05/2 August-November 2005
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Corrections to Klaus Stratemann's
"Day by Day - Film by Film"

DEMS 05/2-36

Could this zig-zagging have been possible, via bus or train? 11Aug31, recording session for Brunswick in Chicago (DEMS 01/2-12/2); 13Aug31, Modernistic Ballroom, State Fair Park, Milwaukee, Wisc. (DEMS 05/1-7) and 14Aug31, Oriental Theatre, Chicago (Klaus Stratemann page 48).
Carl Hällström

The trip from Chicago to Milwaukee for a one-nighter was an easy trip.
Ken Steiner

Ken Steiner has the band playing on 6Sep37 at the Coliseum at St. Louis, MO. (See DEMS 05/1-7). Klaus Stratemann gives on page 150 5Sep Modernistic Ballroom, State Fair Park, Milwaukee, Wisc. (two days?). I believe that 6Sep as second day was not possible.
Carl Hällström

I think you are right. The second day should be deleted. But a trip from Milwaukee (5Sep) to St. Louis (6Sep37) could easily be accomplished overnight.
Ken Steiner

Ken Steiner has the band playing on 11oct37 at the Roseland Ballroom in Taunton, MA. (See DEMS 05/1-7). Klaus Stratemann gives on page 150 a gig at the Howard Theatre in Washington from 8oct-14oct37.
Carl Hällström

Can I make a correction to Stratemann? I believe that he was out by one week. Duke was at the Howard from 1-7oct37 according to Duke's Itinerary from Joe Igo.
Sjef Hoefsmit

I believe the 1-7oct37 date for the Howard Theatre, Washington is correct, as the Igo researchers have a citation to the 2oct37 Washington Afro-American.
Ken Steiner

What was the title of the Ellington Columbia LP numbered 967. Was it his first stereo release? Various sources say that Suburban Beauty from 7Aug56 was first released on Columbia 967 and the notes (p6) to the stereo CD of Such Sweet Thunder (Columbia/Legacy CK 65568) add that the Col 967 appeared in 1957 but I can't figure out what it was called. Or what else was on it.
Joe Medjuck

The title of the Columbia LP CL 967 is "Dance, Be Happy!" This was not a stereo LP. This was indeed the first release of Suburban Beauty from 7Aug56. The LP was indeed released in 1957. Suburban Beauty (take -8) is the only Ellington track on this LP.
Sjef Hoefsmit

Thanks. I was curious because Stratemann states on page 365 that Suburban Beauty was first issued on Col 967 which he identified as "Primping for the Prom", but that is the title of a French CBS LP (62993) from 1968 which also contains Suburban Beauty (Side A track 5). I hasten to add that this is one of the few errors I've found in this amazingly well researched volume.
Joe Medjuck

Are you doing corrections to Stratemann? I've got a couple of others.

We are not concentrating on Stratemann, but I think it is a very good idea to publish corrections in DEMS Bulletin. We have published some before, contributed by Steven Lasker. Please go ahead! We have put the corrections in the sequence of the page numbers in Stratemann’s book. Please use these page numbers if you want to make a comment.

What was Columbia LP CL-1765 on which Stratemann says Asphalt Jungle Twist first appeared (page 428)? Is there a source where I can find LPs listed by catalogue number?
Joe Medjuck

This LP was titled "Who's Who in the Swinging Sixties".
Jerry Valburn published in 1986 a "Directory of Duke Ellington's Recordings". He gave the titles of all the selections on the Standard Groove recordings and the seven inch Microgroove recordings. The ten inch and twelve inch Microgroove recordings only show the title of the LP, but no content. I do not think that Jerry's "Directory" is still available, and even if it is, it does not give much information as far as the LPs are concerned.
Sjef Hoefsmit

I am now working on a series of separate books covering all types of Ellington recordings. To combine these categories into one volume would create a large book of approximately 1300 to 1500 pages. Each of these major categories will be covered in a separate book.
Jerry Valburn**

