death, she died in January 1968 according to Howard Rye, who noted this recently on the Jazz Research list (an internet chat group). He added this fact came from her late husband, the trombonist Bernard F. Archer.
Steven Lasker

There has been a "small correction" in DEMS Bulletin 09/2, stating that the date of her death was Oct 17, 1984. (The date of birth was given as Apr 1, 1895). DESOR does not mention the places. Trying to find an answer through Google learned that your spelling of het name as "Pryme" seems to be better than the one in DESOR, which is "Prime".

Page 1502
Start dates for Blanton and Webster are still a little murky. Sonny Greer (not the most reliable authority) recalled Blanton on stage with the band at the Coronado Hotel in St. Louis, 20oct39-2Nov39. A telegram from Blanton to his mom dated 2Nov39 at 11:23 pm says "am joining Duke Ellington's orchestra tomorrow."
Webster probably joined a little later than the 8Jan40 date mentioned in The New DESOR - he was finishing up a gig with Teddy Wilson; best I can figure he joined around 21Jan40.
Ken Steiner

Have you changed your mind? This is what you wrote in DEMS Bulletin 04/2-22 [In the first part of the chapter "The Blanton/Webster Era" of your booklet "On the Road and on the Air with Duke Ellington"]:
"Although Ben Webster is not heard on the air check from 9Jan, it is generally recognized that he joined the band during the Southland engagement [8Jan to 20Jan40]. Boston papers do not indicate when (Boston Globe, Boston Post, Boston News, Guardian, Chronicle), but two different New York papers give a clue. "Ben Webster denies plans to switch from Teddy Wilson to Duke Ellington, but the grapevine has him making the change at the end of the Golden Gate [ballroom in New York] run." (Nell Dodson, "This is Harlem," New York Amsterdam News, 20Jan40, p24) "Teddy Wilson leaves for the road on January 11." (Bill Chase, "All Ears," New York Amsterdam News, 13Jan40)"
The date for Blanton has been corrected in DEMS 04/3-51. Correction of Ben Webster's start would require a fixed date and more confirmation. You suggested a correction earlier in DEMS 04/2-50 page 46 to 12Jan40.

Blanton: Since writing the "On the Air and On the Road" booklet for the Stockholm 2004 conference, the Blanton family has kindly shared with me a copy of the telegram from Jimmie to his mother. The telegram is date-stamped for 11:23 p.m. of 2Nov39 (closing night of the 20oct-2Nov engagement at the Coronado Hotel); Jimmie said he was "joining Duke Ellington's band tomorrow." I presume that this means he was leaving with the band when it went back on the road 3Nov. Blanton most likely worked with the band prior to officially joining, but the exact date is probably unknowable. There are numerous versions, with slight variations, of the "discovery" of Blanton; a number of them indicate that Blanton did indeed play with the orchestra at the Coronado. The one that rings true can be found in the Oct-Dec. 1996 issue of "Blue Light," the DESUK newsletter. John Chilton interviewed Ralph Porter, who had been a member of the Jeter-Pillars Band along with Blanton. Chilton quotes Porter recalling listening to Fate Marable with Blanton, when Duke, alerted by some of his men, walked in:
"Duke didn't listen for a few seconds. The number ended and Duke asked Marable if he could sit in - they knew one another well. Duke and Blanton began playing together and still hadn't exchanged a word. Duke kept changing key and Blanton was on to every move. The tune ended and Marable called out 'How do you like my bass player?' Duke coyly said 'I was just going to ask you the same question.' Then he laughed and said 'He's my bass player now.'
Duke already had a bass player but he added Jimmie Blanton to the band, bought him a white suit, and next night stood him out front of the band and featured him."
Webster: I still think the span in which Webster joined the band was after 18Jan40 (when Webster recorded with Teddy Wilson's big band) and before 22Jan (the date of the byline for the article in "Jazz Information"). Ellington was finishing up at the Southland in Boston on 19 and 20Jan, at the RKO Boston Theatre on 21Jan, then one nighters in New England 22-25Jan (as mentioned in the "Jazz Information" article; two dates that I have are 22Jan in Portland, ME; and 24Jan in Manchester, NH) then back in Boston on 26Jan at the Roseland State Ballroom. I have not been able to pinpoint the date. 21Jan is my guess, although Stratemann has Webster at Southland. Frank Buchmann-Moeller in his Ben Webster bio suggests 26Jan (at Roseland State).
Ken Steiner

Correction sheet 1048
for session 9033 [Salle Pleyel, 20Sep59 first concert] lists the concert medley as 9033q. [9034 is second concert, on correction-sheet 1049]

Correction sheet 3015
for disk 0732 [CD The "Jazz" Collection JCD-05], track 002, lists the concert medley as 9033r.

