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The New DESOR corrections

DEMS 07/3-43

We remind you that these corrections are merely suggestions. They are not (yet) accepted by the authors of the New DESOR. Unsigned suggestions were brought in by Hoefsmit.

Page 220. Time Life Promo New Desor 5615 9jul56
I have this as video copies from two different sources:
- part of Dutch TV "Herinneringen Aan Harleem" with Dutch sub-titles
- part of a German TV with German translatiion spoken over Duke's own talking (which is very off-putting)
Both run for about 4:15 and start with a 1:20 intro Duke narrating a kind of "Mood Indigo Tale".
Following this we have 5615a-e, preceded by a few introductory words to each item by Duke.
Both recordings end with Duke's (very) bright smile concluding Satin Doll.
New Desor has a 2:20 sequence as 5615f entitled "Duke talking about his hits".
I wonder whether 5615f really exist. Alternatively, is 5615f meant to include the above mentioned "Mood Indigo Tale"?
Reading Stratemann page 367 it seems that this tale is part of 5615f, but then it must be placed at the very beginning of the film; not at the end.
Klaus Götting

You are right. Duke's talk is during Mood Indigo and should be placed between 5615a and 5615b.

Pages 259 and 1175 and Correction-sheet 1081. Amsterdam 2Nov58. The description of the opening Take the "A" Train in the second concert should read: (nc)3o4BAND,4RN,4BAND,4RN,16BAND&RN;4o16BAND&RN,cod2BAND.

Page 511. Things Ain't What They Used To Be, claimed to be from 23Sep68, 6851l, as released on the Laser Disc A Vision AMLY-8029 is not from Puebla on 23Sep but from the first concert at the Auditorio Nacionál at Mexico City on 29Sep68. We see the replacement for Jeff Castleman on bass during this number. His name was Jorge Rojas according to Stanley Dance, World of Duke Ellington, page 282 (pahe 273 in UK MacMillan edition, 1971).

Pages 671 and 1423. 23oct72, session 7251. This may be the most insignificant correction imaginable, but it still is one. The number TX11295 does not correspond with what I have found on my LP. I can confirm the numbers mentioned by Klaus Stratemann on page 644. On this LP in the wax are on both sides AL.BROWN P2984 plus on one side the number TX1129A-1 and on the other sideTX1129B-1. The wrong sequence of selections is as mentioned by Klaus Stratemann. This LP, documented both in the New DESOR and in Klaus Stratemann's book, is a souvenir LP for the musicians and other important people.
Two other LPs were "released" from this show. The one which was actually the first "release" is complete and it has the selections in the correct sequence. It is not even mentioned that it was intended to be promotional or a limited edition. On the labels are the numbers XPL 17329 A/B and in the wax are the numbers XPLI 7329A/B.
A third "release" was for promotional purposes for clients of the advertising agency of Timex (Warwick, Welsh & Miller, Inc.) It has no specific numbers on the labels and in the wax are on both sides AL.BROWN and Side # 1 and Side # 2. The selections are in the order as mentioned by Klaus Stratemann. This could have been a dub of the TX1129 release.
Georges Debroe

Page 859. Since we now agree that Francis Williams was the fifth trumpet-player in the 3Jul58 Newport concert (see 07/3-21), I think he should also be mentioned in some of the choruses of 5824m; at least in the introduction, the 6o chorus and in the first 4 bars of the coda.

