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Part 3. New Releases

Disky HR 248472 – 5 CD set – Duke Ellington – Cotton Club Stomp

03/3 DEMS 21/1

The following list is taken from Jerry Valburn's manuscript of his updated "Duke Ellington on Compact Disc" in preparation. The numbers at the end of each line represent the CD number and the track number of the same recording on the Disky 3 CD set (see DEMS 03/1-19/1). Only the recordings from which an alternate take does exist (all titles followed by -1, -2, -3 or -A) have been checked.
In case you detect an error in this list, please let us know.
Some errors have been found in the list of the 3 CD set:
The dates for East St. Louis Toodle-O; Black and Tan Fantasy and Jubilee Stomp on the 3 CD set, CD 1, tracks 4; 5 and 11 should read respectively: 19Dec27; 26oct27 and 19Jan28.
CD 2 of the 3 CD set, track 5, Merry Go Round, is not from 15Feb33, but from 30Apr35.
Same CD, track 15, The Gal from Joe's is take -2, not -1.
Same CD, track 16, Prelude to a Kiss, is take -2, not -1.
Lance Travis

CD 1
 1.    26oct27   Black and Tan Fantasy               1.5
 2.    26oct27   Creole Love Call                    1.6
 3.    26oct27   The Blues I Love To Sing -1       p;  1.2
 4.    19Dec27   East St. Louis Toodle-O             1.4
 5.    19Dec27   Blue Bubbles -1
 6.    19Jan28   Take It Easy                        1.9
 7.    19Jan28   Jubilee Stomp                       1.11
 8.    26Mar28   Black Beauty                        1.12
 9.    10Jul28   Diga Diga Do                        1.7
10.     1oct28   Move Over                           1.10
11.     1oct28   Hot and Bothered                    1.3
12.     1oct28   The Mooche                          1.8
13.     2oct28   Awful Sad
14.    16Jan29   Flaming Youth -2
15.    16Jan29   Saturday Night Function
16.     1Mar29   Rent Party Blues
17.     7Mar29   Stevedore Stomp
18.     3May29   Cotton Club Stomp                   1.13
19.     3May29   Misty Mornin'                       1.14
20.     3May29   Saratoga Swing
21.    13Sep29   Jazz Convulsions
22.    26Aug30   Ring dem Bells                      1.15
23.    10Dec30   Mood Indigo                         1.16

CD 2
 1.    14Jan31   Rockin' in Rhythm                   1.17
 2.    11Jun31   Creole Rhapsody                     1.18
 3.     2Feb32   It Don't Mean a Thing               1.19
 4.    18May32   Blue Ramble -A       p;               1.20
 5.    15Feb33   Sophisticated Lady -2       p;        1.22
 6.    18May32   Slippery Horn                       1.1
 7.    17Feb33   Drop Me Off in Harlem -A       p;     1.21
 8.    16May33   Bundle of Blues -A
 9.    13Jul33   Hyde Park
10.    15Aug33   Harlem Speaks -A
11.    15Aug33   In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree  2.2
12.     9Jan34   Stompy Jones                        2.3
13.    10Jan34   Solitude                            2.4
14.    30Apr35   In a Sentimental Mood               2.6
15.    30Apr35   Showboat Shuffle                    2.7
16.    30Apr35   Merry Go Round -1       p;            2.5
17.    27Feb36   Clarinet Lament                     2.8
18.    27Feb36   Echoes of Harlem                    2.9
19.    28Feb36   Kissin' My Baby Goodnight           2.10
20.    17Jul36   Trumpet in Spades

Note: From track 7, Drop Me Off in Harlem, 7 seconds are deleted between 1:42 and 1:49 on both CD sets.

CD 3
 1.    14May37   Caravan                             2.11
 2.    14May37   Azure                               2.12
 3.    20Sep37   Diminuendo in Blue -1
 4.    20Sep37   Crescendo in Blue -1
 5.    20Sep37   Harmony in Harlem -2       p;         2.13
 6.     2Feb38   Riding on a Blue Note -1       p;     2.17
 7.     2Feb38   Lost in Meditation
 8.     2Feb38   The Gal from Joe's -1       p;        2.15
 9.     3Mar38   I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart -2  2.14
10.    11Apr38   I'm Slappin' Seventh Avenue         2.18
11.    11Apr38   Dinah's in a Jam
12.    22Jun38   Pyramid
13.    20Jun38   Gypsy Without a Song                2.19
14.     9Aug38   Prelude to a Kiss -1       p;         2.16
15.    19Dec38   Battle of Swing -2
16.    22Dec38   Boy Meets Horn                      2.20
17.    20Mar39   Subtle Lament -1
18.    21Mar39   Portrait of the Lion -1
19.    28Aug39   The Sergeant Was Shy
20.    14oct39   Grievin'
21.    16oct39   Country Gal                         2.21
22.    14Feb40   Stormy Weather                      2.1
23.     6Mar40   Jack the Bear                       2.22
24.     6Mar40   Ko-Ko -2       p;                     3.1

