05/3 December 2005 - March 2006
Our 27th Year of Publication.


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The New DESOR corrections

We remind you that these corrections are merely suggestions. They are not (yet) accepted by the authors of the New DESOR. Unsigned suggestions were brought in by Hoefsmit.

DEMS 05/3-56

Pages 552 and 1441. The Sacred Concert in Barcelona on 24Nov69 (New DESOR 6966) was played with three trombone players. The chair of Åke Persson was taken by Miquel Badia Graells. Miquel was born in Guissona on 12Sep26. He was professor at the Conservatoire Municipale de Musique de Barcelona. He is the author of some books about playing the trombone. He told me that he had only one rehearsal on the same day of the concert with the complete score given to him by Tom Whaley. During the concert he played parts for the first, second and third trombone. I think that he should be mentioned in the New DESOR.
Jordi Navas Ferrer

Page 1137. Someone. I am a little bit confused. Someone on page 1137 of DESOR gives Alone Again as an alternate title. Yet in the recordings DE 4202 it starts off as Someone, then on DE 4205, 4215 and 4355 the title in parentheses following Someone is Blue Again, returning again to Someone on DE 4418.
Lance Travis

Indeed. Something is wrong here. I have understood that in order to be able to assemble a list of recordings of the same tune in Volume II, the authors of the New DESOR had to give each specific tune only one main title in Volume I. In cases where another title, different to this main title, was given to the tune in a broadcast, on a release or in some publication, that other, so-called sub-title, was put between parentheses after the main title. In cases where a sub-title already existed as the main title for a totally different tune, that sub-title was followed by a # sign, to indicate that it was now a sub-title and not the main title.
Blue Again is the main-title of the well-known Dorothy Fields — Jimmy Mc Hugh song which Duke recorded for Victor on 26Nov30. Someone is the title of an Ellington/Strayhorn composition, recorded for Victor on 26Feb42. It received later different sub-titles like Alone Again, You've Got My Heart, The Sky Fell Down and Blue Again.
Thus, each time Blue Again is used as a sub-title for Someone it should be followed by the # sign.
One may wonder how the sub-title Blue Again follows Someone in the New DESOR for the broadcast of 7May42 (4205) since apparently the authors did not have a recording to listen to on that occasion. They may have decided to accept the sub-title Blue Again because Benny Aasland gave in his WaxWorks (1978) a complete rundown of the broadcast of 7May42 (42-4) which included Blue Again (Someone).
Blue Again may have been mentioned by the announcer in the broadcasts of 26Jul42 (4215) before or after the performance of Someone. It is however without any announcement on my tape. Jerry Valburn reported the find of this 26Jul42 broadcast in DEMS Bulletin 85/3-4 and he gave as the opening title Blue Again. That title may have been mentioned on his acetate. The Someone that opened the broadcast of Sep43 (4355) was clearly announced as Blue Again.
I suggest that after the sub-titles Blue Again in the broadcasts of 7May42 (4205) and Sep43 (4355) the # sign should be placed like it has been done in the broadcast of 26Jul42 (4215), and that the sub-title Blue Again with the # sign should be added to the other sub-titles on page 1137 as was done on page 1155 with Pretty Girl #.
The question remains where the sub-titles Alone Again and You've Got My Heart came from. They have apparently never been used for a release or in a broadcast. They have been found on the Recording sheet of New York Studio No.1 Feb.26-1942. The type-writer-written Someone has been cancelled as title and replaced by a hand-written You've Got My Heart per letter Pub 3/17. The title You've Got My Heart has also been deleted. The title ("Alone Again") has been hand-written put after the typed SOMEONE F.T. No Vocal. Actually Alone Again is the only title which was not deleted.
It seems that it took some time to decide if this recording would be released. An almost unreadable remark has been "translated" by a later official (or a researcher) as follows: Do not release until Ellington is ready per letter Abe Olman (?) (Robins) 11/2/43. Another remark says: OK 4/14/44.
In the same session also What Am I Here For was replaced by an unreadable title per letter Robbins Mus Corp 3/19/42. This hand-written title was also deleted but apparently didn't make it into the discographies since it was unreadable. If I had to I would say: Echiopia in Notion.
Sjef Hoefsmit

Page 1159. (See DEMS 05/2-37) We agree with you about the last 8 bars of the 1° chorus of Stomp Look and Listen is CA indeed. But in the 4° chorus, on the other hand, the soloist is certainly TJ.
Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté

Page 1440. Here are some alternative names for Ivie Anderson. She might have used Jones or Smith in early years.
According to the California Death Index, 1940- 1997:
Social Security #: 0
Birth Date: 10 Jul 1904
Birthplace: CALIFORNIA
Death Date: 28 Dec 1949
Mother's Maiden Name: JONES
Father's Surname: SMITH
Arne Neegaart**