Page 894. The song Hayfoot Strawfoot recorded by Duke in 1941 [recte 1942] was not a Civil War ditty. The living lyricist Ervin Drake (Good Morning Heartache and It Was a Very Good Morning, recorded by Sinatra) and Paul McGrain wrote the music. The living attorney who was responsible for the copyright on this song is Abe Bein. Ivie Anderson was the singer.
Jed Berman

Are you sure? We have in our files the names of H.Lenk and E.Drake as composers and the name of P.McGrane as lyricist.
Sjef Hoefsmit

I am 100% sure. Ervin Drake is my stepfather and is alive as we speak. Abe Bein is my uncle and is alive as we speak. I am a musician as well. Ervin (he often wrote music and/or the lyrics) wrote the song (he may have had other writers with him, as was sometimes the case.) My Uncle Abe Bein handled the legal copyright etc. on the song. Duke Ellington definitely recorded the song with Ivie Anderson singing.
Jed Berman

George Avakian in a message to the Duke-LYM list of 8Nov2000: "The song title Hayfoot, Strawfoot comes from the words used by U. S. Army drill sergeants in World War I (and perhaps long before) to teach uneducated army recruits how to march properly. Evidently some of the farm boys didn't know left from right, so the sergeants would tie a bit of hay to the left foot, straw to the right. The sequence comes from the fact that all marching begins with the left foot."

Page 1489. Max Roach. In addition to the date of his death that should be added after his name, the date of his birth should be corrected. It was according to Steve Voce's obituary and the "New Grove" 10Jan24 and not 1925. ("Reclams Jazzführer" von Carlo Rohländer und Karl Heinz Holler indicate 1925) (See 07/3-1)


DESOR small corrections

DEMS 07/3-44

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DESOR small corrections 5012

Volume 1 (Corrections December 2007)

XXIV - JIc.Jazz Icons (07/2-7)


163 - 1Sep49, session 4915. Creole Love Call, 4915e delete: Co KG-33341. 4915f add: Co KG-33341 (07/2-24)

166 - 2May50, session 9064. Make a note for the concert in Zürich. Correction-sheet 1084 (07/3-10)

259 - 2Nov58, session 9062. Make a note for the first concert in Amsterdam. Correction-sheet 1081 (07/3-17)

259 - 2Nov58, session 5844. This was the second concert. Delete 5844e, 5844f, 5844g. Add 5844xa Harlem Air-Shaft; 5844xb Sophisticated Lady; 5844xc Jack the Bear; 5844xd You Better Know It. Correction-sheet 1081 (07/3-17)

DESOR small corrections 5013

Volume 1 (Corrections December 2007 continued)

459 - Make a correction in the note about 24Jan67 2nd concert in Stockholm, session 9027 on Correction-sheet 1044. The session number is now 9061 and the Correction-sheet 1083 (07/3-8)

460 - 25Jan67, session 9063. Make a note for the interview in Oslo. Correction-sheet 1083 (07/3-19)

511 - 28Sep68, session 6852. Add 6852xa Satin Doll; 6852xb Take the "A" Train. Correction-sheet 1082 (02/3-11/1)

548 - 10Nov69, session 6958, concert in Köln. Add 7 selections, see Correction-sheet 1082 (07/3-9)

Volume 2 (Corrections December 2007)

XXXVI - Love in My Heart instead of Love's in My Heart (07/1-39)

1057 - Once Upon a Dream. Cottrell instead of Coltrell (07/2-40)

1076 - Portrait of Louis Armstrong, 7058h. Add: , but: cod24CW,2BAND

1157 - St. Louis Blues, 5007s. AMC instead of DBy

1183 - Take the "A" Train - theme, 4209c. Add: int4DE.

1336 - Disc 0251. A04 - Creole Love Call: 4915f instead of 4915e. (07/2-24)

1357 - Disc 0381. Add: NOTE - Track B02: coda is omitted. There is room for this NOTE on page 1358.

1368 - Add: 0912 DVD. Jazz Icons 2.119001, between 0444 and 0445. Correction-sheet 3028. (07/3-17)

1411 - Disc 0671. Add, in the NOTE - Track B05: last 6DE bars omitted.

