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Gambit Records 69299
Thelonious Monk, trio and quartet
Unissued live at Newport, 1958-59

DEMS 08/3-29

DEMS member Georges Debroe gave us details of this CD with exclusively unreleased material, which is interesting for Ellington collectors, because the last session on this CD was recorded when Thelonious Monk was accompanied by the Ellington Orchestra at Newport on 8Jul62. Russell Procope was ill and replaced by Gene Hull (not Hill as mentioned in the booklet).
Thelonious Monk played first Monk’s Dream, arranged by Billy Strayhorn. This was followed by what in the New DESOR is titled Frère Monk, Duke indeed mentioned that title in his announcement, but not very convincingly. The liner-notes mention as title Ba-Lue-Bolivar-Ba-Lues-Are. I am not a Thelenious Monk expert. I found this title spelled as Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lue-Are as recorded by Monk as his own composition on 23Dec56. I cannot find a recording by Thelonious of Frère Monk, which according to the New DESOR is an Ellington composition, recorded by the band on 13Sep62 (and released on Volume Three of The Private Collection). Comparison of this 13Sep recording with the Newport version doesn’t help me much. These are both Blues structured pieces, but I hear no evident similarity. I think that Duke may have had the intention to play Frère Monk, but that Monk decided differently and played his own “encore”. I also cannot believe that Aaron Bell and Sam Woodyard accompanied Monk. I believe he brought his own people, although I am not able to say who these people were. Is there a Monk expert out there to help me?
The first session on the CD was played by Monk’s trio: Monk, Henry Grimes and Roy Haynes. They played four selections on 7Jul58: Just You, Just Me; Blue Monk; ‘Round Midnight and Well You Needn’t.
Monks Quarter: Monk, Charlie Rouse, Sam Jones and Art Taylor played on 3Jul59: In Walked Bud; Blue Monk; Crepuscule with Nellie; Well, You Needn’t and Rhythm-a-Ning.
A special track is reserved for Ellington’s announcement of Thelonious Monk in 1962. It is complete, however the pauses between Duke’s words have been shortened. Why? There was enough space on the CD.
Sjef Hoefsmit

Original Masters RCA Victor - Columbia  88697302362
Sony & BMG
“The Best of Duke Ellington”

DEMS 08/3-30

See DEMS 08/2-31

A review by Remco Plas was published in the last DEMS Bulletin, but according to an e-mail of 12Aug08 by Don Brown at the Duke-LYM list there is still a demand for knowing all the recording dates and matrix numbers for which DEMS Bulletin is usually the source if the record companies don’t care to supply these data. On this list I have given this time all the matrix numbers also for those recordings from which only one recording on that specific date exists.
I may add to the previously published reviews that the quality of these CDs is amazing. Even if you have all the recordings in your collection on the Classics and the Neatwork CDs (See DEMS 02/1-18/4; 02/2-24/2&3 and 02/3-19/1&2) it is worth considering acquiring this terrific set. The digital sound restoration was done by Harry Coster with an astounding result. The price of the 4 CD box is negligible. (I paid USD 13.60.)
Sjef Hoefsmit

Disc 1

 1. It Don’t Mean a Thing              2Feb32  B11204-A
 2. Lazy Rhapsody                      2Feb32  B11205-A
 3. Blue Tune                          4Feb32  B11223-A
 4. Baby, When You Ain’t There         4Feb32  B11224-A
 5. St. Louis Blues                   11Feb32  B11263-B
 6. Creole Love Call                  11Feb32  B11264-B
 7. Blue Harlem                       16May32  B11839-A
 8. The Sheik of Araby                16May32  B11840-A
 9. Best Wishes                       17May32  B11852-B
10. Blue Ramble                       18May32  B11866-A
11. Clouds in My Heart                18May32  B11867-B
12. Blue Mood                         19Sep32  B12332-A
13. Ducky Wucky                       19Sep32  B12333-A
14. Jazz Cocktail                     21Sep32  B12343-A
15. Lightnin’                         21Sep32  B12344-A
16. Swing Low                         22Sep32  B12346-A
17. Slippery Horn                     17Feb33  B13078-A
18. Drop Me Off in Harlem             17Feb33  B13081-A
19. Happy as the Day Is Long           9May33  B13306-A
20. Get Yourself a New Broom           9May33  B13308-A
21. Bundle of Blues                   16May33  B13337-A
22. Sophisticated Lady                16May33  B13339-A
23. Jive Stomp                        15Aug33  B13801-A
24. Harlem Speaks                     15Aug33  B13802-A
25. Daybreak Express                   4Dec33  77201-1