CD 4
 1.     6Mar40   Morning Glory                       3.4
 2.    15Mar40   Conga Brava                         3.5
 3.    15Mar40   Concerto for Cootie                 3.18
 4.    15Mar40   Me and You                          3.6
 5.     4May40   Cotton Tail                         3.7
 6.     4May40   Never No Lament                      3.15
 7.    28May40   Dusk -1       p;                      3.8
 8.    28May40   Bojangles                           3.17
 9.    28May40   A Portrait of Bert Williams
10.    28May40   Blue Goose
11.    22Jul40   Harlem Air-Shaft
12.    22Jul40   At a Dixie Roadside Diner           3.2
13.    22Jul40   All Too Soon
14.    22Jul40   Rumpus in Richmond
15.    24Jul40   Sepia Panorama -1       p;            3.3
16.     5Sep40   In a Mellow Tone                    3.9
17.    17oct40   Warm Valley -3
18.    28oct40   Across the Track Blues -1
19.    28Dec40   Side Walks of New York
20.    15Feb41   Take the "A" Train                  3.10
21.    15Feb41   Blue Serge                          3.14
22.     5Jun41   Just A-Settin' and A-Rockin'

CD 5
 1.    26Jun41   I Got It Bad -1       p;              3.11
 2.     2Dec41   Chelsea Bridge                      3.12
 3.    21Jan42   Perdido -1       p;                   3.16
 4.    21Jan42   C-Jam Blues                         3.13
 5.    26Jun42   Main Stem                           3.19
 6.     1Dec44   I'm Beginning To See the Light -2   3.20
                 (Work Song, Come Sunday
                     The Blues, Three Dances)
 8.     9Jul46   Transblucency                       3.21
 9.    10Dec48   The Tattooed Bride
10.    13Nov48   Brown Betty                         3.22
11.    13Nov48   Hy'a Sue


Storyville 101 8346 Duke Ellington at the Hollywood Empire

03/3 DEMS 21/2

10Feb49, "Jubilee" #336
Solid Old Man; Singin' in the Rain; Three Cent Stomp; Tulip or Turnip; Take the "A" Train.

Feb49, "Just Jazz" #46
H'ya Sue; C-Jam Blues; Passion Flower; Clementine; Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'; One O'Clock Jump (not complete)

Feb49, "Jubilee" #361
Unbooted Character; Paradise; How You Sound; It's Monday Every Day; Caravan; Cotton Tail.

This CD is scheduled to appear at Xmas time in Europe.
Carl Hällström


Association of Recorded Music BCCD 469 – Made in Canada for BCI Music – Hall of Fame – Duke Ellington – Swingin'

03/3 DEMS 22/1

BCI stands for Brentwood Communications, Inc. I found this CD in a bookstore in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It was produced in 1999 and has almost 41 minutes of music.
Here are the titles:

 1.      6Mar40       Ko-Ko -2
 2.      6oct47       Maybe I Should Change My Ways -2
 3.      1Dec44       I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues
 4.     30Jul45       Things Ain't What They Used To Be
 5.     26Aug46       Blue Is the Night
 6.      3Sep46       Midriff (mistitled as Bakiff)
 7.      2Apr58       Body and Soul
 8.     31May64       Satin Doll
 9.     17Jul46       The Mooche
10.    28Mar46       Take the "A" Train (long version, 4609n)
11.     16Jul46       One O'Clock Jump

Lloyd Mair


RCA Bluebird 82876-55614-2 – Duke Ellington's Far East Suite

03/3 DEMS 22/2

According to the track listing at CD Universe for the new Bluebird reissue of "The Far East Suite", five alternative takes are included that were not previously included in the 24 disk RCA Centennial edition. That massive album, subtitled "The Complete RCA Victor Recordings, (1927-1973)," appears, in turn, to have two alternative takes that are not included in the new Bluebird set:
Tourist Point of View, take -5 and Amad, take -5.