On page 438 there is a picture of EKE, Paul Newman and the director of Paris Blues whom Stratemann identifies as Sidney Lumet. The director of the film was Martin Ritt and this indeed is a photo of him. To the best of my knowledge Sidney Lumet was not involved with Paris Blues. Sidney Lumet is a very famous director — The Pawnbroker, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon etc. — of Martin Ritt's generation, which may account for Stratemann's mistake.
Joe Medjuck

A discussion about the alto saxophonist Gregory Herbert initiated by Michael Palmer on the Duke-LYM list, made me check the quotation from Klaus Stratemann's book (page 491) which claims that Harry Carney was replaced by Gregory Herbert during the stay at the Marine Ballroom at the Steel Pier at Atlantic City from 17 until and including 23Jul64. Klaus gives Variety of 23Sep64 (p86) as the source for the claim that Harry was out of the band for a month [until 17Aug64]. This seems to be wrong, since we hear Harry Carney clearly (and announced by Duke) in Stranger on the Shore as recorded during the stay at the Marine Ballroom and broadcast through the AFRS "One Night Stand" # 6208. This can be checked on the LP Joyce 1077. Variety must have been wrong. At the very least, Gregory Herbert did not replace Harry Carney for the entire stay at the Marine Ballroom.
Sjef Hoefsmit

On page 506 Stratemann says that on 29Apr65 EKE was given a tape of an interview done on 2Sep65. Obviously he means 2Sep64.
Joe Medjuck


The New DESOR corrections

We remind you that these corrections are merely suggestions. They are not (yet) accepted by the authors of the New DESOR. Unsigned suggestions were brought in by Hoefsmit.

DEMS 05/2-37

Page 78. Session 4359. The bassplayer was Ernest Wilson Myers. According to the listing on page XXII his name should be abbreviated as WMy and not as WMe.

Page 110. Session 4558, 25Aug45. Ray Nance was not out. He is credited in the description on page 1173 of Take the "A" Train, 4558j. Either the personnel listing for that broadcast or the description of that recording should be corrected. The trumpet solo in Take the "A" Train does not sound convincingly to me as played by Ray Nance.

Page 571. Session 7036, 11May70. The first "take" of The Spring, 7036a is taken from the same pre-recording on which in 7036b a second piano-line was dubbed. "Take -1" was mentioned in the studio at the start of the dubbing. As far as I know, the "original" single line complete piano take has not been located.

Page 925. "Idiom ’59, Part III". Make a note: Theme I is written by Billy Strayhorn and is titled Trials. (All the rest of "Idiom ’59" is by Ellington.)
David Berger

Page 965 or 966. The description of Jeep is Jumpin’, 4558i is missing.

Page 1088. Riff Staccato. The initial before Orent should read M. According to David Berger, Milton Orent, a friend of Mary Lou Williams, wrote the tune and Mary Lou wrote the score.**

Page 1159. Stomp, Look and Listen, 4559e. I suggest the following description: int8DE,4Band;1°BAND;2°4CA,4RN,4CA,4RN,4CA,4RN,8CA;pas8BAND;

Pages 1445 and 1488. According to Ken Steiner's additions to Duke's Itinerary in Bulletin 05/1-7, Blanton was still in the band on 5Nov41 and if we assume that they did not play together, Raglin came in later, not earlier than 6Nov41. Ken Vail however has Blanton brought into hospital before the gig which started in San Francisco on 5Nov41. Where did you find that Raglin was already in the band in Oct41?

Page 1467. Hardwicke claimed he had met Duke when they both were high-school students. Duke left Armstrong High in 1917. Tucker in "Early Years" (p51) found it unlikely, Hardwicke being only twelve [or thirteen] in 1917. Hardwicke describes a period, around 1918: "we would pile into my Pullman automobile, nicknamed ‘The Dupadilly,’ and Duke would direct us...." Tucker has no remark on this. (Tucker p56) So, has Hardwicke’s year of birth been confirmed?
Arne Neegaard**

Page 1491. I called Alan Rubin who told me that his date of birth is 11Feb43.