I have been unable to locate Ivie's birth certificate. It looks fairly certain that she was born July 10, 1904; not 1905.
Ken Steiner**

Pages 1445 and 1488. (See DEMS 05/2-37) We have found in Stratemann (pag. 171/72) that JR was already in the band in Oct41.
Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté

The date of Jimmie Blanton's departure from the band seems still to be a bit of a mystery. In DEMS 94/1-5 Jerry Valburn wrote: From a recent letter received from Don Manning in Portland, Oregon, I quote: "Incidentally he (Stratemann) erred. Jimmy [sic] Blanton did go to Seattle's Palomar Theatre [15Dec41] as I met him there and got his autograph."
Question remains, did Jimmie actually play during that concert?
Sjef Hoefsmit

DESOR small corrections

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DEMS 05/3-57

DESOR small corrections 5010

Volume 1 (Corrections December 2005)

XI - Delete: AMK…..Al McKibbon…..bass (05/3-2)

XIV - Add: DTy…..Dave Taylor…..tb. (05/2-37p1497)

XXV - Add: NTR…..Neon Tonic Records. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/1-35)

25 - December 34, session 3415. October, 1934 instead of December , 1934. (05/2-41)

61 - 7May42, session 4205. Add the # sign to the subtitle Blue Again. (05/3-Xp1137)

77 - Sep43, session 4355. Add the # sign to the subtitle Blue Again. (05/3-Xp1137)

78 - 8Nov43, session 4359. WMy(b.) instead of WMe(b.)

91 - 17Jan45, session 4504. 4504s/y are issued on DRC DE-4. Correction-sheet 3022. (04/2-45)

261 - 6Nov58, 1st concert, session 5847. 5847g, Sonnet to Hank Cinq, delete: unissued; add: JI CAH-4001, MJ 2MJP-1005.

262 - 6Nov58, 2nd concert, session 5848. 5848i, Sonnet to Hank Cinq, delete: JI CAH-4001, MJ 2MJP-1005.

297 - 3Mar61, session 6103. Delete, in the personnel: but: AB(b.)out; and: AMK(b.)added.
After Tulip or Turnip, delete: AMK(b.); and AB(b.). (05/3-2)

297 - Make a note for the "fresh" session 9048 Mar61. 9048c is issued on Storyville 1018399.
Correction-sheets 1074 and 3023. (05/2-30)

317 - 8Jul62, session 6233. 6233a, Kinda Dukish. Delete: ToE TOLW-3162; add: unissued. (05/2-15)

DESOR small corrections 5011

Volume 1 (Corrections December 2005 continued)

325 - 14Dec62, session 6257. 6257b is issued on Storyville 1018399. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-30)

381 - 1Jul64, session 6451. This session is issued on Storyville 1018399. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-30)

383 - 2Sep64, session 6456.6456i and r are issued on DVD Music Video Distributors,
titled "That Old Black Magic" CMB-960092. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-17)

450 - 28Dec66, session 6690. 6690a is issued on Storyville 1018399. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-30)

470 - 10Mar67, session 6738. This session is issued on Storyville 1018399. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-30)

508 - 11Sep68, session 6847. Add between 6847l and 6847m: 6847xa  Take the "A" Train theme unissued.
Add, in a NOTE — 6847xa    °%,27BAND;2°(nc)30BAND.  (04/3-50)

570 - 27Apr70, session 7034. Replace, in the personnel, MT with DTy. (05/2-37p1497)

571 - 11May70, session 7036. 7036b,c,d,e,g and h are issued on Storyville 1018399. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-30)

598 - Make a note on this page for session 9052. Caesars Palace - Las Vegas - probably end of Dec70.
Correction-sheet 1075. (05/1-35)

600 - 11Feb71, session 7106. 7106v and w are issued on Storyville 1018399. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-30)

604 - 23Feb71, session 7112. 7112o is issued on Storyville 1018399. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-30)

Volume 2 (Corrections December 2005)

XXXIV - BrassiSre should be read Brassière.   ColSre De Turcaret should be read Colère De Turcaret.

XXXV - Add: Flirtation…H'ya Sue. (05/2-13)

XXXVI - Lucky…Caf. Au Lait should be read Café Au Lait.

XXXIX - Add: Too Weary To Worry…Lady Of The Lavender Mist. (05/2-13)

769 - Blues No. 21, 7112o: delete the whole description;
add: int8JBe;1°4JBe,8DE&JBe;2°/4°WBD;pas2WBD&JBe;5°/6°DE;cod14DE,6JBe.