Correction sheet 3016
for disk 0166 [LP BYG XY-2036], track B01, lists the concert medley as 9033r also, again contradicting 9033q in correction sheet 1048.
Correction sheet 3016, disk 0692 [CD Sarpe Top Jazz SJ-1013], track 007, lists the concert medley as 9034q but correction sheet 1049 has the medley as 9034r.
Bill Bailey is 9034n on Sheet 1049, but 9034m on Sheet 3016.
Walkin' and Singin' the Blues is 9034o on Sheet 1049, but 9034n on Sheet 3016.
V.I.P. Boogie is 9034p on Sheet 1049, but 9034o on Sheet 3016.
Jam With Sam is 9034q on Sheet 1049, but 9034p on Sheet 3016.
Diminuendo In Blue/Wailing Interval/Crescendo In Blue is 9034stu on Sheet 1049, but 9034rst on Sheet 3016.
C-Jam Blues is 9033o on Sheet 1048, but 9033p on Sheet 3016
V.I.P. Boogie is 9033p on Sheet 1048, but 9033q on Sheet 3016

Correction-sheet 3030
for DVD 0921, Passion Flower (6233c) is incomplete, missing the first half.
Brian Koller

You are right. It should be mentioned in a note as was done on sheet 3029 DVD 0915. I wonder however if this selection was complete on the previous release Toshiba EMI TOLW-3162, see page 1423 LD 0740.

Passion Flower is presumably complete on the rare Toshiba LD, since that disc also had Kinda Dukish, which is absent on the Quantum Leap DVD.
The DVD has abysmal sound quality. Only the most dire bootleg CD would sound that poor.
Brian Koller

No the Laser Disc Toshiba does not have Kinda Dukish, see the corrections mentioned in DEMS 05/3, based on a remark in DEMS 05/2-15.

Oops, then if the song titles are identical and the Toshiba entry is video, then it would appear that the laser disc is made from the same truncated and low quality video as the Quantum Leap DVD.
Here is an interesting "insider" comment on the film edited from footage of the 1962 Newport Festival, posted on
"I hate what happened to this film of mine. Disgusting. I spent weeks working on the film and even shot Close Ups myself for 3 full days with my cameramen - and meticulously directed it as well as produced it and then began to edit it - BUT in the middle of editing I got 2 big TV Specials to produce and direct in Paris - and the jazz festival was left in the hands of a non-musical editor who had only edited stuff that was not as musical as what this was - and being the musician I also am besides being a producer and director, it was ruined. I left notes on exactly how to finish the Show but what could I expect - I wasn't there but on to bigger and better things - The Roland Petit Ballet TV Specials with Eve St. Laurent costumes and me producing and directing in Paris - now how could I pass that up? I couldn't! I am so sorry to have it pop up as a 'proper' TV Special - it is sickening - and I also just wasted a bit under $20 for it myself - so sorry!"
signed: Producer/Director for NBC Newport Jazz Festival During the America's Cup races - Buddy Bregman

Brian Koller

The New DESOR correction-sheets

Here are the latest additions to the Correction-sheets:

DEMS 10/1-27


  1096   5934    Zürich          9oct59  10/1-7
  1097   9082    Baghdad        14Nov63  10/1-4



DESOR small corrections

DEMS 10/1-28

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DESOR small corrections 5014

Volume 1 (Corrections April 2010)

IX - Add: IRQ … Iraq (10/1-4)

17 - Session 3105, 11Jun31. 3105b: BRC instead of CRC. (09/3-4 ad 18)

27 - Session 3605, 28Feb36. 3605b: -2 instead of -1.
(09/3-4 ad 18)

41 - Session 3907, 21Mar39. 3907h: first edition on Swing SW-307 instead of Parlophone DP-288. (09/3-4 ad 20)

176 - Session 5124, 19Aug51: add Gotham's Studio;
June 28, 1951 instead of August 19, 1951 (09/3-26)

281 - Session 5934, 7oct59, Add 5 titles.
Correction-sheet 1096 (10/1-7)

359 - Session 9082, 14Nov63. Make a note:
Correction-sheet 1097 (10/1-4)

700 - Session 7355, 16Nov73. Cine Marni instead of Palais des Beaux Arts (09/3-36)

Volume 2 (Corrections April 2010)

1030 - Mood Indigo, 6534f: CW instead of CA. (10/1-14)

1069 - Perdido, 5618q: delete: 5°11BAND,%; add:
9°14BAND&CA,% (DEMS CD 01)

1461 - Gaber, George. Feb 24, 1916 - Nov 21, 2007

Correction-sheet 1036: make the same correction as the one you just made on page 176

Correction-sheet 3015, CD 0732,
track 002: 9033q instead of 9033r (10/1-26)

Correction-sheet 3016, LP 0165,
track B04: 9034n instead of 9034m
track B05: 9034o instead of 9034n (10/1-26)

Correction-sheet 3016, LP 0166,
track A01: 9034p instead of 9034o
track A02: 9034q instead of 9034p
track B01: 9033q instead of 9033r (10/1-26)

Correction-sheet 3016, CD 0692,
track 005: 9033o instead of 9033p
track 006: 9033p instead of 9033q
track 007: 9034r instead of 9034q
track 008: 9034s,t,u instead of 9034r,s,t (10/1-26)