Page 1497. From my letter to Dave Taylor: "David Berger gave us your address. We write to you on behalf of the Duke Ellington Music Society. Your name is mentioned in the liner notes of the album "New Orleans Suite" in the personnel listing of the recording session by the Ellington Orchestra on 27Apr70, when five of the nine parts of this suite were recorded plus a single piece, called "REXT". In Ellington's discographies your name is not mentioned. In your place Malcolm Taylor was credited. Although this error is explicable, we strongly suggest that it should be corrected.
Could you be so kind to supply us with the date of your birth? We want your name listed among the other Ellingtonians."
Dave answered: "You honor me with your concern. This is very important for me to help you in any way possible. Please call me. My birth date is : June 6, 1944.
Sincerely, David Taylor"
David Taylor called me. He confirmed that he played with Ellington in a recording session for the New Orleans Suite. I took the opportunity to ask him for the address of Al Rubin who was also in the band on 27Apr70 (and on a few other dates). David told me that Alan Rubin is a dear friend of his and he supplied me with the telephone number of Alan. See correction for page 1491.


DESOR small corrections

These corrections are authorised by Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté.

DEMS 05/2-38

DESOR small corrections 5010

Volume 1 (Corrections August 2005)

1 - Session 2402. Before 2402d, delete "d." in SG(d.,vc.). Add: NOTE – OH plays most properly the C-Melody sax in the last two titles only. (05/1-38)

17 - Make a note for the "fresh" session 9047 before session 3201. This complete "fresh" studio recording from 11Aug31 was presented by Steven Lasker in DEMS 01/2-12/2. Correction-sheet 1073. (05/2-20)

32 - Late June 1937. Session 3714. The whole picture has been issued on Bluebird DVD 82876-60091-2-2. Correction-sheet 3022. (04/3-35)

55 - 28Jan41. Session 4103. The interview (in audio) has been issued on Bluebird DVD 82876-60091-2-2. Correction-sheet 3022. (04/3-35)

56 - Session 4107. A more complete version of the 20Feb41 session was presented in Washington by Steven Lasker on 30Apr99. and is, with the exception of 4107xa, issued on Bluebird CD 82876-60091-2-1. Correction-sheets 1004 and 3022. (99/3-5 and 04/3-35)

65 - Session 4231, 19Nov42. 4231c. Though instead of Thought. (05/1-38)

70 - Session 4321, 6Jun43. 4321a, b, d, g, h and i are issued on Storyville CD 101-8359. Correction-sheet 3017. (02/3-20/2)

71 - Session 4324, 17&19Jun43. The whole picture has been issued on Bluebird DVD 82876-60091-2-2. Correction-sheet 3022. (04/3-35)

97 - 4May45, session 4526 is issued on DETS CD 9039010. Correction-sheet 3020. (04/2-42)

115 - 26Sep45, session 4569 is issued on DETS CD 9039010. Correction-sheet 3020. (04/2-42)

116 - 7oct45, session 4574. 4574g-j are issued on DETS CD 9039011. Correction-sheet 3022. (05/2-28)

116/17 - 10oct45, session 4576 is issued on DETS CD 9039004. Correction-sheet 3013. (01/3-28)

117 - 11oct45, session 4577 is issued on DETS CD 9039007. Correction-sheet 3017. (03/2-23/1)

118 - 18oct45, session 4580 is issued on DETS CD 9039011. Correction-sheet 3022. (05/2-28)

125 - 28Nov45, the whole session 4596 is issued on DETS CD 9039009. Correction-sheet 3019. (04/1-23)

173 - 6Jun51, session 5112 is issued on Dooji Record Club DE-2. Correction-sheet 3020. (04/1-24)

