06/1 April - July 2006
Our 28th Year of Publication.


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The New DESOR corrections

We remind you that these corrections are merely suggestions. They are not (yet) accepted by the authors of the New DESOR. Unsigned suggestions were brought in by Hoefsmit.

DEMS 06/1-33

Pages 166 and 1475. We read in Kurt Dietrich's "Duke's 'Bones" on page 114 about Ted Kelly: "The beginning of the end of Glenn's tenure with Ellington came in 1950, when the band was to go to Europe. According to Raymond Horricks [Gammond p103], talk of a European tour with the full band in early 1950 had hastened [Glenn's departure]. Tyree had visited Europe in 1946 with Don Redman, and in Paris there had been a friendship with a French girl. The trombonist's wife announced that there would be no more European trips for him."
Kurt continued with his own text: "Ellington took trombonist Ted Kelly with him in Glenn's place. Kelly was in Europe for two weeks, returned to the States to marry, and never played with the Ellington band again." [Source was Kurt's interview with Quentin Jackson]
My text: If we take the first day of the trip as the first day that there was a concert (at Cinema Normandie in Le Havre on 5Apr50), the two weeks stay ended around 19Apr50 when the band played in Nancy in the Grand Theatre. We may easily assume that Kelly had gone before the band played in Hamburg on 29May50. The same (but shortened) story is told in Kurt Dietrich's latest book "Jazz 'Bones" p113. It is strange that Ted Kelly's name is now spelled as Kelley. We stick to the name Kelly since we had a letter of his daughter, published in DEMS Bulletin 05/1-20, who signed with the same name.

Pages 174 and XXXVIII
. 8Jun51, DESOR 5114g has Ellington introducing Primping for the Prom. When did it become Primping at the Prom? Our Italian friends use at even for this performance. Shouldn't we not include Primping for the Prom as a subtitle and put between parentheses after Primping at the Prom in session 5114?
Lance Travis**

Page 201
. It seems that John Sanders did not join the band before the end of Feb54 and that George Jean was still in the band on 8Feb54 in Hamilton.

Page 212. I found on the web-site Miles Ahead, Duke as M.C. at the Newport Jazz Festival on 17Jul55, introducing Miles Davis, Zoot Sims, Gerry Mulligan, Thelonious Monk, Percy Heath and Connie Kay. This spoken introduction is not included in the New DESOR and I think it should be. The recording can also be found on the CD Jazz Unlimited JUCD 2050, titled "Miscellaneous Davis, 1955 - 1957". Duke's introduction (of 1'28") can be found as a transcription on
Remco Plas

Page 285. 22Feb60 - New DESOR Session 6003. The correct spelling of the name of the University is Johns Hopkins and not John Hopkins. Also correction-sheet 1040 needs to be corrected.
Remco Plas

Page 407. 16Sep65 - New DESOR Session 6551. Will You Be There?, 6551g is with Jimmy McPhail plus the Herman McCoy Choir.

Page XXXVIII. Add: Shuckin' and Stiffin'…….Cotton Tail

Page 777. 15Sep45 - New DESOR Session 4561
4561c on page 777 has Cat Anderson for the second part of C-Jam Blues. In my opinion this is wrong; the trumpeter this time clearly is Rex Stewart. Cat however comes in later and the two trumpets can be heard during chorus 11°. Thus the description should read:
Jean Portier

Page 1173. 25Aug45 - New DESOR Session 4558
Desor Small Corrections 5011 briefly state in DEMS 05/3-57: page 1173 - Take The "A" Train, 4558j: RS insstead of RN. To ours ears the trumpeter does not sound at all like Rex Stewart; here we have neither Rex nor Ray Nance, but very obviously Taft Jordan.
Jean Portier/Claude Carrière

Page 1460. The discussion on Duke LYM about Jimmy Forrest made me look him up in the New DESOR, and I found (a very small, admittedly) omission in the section about him. After The Greatest There Is there are no details printed, but looking in Section One, "Session", you will find, that it should read: "4915g-h" as he apparently was soloing 8 bars in each of these recordings.
Just for the completist…
Frits Schjøtt

Page 1472. My father George Jean, was born into his musical family 8 Feb 1911, and passed away 9 Feb 2000. He died because of a stroke (cerebral haemorrhage). Most of his life he played trombone, but he was called upon at various times by various bandleaders to play: piano, percussion, brass, and sing and do "skits" with other band members. I remember many of them! Most were quite funny, even to a little boy.
His son: Larry Jean

Page 1486. Åke Persson was also in the band on 10Nov71 in Malmö.

