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The New DESOR correction-sheets

Here are the latest additions to the Correction-sheets:

DEMS 09/3-35


  1094   7235    Milwaukee       20Jul72  09/3-5
         9079    NYC Interview   1Apr69  09/3-5
         9080    NYC Interview   3Apr69  09/3-5

  1095   5616    New Haven      10Jul56  09/3-5
         9081    NYC Interview   10Apr72  09/3-5



The New DESOR corrections

DEMS 09/3-36

We remind you that these corrections are merely suggestions. They are not (yet) accepted by the authors of the New DESOR. Unsigned suggestions were brought in by Hoefsmit.


Page 639. Session 7181, 16Nov71. The spelling of the location is not correct. Ginásio do Maracanăzinho, sometimes called just Maracanăzinho, is a modern indoor arena located in Maracană neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During the 1960s and the 1970s several national and international music festivals were held in the gymnasium*. Apparently Timner copied from The New DESOR. He has the same mistake in his fifth edition.
Also the location itself is not correct. The program gives another venue: Teatro Municipal, an opera house located in downtown Rio de Janeiro, the house has almost 1,700 seats distributed on four levels.
Furthermore, according to the program notes (program was for sale at E-Bay), Herbie Jones was not in the band.
Milo van den Assem

*Are we sure it’s a gymnasium? My Portuguese coursebook (Georgetown Univ., Brazilian –based) says ‘gin
ásio’ means ‘junior high school’.
Roger Boyes

Page 25
. In Steven Lasker’s review of Timner's fifth edition of Ellingtonia point 18 has a reference to DE3501d Moonlight Fiesta (Porto Rican Chaos) as C886-2. The New DESOR only shows C886-.
I think a small correction should be made by adding a 2. (See 09/2-4)
Remco Plas

Page 700. The 2 concerts in Brussels - 19:00 and 22:00 on 16nov73 took place in Cine Marni and not in the Palais des Beaux-Arts. What we have is a tape recording of the mix of the two concerts by the BRT [Belgian Radio and Television].
Georges Debroe

Page 1329
. According to Correction-sheet 5009 from Dec04 an addition should be made for CD 0884 and this CD was supposed to be found on Correction-sheet 3022, but it cannot be found.
Brian Koller

You are right. The number 0884 was assigned to Columbia CK-87041, but when we found out that there was no “fresh” selection on this CD, we withdrew the number 0884. Correction-sheet 6000 will be corrected with the first update. Thanks for your attentiveness.

Page 1352
. I suggest that the DVD "On the Road with Duke Ellington" (Docurama, NVG-9502, 2002) be added to The New DESOR discs section. It contains many recordings listed as unreleased per the 1999 New DESOR: sessions 6750-6756, 6759, 6769.
Brian Koller

Good point, but session 6764 and not session 6759 should be in your list. The Rondelet recordings in the documentary are from 11Jul67.

DESOR small corrections

DEMS 09/3-37

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DESOR small corrections 5014

Volume 1 (Corrections December 2009)

220 - Session 5616, July 10, 1956. A more complete list of selections can be found on Correction-sheet 1095 (09/3-5)

524 - Add session 9079, 1Apr69, Interview.
Correction-sheet 1094 (09/3-5)

524 - Add session 9080, 3Apr69, Interview.
Correction-sheet 1094 (09/3-5)

654 - Add session 9081, 10Apr72, Interview.
Correction-sheet 1095 (09/3-5)

663 - Session 7235, 20Jul72. A more complete list of selections can be found on Correction-sheet 1094 (09/3-5)

Volume 2 (Corrections December 2009)

841 - Don’t Get Around Much Anymore. The correct structure of 4352h is: 1°16JH,8BAND&JH,8JH;2°2LB,%. (09/3-2)

1464 - Grayson, “Milt”. Aug 22, 1937 - Sep 3, 2005 (05/3-5)

1487 - Preston, “Eddie”. Sep 5, 1928 - Jun 22, 2009 (09/2-2)

1492 - Shank, “Bud”. May 27, 1926 - Apr 2, 2009 (09/2-1)

1504 - Williams, “Joe”. Dec 12, 1918 - Mar 29, 1999