174 - 9Jun51, session 5115. 5115a-f are issued on Dooji Record Club DE-2. Correction-sheet 3020. (04/1-24)

221 - Session 5618, 18Jul56. 5618a. Add, after Bassment: (Hark, the Duke’s Trumpets!) (05/1-38)

239 - 27Jun57, Chelsea Bridge, 5726d, e and f are issued on Verve 559248-2. Correction-sheet 3005. (99/4-22/3)

389/90 - 31Jan65, session 6509. 6509a-aa are issued on Quantum Leap QLDVD-0246. Correction-sheet 3021. (03/2-4)

413 - Session 6603, 23Jan66. Add, after "Same as 6548": , but SMa(d.) instead of LBe(d.). (05/1-38)

441 - 18Aug66, session 6667. Tin Soldier, 6667l is issued on Storyville 1018390. Correction-sheet 3021. (04/2-39)

455 - Session 6703, 14Jan67. 6703cw, Action in Alexandria instead of Johnny Come Lately. (05/1-38)

457/58 - 23Jan67, session 6709. The whole session is issued on Quantum Leap QLDVD-0249. Correction-sheet 3021. (01/2-10)

459 - Sessions 6712 and 6713, 25Jan67. The correct spelling is Njårdhallen. (05/1-38)

460 - Session 6714, 25Jan67. Duke Talking About….Delete: His Host; ad: Fred Lange Nilsen. (05/1-38)

473 - 23Mar67, session 6742. 6742a, b, c, h, m, n, p, q, aa are issued on Storyville 1018390. Correction-sheet 3021. (04/2-39)

474/75 - 4Apr67, session 6747. 6747b, j, n, p, q, v are issued on Storyville 1018390. Correction-sheet 3021. (04/2-39)

542 - 2Nov69, 6946, the whole concert except Summer Samba, 6946m is issued on Quantum Leap QLDVD-0252. Correction-sheet 3019. (03/2-4)

571 - Session 7034, 27Apr70. Delete, after 7034x: WBD(o.)out. (05/1-38)

611 - Session 7132, 18Jun71. On the Correction-sheets 1067 and 5009 (p611), change numbers 7132ax and bx into 7132xa and xb. (05/1-38)

633/34 - 7Nov71, 1st concert, 7171a-m are issued on Quantum Leap DVDUK-0253. Correction-sheet 3018. (03/2-4)

634/35 - 7Nov71, 2nd concert, 7172. The complete concert is issued on Quantum Leap DVDUK-0253. Correction-sheet 3018. (03/2-4)

638 - Session 7180, 14Nov71, is not complete. Correction-sheet 1072. (05/2-14)

660/61 - 8Jul72, session 7229. 7229i-l and 7229 o-r are issued on Lost Secret Records LSR-001. Correction-sheet 3021. (03/1-15/1)

Volume 2 (Corrections August 2005)

XXXV Hark, the Duke’s Trumpets! instead of Hark for the Duke’s Trumpets. (05/1-38)

719 - Action in Alexandria. Add: 6703cw    1°(nc)16DE. (05/1-38)

744 - Bassment. Hark, the Duke’s Trumpets! instead of Hark for the Duke’s Trumpets. (05/1-38)

814 - Cotton Tail, 7180l. Delete the whole description; add: Same as 7160j, but: cod9PG,1BAND. (05/2-14)

969 - Johnny Come Lately. Delete 6703cw. (05/1-38)

975 - Just as Thought You Were Here should be read Just as Though You Were Here. (05/1-38)

988 - La Plus Belle Africaine, 7180i. Delete: 17°/19°IDE-JBe; add: 17°/18°IJBe. (05/2-14)

1148 - Sophisticated Lady, 7180k. Delete the whole description; add: Same as 6538i. (05/2-14)

