08/2 August-November 2008
Our 30th Year of Publication


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The New DESOR correction-sheets

DEMS 08/2-34

Peter MacHare had the brilliant idea to make PDF files from the Correction-sheets and put them on his web-site.
If you go to the Home page with, you can click on the link titled NDesor and that will bring you to the Correction-sheets. You can also get there directly with
If you have looked at one Correction-sheet and you want to see another one, you can use the back button on the browser. That will bring you back to the list of Correction-sheets where you can choose another one.
This new development has several advantages. The most important one for me is the fact that I no longer have to mail the hard copies to my “customers”. Another advantage is the fact that I no longer have to wait some time before I can publish a new Correction-sheet, because it was not yet filled up.
To manage this new method, I suggest that I number the sheets like this: XXXX/1; XXXX/2 and XXXX/3 until the sheet is full. From that moment on it will have its standard number XXXX.
In cases where there have been made corrections by hand on a Correction-sheet, Peter will mention in the list of sheets that this sheet has been corrected. So if you do not have that corrected sheet, you will know you should look at it.
For my own benefit (to check if a correction might already have been made) I compiled for myself 6000 sheets. On these sheets are the same small corrections as on the 5000 sheets, but this time grouped into one list. These lists can also be of use when someone bought recently a set of New DESOR books and wants to update them. He or she can now work only once through the books from beginning to end. We have decided to publish these 6000 sheets also on depanorama. We might update them each time (each four months, like we do now) or once a year, which seems sufficient.
This time, Aug08, I will mail the sheets to all “customers”. The next time, Dec08, only to those who explicitly ask me to continue sending hard copies.
Sjef Hoefsmit**

Roger Boyes who did the proofreading of our texts couldn’t dig what we were trying to say with these correction-sheets. We promise you, if you go to the entries on Peter MacHares web-site you will not have a problem (assuming that you have the two New DESOR volumes).

Here are the latest additions to the Correction-sheets:


1088   - 9068   Duke’s Big Four       8Jan73   08/1-9
1089/1 - 9069   Hartford intervie     7May71   08/1-6


3029/1 - 6660-6664;9068     Eagle Vision-431   08/1-8&9

         6818              Impro-Jazz IJ-540   08/2-12

The New DESOR corrections

DEMS 08/2-35

We remind you that these corrections are merely suggestions. They are not (yet) accepted by the authors of the New DESOR. Unsigned suggestions were brought in by Hoefsmit.

Page 219. Duke had five trumpeters during the second set on 7Jul56. Herbie Jones was the fifth. See “Backstory in Blue” page 121. The book is reviewed in DEMS 08/2-8.

Page 532. 21Jun69. Typo: RJ(b) should read RJ(d).

Page 1113
. The description of Scattin’ at the Kit Kat for the 1936 recording is not accurate. It is in accordance with the releases on FDC and CBS, but on Franklin Mint is the “complete” version, which includes a 4 bars intro by CW.

Page 1473, Add to Herbie Jones: occasionally 7Jul56.

Page 1476
. John Lamb’s birthday is 29Nov33. See my report of the London Conference on page X.

Page 1486. Oscar Peterson died on 23Dec07. (08/1-1)


DEMS 08/2-36

1. The name is Altrisuoni and not Altrusioni as was twice mentioned in the text of 08/1-32.

2. Morgen and not Morgan

See DEMS 08/1-9

It is a small consideration but Joe Morgen is not Morgan. His was the Jewish (and perhaps German) spelling.
Patricia Willard

3. The New DESOR Correction-sheets

See DEMS 08/1-33

The three Manchester concerts have the numbers 9065, 9066 and 9067 and not 9085, 9086 and 9087

NOTE: typos fixed online pm 24jul08


DESOR small corrections

DEMS 08/2-37

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DESOR small corrections 5013

Volume 1 (Corrections August 2008)

5 - Session 2807. 2807b should be written: Doin’ The New Low Down. (08/1-34)

496 - Session 6818. All titles, except 6818e and 6818f, issued on IJ IJ-540. (08/2-12)

610 - Make a note for session 9069 of 7May71, interview at Bushnell Memorial Auditorium at Hartford. Correction-sheet 1089 (08/1-6)

672 - Session 7253. Delete 7253j. (08/1-9)

675 - Session 7305. Delete the whole session. It is replaced by 9068 on Correction-sheet 1088 (08/1-9)

Volume 2 (Corrections August 2008)

791 - Caravan. Delete 7305h (08/1-9)

792 - Carnegie Blues. Delete 7305b (08/1-9)

814 - Cotton Tail. Delete 7305a (08/1-9)

840 - Doin’ the New Lowdown should be written: Doin’ the New Low Down (08/1-34)

864 - Everything But You. Delete 7305g (08/1-9)

872 - Fourth Movement. The reference number is 9068z instead of 7253j (08/1-9)

978 - Just Squeeze Me. Delete 7305f (08/1-9)

1003 - Love You Madly. Delete 7305e (08/1-9)

1080 - Prelude to a Kiss. Delete 7305d (08/1-9)

1211 - The Hawk Talks. Delete 7305c (08/1-9)

1217 - The Old Circus Train, 6663d. The structure of the first 3 choruses should be read as follows: 1°BAND;2°JHa(t.s.);3°8JHa(t.s.),4SW. (00/2-9)

1235 - Things Ain’t What They Used To be, 6664u. The structure should be read as follows: 1°BAND;pas8BAND&JH;2°8BAND&JH,4BAND;3°BAND;cod4BAND (00/2-9)

1390 - Pablo 2310-703. Change the reference numbers:
track A01, 9068w instead of 7305a;
track A02, 9068j instead of 7305b;
track A03, 9068m instead of 7305c;
track A04, 9068s instead of 7305d;
track B01, 9068y instead of 7305e;
track B02, 9068e instead of 7305f;
track B03, 9068x instead of 7305g.
Add, in the NOTE.
Track A02: 8°-10°chorus are from 9068k.
Track A03: the intro is replaced by 9068n. (08/1-9)

1390 - Pablo 2310-721. Change the reference number: track B04, 9068z instead of 7253j.

Correction-sheet 1068. Delete session 7305 (08/1-9)