769 - Add: Blues No. 23. Correction-sheets 2005 and 3023. (05/2-30)

832 - Dinah's In A Jam, 3806g: FJ instead of RS; 3809c: FJ instead of RS. (05/2-24)

905 - H'ya Sue. Add: Other title - Flirtation (05/2-13)

925 - Idiom'59 Part III. Add: NOTE - The I theme was written by Billy Strayhorn and originally titled Trials. (05/2-37p925)

965 - Jeep Is Jumpin'. Add: 4558i 1°DE;2°(nc)16BAND;3°JH;4°16BAND,8JR&DE,8BAND;5°16BAND,8BAND&JH,8BAND.

991 - Lady Of The Lavender Mist. Add: Other title - Too Weary To Worry (05/2-13)

1011 - Meander, 7036d: pas6DE instead of pas8DE.

1137 - Someone. Add to the other titles: Blue Again # (05/3-56p1137)

1159 - Stomp, Look And Listen, 4559e. The last 4 bars of the 2° chorus are played by CA instead of RN. (05/2-37p1159)

1173 - Take The "A" Train, 4558j: RS instead of RN.

1349 - Add: 0894 CD. D.E.T.S. 9039012. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/3-45)

1368 - Jazz Information CAH-4001. Track B01 - Sonnet to Hank Cinq: 5847g instead of 5848i. Underline the title.

1386 - Musica Jazz 2MJP-1005. Track A05 - Sonnet to Hank Cinq: 5847g instead of 5848i.

1388 - Add: 0895 CD. Neon Tonic Records NTD-6502-2. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/1-35)

1419 - Add: 0883 CD. Storyville 1018399. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-30)

1423 - Toshiba EMI TOLW-3162. Delete, from track 009, Kinda Dukish (6233a) (05/2-15)

1441 - Bailey, "Benny" Ernest Harold. Aug 13, 1925 - April 2005. (05/2-5)

1472 - Jenkins, "Freddie" instead of "Freddy". Add, on trumpet: Dinah's In A Jam. (05/2-24)

1479 - Delete: McKibbon, "AL" (05/3-2)

1480 - Michelot, Pierre. Mar 3, 1928 - Jul 3, 2005. (05/2-7)

1491 - Rubin, Al. Feb11, 1943 -   (05/2-37p1491)

1497 - Add: Taylor, Dave. Jan 6, 1944. Correction-sheet 4001. (05/2-37p1497)

1497 - Taylor, Malcolm. Stay in the band, delete: occ. for the session of 27Apr70. (05/2-37p1497)

Correction-sheet 1023, 3Mar61, session 6103. Delete, in the personnel: but: AB(b.)out; and: AMK(b.)added.
After Tulip or Turnip, delete: AMK(b.); and AB(b.). (05/3-2)

Correction-sheet 1048, 31Jul58, session 9032. The whole session is issued on DVD Music Video Distributors, titled "That Old Black Magic" CMB-960092. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-17)


The New DESOR correction-sheets

DEMS 05/3-58


1073 - 3311   NYC                  15Aug33   05/2-12
       6736   Stuttgart             6Mar67   03/2-28 p470
       9047   Chicago              11Aug31   05/2-20

1074 - 9048   Paris                  Mar61   05/2-30
       9049   Los Angeles           5Aug47   05/2-13
       9050   Los Angeles           6Aug47   05/2-13
       9051   Los Angeles           7Aug47   05/2-13

1075 - 9052   Las Vegas         end Dec70   05/1-35

Correction-sheet 1075 is waiting for more corrections.


2005 - New structure for      Piano Tinkle
9047                   Tootsie Hill   05/2-20
       9048c&d                Blues No 23

Correction-sheet 2005 is waiting for more corrections.


3023 - 31Jul58/2Sep64       DVD CMB 960092   05/2-17
       The Piano Player Storyville 1018399   05/2-30
       4560/71/61              DETS Vol.12   05/3-45
       9052    Neon Tonic Records NTD 6502   05/1-35


4001 - Richardson, Jerome             6636   04/1-31 p426
       Latif, Aziz     6364g, 6747q, 7343g   04/2-50 p473
       Taylor, Dave                   7034   05/2-37 p1497

Correction-sheet 4001 is waiting for more corrections.

Small Corrections

5010 - Two pages with small corrections, assembled April 2005, from page XXII until and including 1487 (see 05/1-39); assembled August 2005, from page 1 until and including 1505 (see 05/2-38) and assembled December 2005, from page XI until and including 317 (see 05/3-57).

See for older Correction—sheets: DEMS 04/1—33, DEMS 04/2-52, DEMS 04/3-52, DEMS 05/1-40 and DEMS 05/2-39