1223 - The Shepherd. The description of 6658d is actually from 6658b; the description of 6658b is actually from 6658c; the description of 6658c is actually from 6658d. (05/1-11)

1249 - Make a note to go to Correction-sheet 2005 for the title Tootsie Hill. (01/2-12/2 and 05/2-20)

1313 - Add: 0887 CD. Bluebird 82876-55614-2. Correction-sheet 3022. (03/3-22/2)

1313 - Add: 0889 CD. Bluebird 82876-60091-2-1. Correction-sheet 3022. (04/3-35)

1313 - Add: 0890 DVD. Bluebird 82876-60091-2-2. Correction-sheet 3022. (04/3-35)

1349 - Add: 0892 CD. D.E.T.S. 9039011. Correction-sheet 3022. (05/2-28)

1352 - Add: 0888 CD. Dooji Record Club DE-4. Correction-sheet 3022. (04/2-45)

1387 - Add: 0891 DVD. Music Video Distributors CMB-960092. Correction-sheet 3023. (05/2-17)

1406 - Item 0642. Add in the NOTE: Track A04: 1°ABa;pas2DE,4RP(cl.);2°30RP(cl.),4BAND;pas2DE; omitted. Track B04: from last 2 bars before the chorus nine until the end omitted. (05/1-10)

1419 - Add: 0868 CD. Storyville 8324, between 0721 and 0722. Correction-sheet 3018. (03/2-27/1)

1493 - Short, "Bobby". Sep 15, 1926 - Mar 21, 2005. (05/1-2)

1505 - Woode, "Jimmy". Sep 23, 1928 - Apr 23, 2005. (05/2-2)

Correction-sheet 1004, session 4107. The whole session, with the exception of 4107xa, is issued on Bluebird CD 82876-60091-2-1. Correction-sheet 3022. (04/3-35)


The New DESOR correction-sheets

DEMS 05/2-39


1072 - 7180   Barcelona          14Nov71   05/2-14
1073 - 9047   Chicago            11Aug31   05/2-20

Correction-sheet 1073 is waiting for more corrections.



2005 - New structure for    Piano Tinkle
       9047                 Tootsie Hill   05/2-20

Correction-sheet 2005 is waiting for more corrections.



3022 - Blues in Orbit      Columbia CK-87041   04/3-30
This addition has been dropped. This re-release does not contain "fresh" recordings.
Track 360, 5804xp (Correction-sheet1007) was previously released on Franklin Mint FMRS (FM-4001/02).
This correction has been published in 04/3-51p247.

       Far East Suite   Bluebird 82876-55614   03/3-22/2
       Progr. Transcr.    Dooji R. Club DE-4   04/2-45
       Cent.Collect.Bluebird   82876-60091-1   04/3-35
       Cent.Collect.Bluebird   82876-60091-2   04/3-35
       4558/74/59/80             DETS Vol.11   05/2-28

3023 - 31Jul58/2Sep64         DVD CMB 960092   05/2-17

Correction-sheet 3023 is waiting for more corrections.



DEMS 05/2-40

At the end of the second paragraph you find: "(See "Harry Rasker Interview" in 04/2/15)." This should read "(See "Harry Rasky Interview" in 04/2-15)."

05/1-7. Between 14oct to 20oct33 and 21oct to 27oct33, at the end of the paragraph starting with Exact date uncertain, oct33 you find "3Nov31 has been given incorrectly for this event". This should read: "3Nov33 has been given incorrectly for this event".
At 18Jun41 it is said: "After closing night of the four-week engagement at the Trianon:" This should read: "After closing night at the Trianon:"

05/1-20. At the start of the article you find "See DEMS 03/1-10/1". This should read "See DEMS 01/3-10/1".

05/1-38. Page 221. The title should be corrected from Hark For Duke’s Trumpets into Hark, the Duke’s Trumpets! on pages XXXV [and not IIIV] and 744.**


Corrections made online 19jul05 by pm.