09/2 August - November 2009
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Columbia Jazz Profiles Duke Ellington
Sony/BMG Jazz 88697298542

DEMS 09/2-7

See DEMS 09/1-37

From an e-mail of 1Mar09 by Brian Priestley to the Duke-LYM list:
“Realising the other day that no one has volunteered a track listing of the Sony/BMG Jazz Profiles compilation of Ellington I put together last year, I now step forward myself with the details:
16. Satin Doll ……….  2.42   1958”

From an e-mail of 28May by Brian Priestley to DEMS and to the Duke-LYM list:
“Your authoritative answer is the one that I would have assumed, but I thought there might be a slight exception concerning one track. Having investigated, I've made an unexpected discovery, but I don't know if someone has made it already.
It occurred to me that the 31Mar58 version of Satin Doll from “Bal Masqué” has definitely been issued without applause - not only because I included it on my Columbia Jazz Profiles compilation last year, but because I knew I'd heard it like this before then.
Now I discover that the applause-less version was (first?) heard on the 3-CD "The Duke" set, subtitled "The Essential Collection 1927-1962" (Columbia C3K 65841) [see DEMS 04/3-36]. However, having now compared them, I find that the one I’ve just identified, issued in 1999 [on “The Essential Collection” CD3, track 8] lasts approximately 3'41". The one on last years single CD [“Columbia Jazz Profiles”, track 16] lasts 2'44".
The longer version not only has a much more extended bass-and-piano dialogue, but two A-sections of the theme at the end. And the shorter one is not just edited down (say, for a single) but is a different take, because Duke plays a few high notes behind the opening A-section, which don't appear on the long version.
Not possessing “Bal Masqué”, I'm wondering which version is included (or is there a third version, as with the title track of “Anatomy Of A Murder”)? And is it possible that, because of general disinterest in the “Bal Masqué” album, this alternate take hasn't been documented before?”
Here ends the quote from Brian’s e-mail.

Since you indicated 1958, I assumed that the final track of the Profiles CD was the 31Mar58 recording (as on “Bal Masqué”). This is the only Columbia recording of that title in 1958.
To figure out which recording of Satin Doll is actually on your Profiles CD on track 16, I had to acquire a copy of the CD first. That took some time.
Track 16 of your Profiles CD is from 19Feb59, New DESOR 5906g.
I also checked the other 15 tracks. It is remarkable but true that track 9 (I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart, 3Mar38) has take -1. This is (apart from the Neatwork release RP 2042, track 23, see DEMS 02/3-19/1) the only issue I know of this take -1 on CD.
Sjef Hoefsmit

From an e-mail by Brian Priestley of 11Jun09:
“The details I gave you (and listed in Bulletin 09/1) are wrong. Because Satin Doll lasts only 2:41, means that the Columbia Jazz Profiles compilation does indeed contain the 19Feb59 (although I was requesting inclusion of the 31Mar58 version on the CD!!)

So your/my track-list is incorrect in respect of Satin Doll.”

Sturgis continued

DEMS 09/2-8

See DEMS 09/1-30

I am trying to locate the music selections that were played by The Duke Ellington Orchestra on the last concert in Sturgis. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Russ Buenteo

See DEMS Bulletin 85/4-8. You can find the Bulletins on
Sjef Hoefsmit

Thank you so very much with your help. I work for the company that manages The Duke Ellington Orchestra. We will be playing a concert in Sturgis that will accompany the unveiling of the plaque at the site of Duke Ellington’s last concert. I would like to re-create some of the music that was played on that night. Once again, thank you for your help of supplying us with some of the titles.
Russ Buenteo