DESOR small corrections

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DEMS 06/1-34

DESOR small corrections 5011

Volume 1 (Corrections April 2006)

XI - Add: ACy…..Arnie Chycoski…..t. (05/3-24)

XVIII - Add: MBG…..Miquell Badia Graells…..tb. (5/3-56)

XVIII - Add: MLg…..Marian Logan… (5/3-15)

XXIII - Add: CDC…..CD Card Company.

XXIII - Add: EV…..Eagle Vision. (05/3-20)

XXIV - Add: JD…..Jazz Door. (05/2-16)

XXIV - Add: JO…..Jazz Oracle. (05/3-49)

XXVI - Add: VV…..View Video. (05/3-19)

5 - 25Jun28, session 2806. Released on CD Jazz Oracle BDW-8047 is Tishomingo Blues take -B, 2806d.
Make also a correction on correction-sheet 1058. Correction-sheet 3024. (05/3-49)

11 - 29oct29, session 2918, add:
2918d  Oklahoma Stomp  unissued  E31372-

254 - 6Aug58, session 5828, personnel. Add:
HC(b.s.,cl.,; TJ(t.) instead of CT(t.fl.)
Columbia recording report.

387 - 12Jan65, session 6502. Released on DVD CD Card Company JCCDVD-001 is 6502h, Jam with Sam. Correction-sheet 3024.

405 - 25Aug65, session 6548.
Make a note: parts of several selections of this session have been released on DVD Eagle Vision EREDV-490. Correction-sheet 3025. (05/3-20)

405 - 26Aug65, session 6549.
Make a note: parts of several selections of this session have been released on DVD Eagle Vision EREDV-490. Correction-sheet 3025. (05/3-20)

407 - 16Sep65, session 6551o:
vcJHe,HMC instead of vcBBr,HMC.
Parts of 6551a, b and c and the complete 6551f, i, j, m, n and o have been released on DVD Eagle Vision EREDV-490. Correction-sheet 3025. (05/3-20)

408 - 20Sep65, sessions 6553 and 6554.
Make a note: parts of several selections of these sessions have been released on DVD Eagle Vision EREDV. Correction-sheet 3025. (05/3-20)

445 - Add session 9054, Los Angeles, 15Nov66.
Correction-sheets 1075. (05/3-15)

497 - Add session 9053, Los Angeles, 17Apr68.
Correction-sheets 1076, 1077, 1078. (05/3-15)

546 - 8Nov69, session 6954.
Released on DVD Jazz Door JD-11023 is 6954k,
Don't Get Around Much Anymore.
Correction-sheet 3024. (05/2-16)

552 - 24Nov69, session 6966. Add, in the personnel:
MBG (tb.). Correction-sheet 4001. (05/3-56 p552)

592 - Aug/Sep70, session 7079. Released on DVD View Video 2319. Correction-sheet 3024. (05/3-19)

596 - Add session 9055, Los Angeles, 15Nov70.
Correction-sheets 1075. (05/3-15)

632 - 3Nov71, session 7170. Released on DVD Jazz Door JD-11023 are 7170d, Happy Reunion; 7170e, Take the "A" Train and 7170m, In Triplicate.
Correction-sheet 3024. (05/2-16)

659 - 22Jun72, session 7226, personnel: Same as 7225,
but TG(tb.) and ME(t.) out. ACy(t.) added.
Correction-sheet 4001. (05/3-24)

696 - 2Nov73, session 7348. Released on DVD Jazz Door JD-11023 are 7348d, Mood Indigo; 7348g, Pitter Panther Patter and 7348j, Mack the Knife.
Correction-sheet 3024. (05/2-16)

Volume 2 (Corrections April 2006)

806 - Come Sunday, 6551o:

890 - Harlem,
6921i, 7007f, 7018v,w,y: HA(cl.) instead of NT(cl.).
6931l: delete the whole description;
add: Same as 6921i, but NT(f.) instead of HA(cl.) on chorus 3°,4°&5°; NT(cl.) instead of HA(cl.) on the remaining choruses.
7147a & 7180d, choruses 3°,4°&5° should be read as follows: 3°I4HM(f.),4HA(cl.);4°I7BAND,1HA(cl.);
7220m, choruses 3°,4°&5° should be read as follows: 3°I4HM(f.),4HA(cl.);4°I7BAND,1HA(cl.);

903 - How High the Moon.
Add: NOTE - Arranged by Dick Vance.