The new Bluebird has, in addition to the original album's nine tracks the following seven takes:

Tourist Point of View, take -4
    (the Centennial edition's alternate is take -5)
Amad, take -7
    (the Centennial edition's alternate is take -5)
Isfahan, take -2 (not take -22 as wrongly in the liner notes)
    (is also in the Centennial edition)
Depk, take -15
    (no alternate in the Centennial edition)
Mount Harissa, take -4
    (no alternate in the Centennial edition)
Bluebird of Delhi, take -8
    (is also in the Centennial edition)
Bluebird of Delhi, take -9
    (the Centennial edition's alternate is take -8)

Lee Farley

The original 9 tracks of the first LP (RCA LPM-3782) and the first CD (Bluebird ND 87640) are identical.
The "original" 9 tracks on the (13 track) Centennial edition are the same as on the (13 track) "Special Mix" CD (Bluebird 07863-66551-2). However, they are different from the original 9 tracks on the first LP and CD releases.
The most important difference was reported by Damon Short in DEMS Bulletin 99/3-17/2: the connection between take -2 and (the insert) take -4 at the end of "Ad Lib on Nippon" was different. I was rather surprised to find out that the latest (16 track) Bluebird CD has the same 9 original tracks as on the first LP and CD and not (as could be expected) the same 9 original tracks as on the (13 track) "Special Mix" CD.
In addition, other minor differences indicate that we have no "special mix" this time: on the 16 track CD, track 1 is a bit longer; track 2 ends with two beats on the bass instead of one and the final note of track 4 lasts longer.

The record of re-releases with each time a bit more music is still in the hands of Blue Note for the series of 4 "Money Jungle" releases (2 LPs and 2 CDs). We hope that BMG will try to challenge that record. There may still be more material to make us happy with, in spite of our frustration for having to spend a lot of money to keep our collections complete.

SH was (as always) very satisfied with the smooth service of WorldsRecords, who has this CD in its catalogue under number 55614.

Bill Morton and SH


Columbia (F) SMM 5096162 (2003) – Duke Ellington 1952 - 1960

03/3 DEMS 22/3

 1.  7Jul56   Take the "A" Train      Ellington at Newport
 2.  7Jul56   Sophisticated Lady      Ellington at Newport
 3.  1Jul52   Perdido                 Ellington Uptown
 4.  1oct57   Prelude to a Kiss       Duke Ellington Indigos
 5.  2Dec59   C-Jam Blues             Blues in Orbit
 6.  9Sep57   Mood Indigo             Duke Ellington Indigos
 7.  1Jul52   The Mooche              Ellington Uptown
 8. 31Mar58   Satin Doll              DE at the Bal Masqué
 9. 14oct57   Solitude                Duke Ellington Indigos
10. 29Jun60   What Am I Here For?     Piano in the Background
11.  7Jul56   I Got It Bad            Ellington at Newport
12.  7Jul56   Skin Deep               Ellington at Newport

Track 6, Mood Indigo, is the third take, 5735f.

Track 10, What Am I Here For? was subtitled on the back card as Ezekial [sic] in the Valley. We have never heard of this (sub)title. The only subtitle of What Am I Here For? we have heard of is Etiophian Notion.

Track 11, I Got It Bad, is the repaired version. See DEMS 99/4-17.

The CD has 61:30 of familiar music.

Lance Travis


RCA Bluebirds Best Series – 82876 514422-2 – Duke Ellington – "Jazz Caravan"

03/3 DEMS 22/4

I found a copy of this CD. It contains the selections as mentioned by Steve Voce in DEMS 02/3-21/3.
It is produced in the EU and issued this year. It has a different catalogue number though.

Lance Travis


SAGA Sagapan (2003) – Duke's Singing Ladies – Sagajazz # 26 (of a series of 50)

03/3 DEMS 22/5

Claude Carrière, the producer co-responsible for the Dreyfus-CD's, selected 24 tracks for this new CD.
This is nr. 26 in a (first) series of 50, with good sound quality, liner notes by Claude Carrière, all relevant recording information, 70+ minutes for 8,25 - in Amsterdam.
All tracks on this CD are pre-1953, copyright-free in Europe. (

 1.  8Jun37   All God's Chillun Got Rhythm M 520-1       Ivie Anderson
 2. 22Dec47   On a Turquoise Cloud                           Kay Davis
 3. 13Aug52   Take the 'A' Train                           Betty Roché
 4.  1Dec44   I'm Beginning To See the Light -2       p;   Joya Sherrill
 5. 12May45   I Don't Mind                             Maria Ellington
 6. 14May45   It Don't Mean a Thing                Maria, Joya and Kay
 7. 14Nov47   Take Love Easy -1       p;                  Dolores Parker
 8.  3Sep46   St. Louis Blues                               Marion Cox
 9. 20Nov50   Love You Madly                            Yvonne Lanauze
10.  3May51   Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me        Thelma Carpenter
11. 17Jan45   I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me  Anita O'Day
12. 22Dec49   On the Sunny Side of the Street                Lu Elliot
13. 21Sep50   Juke Bop Boogie                              Chubby Kemp
14.   Dec34   Big City Blues (Saddest Tale)             Billie Holiday
15. 22Dec32   I Can't Give You Anything But Love -A       p;Ethel Waters
16. 21Dec32   Baby! -A       p;                            Adelaide Hall
17. 10Jan27   If You Can't Hold the Man You Love          Evelyn Preer
18.  1oct28   The Mooche                                      Baby Cox
19.  9May34   Troubled Waters -2       p;                  Ivie Anderson
20. 21Mar39   Something To Live For                      Jean Eldridge
21. 16Jun37   If You're Ever in My Arms Again -1       p;   Sue Mitchell
22.  4Apr38   Swingtime in Honolulu                       Jerry Kruger
23. 22Jun38   Lost in Meditation -2       p;                 Mary McHugh
24. 14Feb40   Solitude                                   Ivie Anderson

A great collection, and if you don't like the singer, enjoy the song, and most of all, the band. But who could resist Ivie, Adelaide, Billie? Or not be taken by surprise by Chubby Kemp's All Stars?