Disc 2

 1. Ebony Rhapsody                    26Feb34   79093/1&
 2. Ebony Rhapsody - Part 2           26Feb34   79105/1&
 3. Solitude                          12Sep34  B15910-A
 4. Saddest Tale                      12Sep34  B15911-A
 5. Moonlight Fiesta                   5Mar35  B16974-1
 6. In a Sentimental Mood             30Apr35  B17406-1
 7. Showboat Shuffle                  30Apr35  B17407-1
 8. Merry Go Round                    30Apr35  B17408-1
 9. Reminiscing in Tempo              12Sep35  B18072-1
                                      12Sep35  B18073-1
                                      12Sep35  B18074-2
                                      12Sep35  B18075-1
10. I Don’t Know Why I Love You So    20Jan36    1199-1
11. Isn’t Love the Strangest Thing?   27Feb36  B18734-1
12. Clarinet Lament                   27Feb36  B18736-1
13. Echoes of Harlem                  27Feb36  B18737-1
14. Trumpet in Spades                 17Jul36  B19564-1
15. Yearning for Love                 17Jul36  B19565-2
16. In a Jam                          29Jul36  B19626-1
17. Exposition Swing                  29Jul36  B19627-1
18. Uptown Downbeat                   29Jul36  B19628-1
19. Scattin’ at the Kit Kat           21Dec36   L0375-1
20. Black Butterfly                   21Dce36   L0375-1

Disc 3

 1. The New Birmingham Breakdown       5Mar37  M177-1
 2. The New East St. Louis Toodle-O    5Mar37  M178-1
 3. Caravan                           14May37  M470-2
 4. Azure                             14May37  M471-1
 5. Chatterbox                        20Sep37  M646-1
 6. Diminuendo in Blue                20Sep37  M648-1
 7. Crescendo in Blue                 20Sep37  M649-1
 8. Harmony in Harlem                 20Sep37  M650-2
 9. Dusk on the Desert                20Sep37  M651-2
10. Steppin’ into Swing Society       13Jan38  M713-1
11. Prologue to Black and Tan Fantasy 13Jan38  M714-1
12. The New Black and Tan Fantasy     13Jan38  M715-1
13. Ridin’ on a Blue Note              2Feb38  M751-1
14. Lost in Meditation                 2Feb38  M752-1
15. Gal from Joe’s                     2Feb38  M753-1
16. Skrontch                          24Feb38  M771-2
17. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart    3Mar38  M772-2
18. Braggin’ in Brass                  3Mar38  M773-1
19. Carnival in Caroline               3Mar38  M774-1
20. I’m Slappin’ Seventh Avenue       11Apr38  M810-1
21. Dinah’s in a Jam                  11Apr38  M811-1
22. Rose of the Rio Grande             7Jun38  M833-1
23. Pyramid                            7Jun38  M834-1
24. Gypsy Without a Song              20Jun38  M845-1
25. Stevedore’s Serenade              20Jun38  M846-1

Disc 4

 1. Prelude to a Kiss                  9Aug38    M884-1
 2. Hip Chic                           9Aug38    M885-1
 3. Buffet Flat                        9Aug38    M886-1
 4. Jazz Potpourri                    19Dec38    M947-1
 5. T.T. on Toast                     19Dec38    M948-1
 6. Battle of Swing                   19Dec38    M949-2
 7. Blue Light                        22Dec38    M958-2
 8. Old King Dooji                    22Dec38    M959-1
 9. Boy Meets Horn                    22Dec38    M960-1
10. Slap Happy                        22Dec38    M961-1
11. Pussy Willow                      20Mar39    M997-1
12. Subtle Lament                     20Mar39    M998-1
13. Smorgasbord and Schnapps          20Mar39   M1000-1
14. Portrait of a Lion                21Mar39   M1006-2
15. Something To Live For             21Mar39   M1007-1
16. Solid Old Man                     21Mar39   M1008-1
17. Way Low                            6Jun39  WM1032-A
18. Serenade to Sweden                 6Jun39  WM1033-A
19. Bouncing Buoyancy                 28Aug39  WM1062-A
20. The Sergeant Was Shy              28Aug39  WM1063-A
21. Grievin’                          28Aug39  WM1064-A
22. I Never Felt This Way Before      14oct39  WM1092-A
23. Tootin’ Through the Roof          14oct39  WM1094-A
24. Killin’ Myself                    16oct39  WM1106-A
25. Country Gal                       16oct39  WM1108-A

Nimbus CD 2704
Duke Ellington Great Concerts: London & New York 1963-1964

DEMS 08/3-31

I found this double CD advertised on for $ 14.15.
As could be expected this is a re-release of the sessions of 20Feb64 in London (New DESOR 6409; DEMS 97/3-14) and 20May64 in New York (New DESOR 6439), previously released on MusicMasters respectively 65106-2 and 65122-2. The year 1963 has nothing to do with either of these sessions.
If you do not have these recordings in your collection: this is your chance!
Lance Travis

Blue Label SPV 305822 (2008)
Johnny Hodges - Passion Flower - 1940-46

DEMS 08/3-32

This is a re-release of the RCA Bluebird CD from 1995 with catalog number 66616, which [I’m sorry to say] has not been mentioned before in DEMS Bulletin. Better late than never!