1443 - Bauer, "Billy". Nov 14, 1915 - Jun 17, 2005. (05/3-1)

1444 - Betts, Keter. Jul 22, 1928 - Aug 6, 2005. (05/3-3)

1449 - Byard, "Jaki". Jun 15, 1922 - Feb 11, 1999.

1451 - Add: Chycoski, Arnie    May 7, 1936    trumpet
Stay in the band: occ. for the session of 22Jun72.

1463 - Add: Graells, Miquel Badia    Sep 12, 1926
Stay in the band: occ for the session of 24Nov69.

1464 - Grayson, "Milt". 1937 - Sep 3, 2005. (05/3-5)

1496 - Stone, Freddie. Sep 9, 1935 - Dec 10, 1986.

1502 - Whetsol, Arthur Parker.
Change Whetsol in Whetsel. (02/2-5)
Change 1905 - Jan 5, 1940 in Mar 18, 1905 - May 1, 1940. (05/3-31)


The New DESOR correction-sheets

DEMS 06/1-35


1073 - 3311   NYC                  15Aug33   05/2-12
       6736   Stuttgart             6Mar67   03/2-28 p470
       9047   Chicago              11Aug31   05/2-20

1074 - 9048   Paris                  Mar61   05/2-30
       9049   Los Angeles           5Aug47   05/2-13
       1950   Los Angeles           6Aug47   05/2-13
       1951   Los Angeles           7Aug47   05/2-13

1075 - 1952   Las Vegas         end Dec70   05/1-35
       9054   Los Angeles          15Nov66   05/3-15
       9055   Los Angeles          15Nov70   05/3-15

1076 - 9053   Los Angeles, part 1  17Apr68   05/3-15

1077 - 9053   Los Angeles, part 2  17Apr68   05/3-15

1078 - 9053   Los Angeles, part 3  17Apr68   05/3-15

Correction-sheet 1078 is waiting for more corrections.


2005 - New structure for      Piano Tinkle
       9047                   Tootsie Hill   05/2-20
       9048c&d                 Blues No 23   05/2-30
       9053ae                   Paper Doll   05/3-15
       9053af       Shine On, Harvest Moon   05/3-15

Correction-sheet 2005 is waiting for more corrections.


3023 - 31Jul58/2Sep64       DVD CMB 960092   05/2-17
       The Piano Player Storyville 1018399   05/2-30
       4560/71/61              DETS Vol.12   05/3-45
       9052    Neon Tonic Records NTD 6502   05/1-35

3024   2806d           Jazz Oracle BDW-8047   05/3-49
       6502h        CD Card Comp JCCDVD-001
       7079                View Video 2319   05/3-19
       7348/7170         Jazz Door JD-11023   05/2-16

3025   6548-6551    Eagle Vision EREDV-490   05/3-20


4001 - Richardson, Jerome             6636   04/1-31 p426
       Latif, Aziz     6364g, 6747q, 7343g   04/2-50 p473
       Taylor, Dave                   7034   05/2-37 p1497
       Badia Graells, Miquel          6966   05/3-56 p552
       Chycoski, Arnie                7226   05/3-24
       Logan, Marian                  9053   05/3-15

Correction-sheet 4001 is waiting for more corrections.

Small Corrections

5010 - Two pages with small corrections, assembled April 2005, from page XXII until and including 1487 (see 05/1-39); assembled August 2005, from page 1 until and including 1505 (see 05/2-38) and assembled December 2005, from page XI until and including 317 (see 05/3-57).

See for older Correction–sheets: DEMS 04/1–33, DEMS 04/2-52, DEMS 04/3-52, DEMS 05/1-40 and DEMS 05/2-39


Typing errors:

DEMS 06/1-36

See DEMS 05/3-58. The session numbers of the three sessions after 9049 should have been 9050, 9051 and 9052. Corrections made online 28mar06 - pm.