1421 - Add: 0914 CD. TCB Music SA 43062, between 0728 and 0729. Correction-sheet 3028. (07/3-10)

1430 - Add: 0909 DVD. Video Artists International 4358, between 0772 and 0773. Correction-sheet 3028. (06/2-15)

1430 - Add: 0910 DVD. Video Artists International 4371, between 0909 and 0773. Correction-sheet 3028. (06/3-10)

1439 - Add: Abdul-Rahim, Emmanuel (Latif, Aziz). 20Feb34... congas. Correction-sheet 4001 (04/2-50p473)

1441 - Add: Badia Graells, Miquel. 12Sep26 ... trombone Correction-sheet 4001 (05/3-56p552)

1446 - Brewer, Teresa May 7, 1931 - Oct 17, 2007

1449 - Byas, Don. Delete: St. Louis Blues

1477 - Add: Logan, Marian 1920 - Nov 25, 1993. Stay in the band: occ. for the session of 17Apr68. Correction-sheet 4001. (05/3-15)

1479 - McCain, Alva. Add: St. Louis Blues

1489 - Roach, "Max" Maxwell Jan 10, 1924 - Aug 16, 2007. (07/3-1)

1494 - Add: Smith, Willie "The Lion". 25Nov1897-18Apr73 Correction-sheet 4001 (06/3-4)

1505 - Add: Winfield, Barbara. 9oct32 - 10Aug05. Correction-sheet 4001 (07/1-8)

Correction-sheet 1044. Session 9027 is replaced by session 9061 on Correction-sheet 1083 (07/3-8)


The New DESOR correction-sheets

DEMS 07/3-45


1081 - 9062   Amsterdam 1st concert  2Nov58   07/3-17
       5844   Amsterdam 2nd concert  2Nov58   07/3-17
1082 - 6852   Ciudad De Mexico      28Sep68   02/3-11/1
       6958   Köln 2nd set          10Nov69   07/3-9
1083 - 9061   Stockholm 2nd concert 24Jan67   07/3-8
       9063   Oslo, interview       25Jan67   07/3-19
1084 - 9064   Zürich                 2May50   07/3-10
       If another session can be added to Correction-sheet
       1084, it will be re-printed


2005 - New structure for      Piano Tinkle
       9047                   Tootsie Hill   05/2-20
       9048c&d                 Blues No 23   05/2-30
       9053ae                   Paper Doll   05/3-15
       9053af       Shine On, Harvest Moon   05/3-15
       9060d              Unidentified "S"   06/3-5

Correction-sheet 2005 is waiting for one more correction


3028 - 6433     Video Artists Intern. 4358   06/2-15
       6560     Video Artists Intern. 4371   06/3-10
       5844            Jazz Icons 2.119001   07/3-17
       9064             TBC Music SA 43062   07/3-10


4001 - Richardson, Jerome             6636   04/1-31 p426
       Latif, Aziz      6364g, 6747q, 7343g  04/2-50 p473
       Taylor, Dave                   7034   05/2-37 p1497
       Badia Graells, Miquel          6966   05/3-56 p552
       Chycoski, Arnie                7226   05/3-24
       Logan, Marian                  9053   05/3-15
       Smith, Willie "The Lion"       9058   06/3-4
       Winfield, Barbara              9059   07/1-8

Small corrections
5012 - Two pages with small corrections, assembled August 2006, from page 744 until and including 1489 (see 06/2-52); assembled December 2006, from page IX until and including 1450 (see 06/3-34); assembled April 2007, from page XXII until and including 1497 (see 07/1-49); assembled August 2007 from page XII until and including 1506 (see 07/2-41) and assembled December 2007 from page XXIV until and including 259 (see 07/3- 44).


Typing Errors (and worse than that!)

DEMS 07/3-46

See DEMS 05/3-48

In spite of the fact that I confirmed Anders Asplund's observation that track 12 of the Properbox Intro CD 2046 (Flippant Flurry) was from 1Jul47, I gave the non-existent date of 17Jul47 (in Duke's discography that is). Please make a fresh correction if you accepted my error as being correct. Sorry!
Sjef Hoefsmit

At the very end of this last Bulletin in 2007, I wish you all (readers of DEMS Bulletin) a
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year (the 30st year of publication of Benny's Bulletin).
I hope to see you in May in London!
Sjef Hoefsmit