 1. Day Dream                           2Nov40
 2. Good Queen Bess            -1       2Nov40
 3. Good Queen Bess            -2       2Nov40
 4. That's the Blues, Old Man           2Nov40
 5. Junior Hop                 -2       2Nov40,
is missing last note
 6. Squaty Roo                          3Jul41
 7. Passion Flower                      3Jul41
 8. Things Ain't What They Used To Be   3Jul41
 9. Going Out the Back Way              3Jul41
10. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore       4May40
11. Blue Goose                         28May40
12. In a Mellotone                      5Sep40
13. Warm Valley                -1       5Sep40
14. After All                          15Feb41
15. The Giddy-Bug Galop                 5Jun41
16. I Got It Bad               -2      26Jun41
17. Clementine                          2Jul41
18. Moon Mist                  -1      21Jan42
19. I Did’t Know About You     -1      28Jul42
20. Come Sunday                        11Dec44
21. Mood To Be Wooed                    4Jan45
22. Rockabye River                      9Jul46

It is true that Warm Valley (track 13) is the rare take -1, but also I Got It Bad (track 16), Moon Mist (track 18) and I Didn’t Know About You (track 19) have the rare takes.


Fresh Sound Records FRS CD 531 (single CD)
“Stepping Into Swing Society”
Mercer Ellington and his Orchestra

DEMS 08/3-33

This CD is a re-release of two Coral LP albums: Coral CRL 57225 with the same title and Coral CRL 57293 titled “Colors in Rhythm”, each album contained 12 tracks. From the first album
3 tracks were recorded on 14Jul58 by Cat Anderson, Harold Baker, Clark Terry, Quentin Jackson, Britt Woodman, John Sanders, Johnny Hodges, Russell Procope, Jimmy Hamilton, Ben Webster, Harry Carney, Billy Strayhorn, Skeeter Best (g), Wendell Marshall and Joe Marshall (dr):
Steppin’ into Swing Society; Black Butterfly and Got My Foot in the Door.
4 Tracks were recorded on 17Jul58 by the same band with a completely different rhythm section:
Jimmy Jones, Carl Lynch (g), George Duvivier and Sam Bailey (dr):
Indelible; Ruint; Frolic Sam and Be Patient.
5 Tracks were recorded on 22Jul58 (according to my discography) by the same band in which Skeeter Best (g) and Wendell Marshall returned in place of Lynch and Duvivier: If You Were in My Place; Gal from Joe’s; Afternoon Moon; Broadway Babe and Yearning for Love. The liner-notes give the date as 20Jul58, but that was a Sunday. Not impossible, but unlikely.
The 12 tracks from the second album, “Colors in Rhythm” were recorded by the same band in which Ben Webster was replaced by Harold Ashby and the rhythm section consisted of Jimmy Jones, Les Spann, Wendell Marshall and Gus Johnson:
On 16Mar59: Little White Lies; Azure; Cherry Pink.
On 18Jul59 (according to my discography 18Mar59): Maroon; Coral Rock; Black and Tan Fantasy; Aqua-Tonic.
On 20Jul59 (according to my discography 20Mar59): Mood Indigo; Dawn of a Greenhorn; Blue Serge; The Moon Was Yellow and Golden Cress.

The same 12 selections of the second LP (but in another order) were previous released on 27Jun03 in Japan, Universal Music. UCCC-9069 COLORS IN RHYTHM [Initial pressing only limited release] mini card board LP replica CD
Milo van den Assem**

Fresh Sound Records FSR CD 532 (double CD)
“The Great Ellingtonians”

DEMS 08/3-34

This double CD is a re-release of three Columbia LP albums: (E) 33SX-1323, titled “Rock Me Gently”; (E) 33SX-1342, titled “Hang in There”; and (E) 33SX-1379, titled “Tenor Stuff”.
The first album was recorded on 16Sep60. Willie Cook, Ed Mullens, Ray Nance, Booty Wood, Paul Gonsalves, Harry Carney, Rollins Griffith (p), Aaron Bell and Sam Woodyard recorded: Rock Me Gently; Mabulaba; Jeepers Creepers and Tree of Hope.
The next day with Fats Ford on the chair of Ed Mullens: Blues for Blokes; Hand Me Down Love; Five O’Clock Drag and Baby Blue.
The second album was recorded on 13Dec60. Harold Baker, Booty Wood, Paul Gonsalves, Johnny Hodges, Ram Ramirez (p), Aaron Bell and Oliver Jackson recorded: Hang in There; New Cambridge Blues; Easin’ down Piccadilly and Ohso.
After Dickie Wells and Vic Dickenson had joined the group, Sir Charles Thomson had replaced Ramirez and Harold Baker had left, the following selections were recorded: Sunday; Snowstorm; Blues in Bones and Our Delight.
The third album was recorded on 5Jan61. Paul Gonsalves (also on guitar*), Harold Ashby, Sir Charles Thompson, Aaron Bell and Jo Jones recorded: Swallowing the Blues*; Out of Nowhere; Midnight Sun and London Broil*. After Ray Nance joined the group: Squeeze Me*; Jeep’s Blues; Blue Skies and You Can Depend on Me.

These 24 selections are possibly on CD for the first time.
Milo van den Assem**