Loek Hopstaken




Sackville SKCD2-2056 – Ben Webster & Teddy Wilson

03/3 DEMS 23/1

I found this CD, which is not mentioned in the Langhorn & Sjøgren discography, in John Norris's Sackville Catalogue.
The first set of six selections was played by Teddy Wilson with Isla Ecklinger (b) and Peter Giger (d) at the "National" in Bern, Switzerland on 1May70: Stompin' at the Savoy (incorrectly titled Don't Be That Way); I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling & Ain't Misbehavin'; Honeysuckle Rose; Shiny Stockings; Take the "A" Train; Flying Home.

Teddy, Isla and Peter were joined by Ben in the following five selections: In a Mellow Tone; Stardust; Ben's Blues; I Can’t Give You Anything But Love; Sunday.

For Teddy Wilson and/or Ben Webster fans a must! For other lovers of good music: highly recommended!

John Norris can be contacted at Sackville Recordings, Box 1002, Station O, Toronto, Ont., Canada M4A 2N4. Phone/Fax: (416) 465-9093)


Green Hill GHCD 5051 – A Tribute to Duke Ellington

03/3 DEMS 23/2

The long vanished LP on "Crown" and "Bright Orange," by a swinging big band of Los Angeles musicians, recorded on 13/14Jan60, entitled "Compositions of Duke Ellington," is now, nicely re-mastered, available on the Web Site <> or by telephone: 1-800-972-5900 or 1-800-200-4656.

The band, directed by Maxwell Davis, included Conte Candoli, Ray Linn, Al Porcino, Jake Porter (t); Juan Tizol, Lloyd Elliott, Jimmy Henderson, Dick Noel, Tommy Pederson (tb); Mahlon Clark, Jewell Grant, Bumps Meyers, Ben Webster (reeds); Bill Hood, Jimmy Rowles (p); Al Hendrickson (g); Red Callender/Curtis Counce (b); Mel Lewis/Jackie Mills (d); B.B.King (vc).

These are the selections: Take the "A" Train; Cotton Tail; Solitude; Jeep's Blues; Jack the Bear; Mood Indigo; Main Stem; Sophisticated Lady; Don't Get Around Much Anymore; East Side, West Side (= The Sidewalks of New York).

Ben Webster does a creditable reworking of his solo on Cotton Tail, and can be heard briefly on Jack The Bear.
It is likely Jewel Grant who takes the Johnny Hodges solo on Jeep's Blues. I hear his work also on Don't Get Around Much Anymore.

The clarity and fidelity of the Green Hill CD would indicate that the original stereo master tapes were acquired from their owners. The Bihari brothers did some important recording during their years with "Modern," "Crown," "Bright Orange," etc., and it is odd that so very little has been written about them.

Irv Jacobs


Cat and Clark

03/3 DEMS 23/3

Just a brief note regarding a really splendid concert performance on the Long Player "Schweizerischer P 19841." by just Anderson and Terry, accompanied by a rhythm section. The opener West End Blues is wonderful!
Question: Is this performance currently available on Compact Disc? (It should be!).
Irv Jacobs**


Ocium OCM 0036 – Louie Bellson – Sticks on Fire

03/3 DEMS 23/4

NYC 17Apr Mercer

Cat Anderson, Juan Tizol, Willie Smith, Paul Gonsalves, Billy Strayhorn, Wendell Marshall, Louie Bellson.

 1. Night Walk                  4029
 2. Moonlight Fiesta            4030
 3. She                         4031
 4. The Happening               4032

NYC 10May51 Columbia

Harold Baker, Nelson Williams, Andres Marenguito, Cat Anderson, Ray Nance, Quentin Jackson, Britt Woodman, Juan Tizol, Jimmy Hamilton, Willie Smith, Russell Procope, Paul Gonsalves, Harry Carney, Duke Ellington, Wendell Marshall, Louie Bellson.

 5. The Hawk Talks              45815

NYC 18May51 Mercer

Quentin Jackson, Britt Woodman, Juan Tizol, Willie Smith, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Wendell Marshall, Louie Bellson.

 6. Swamp Drum                   4033
 7. Sultry Serenade              4034
 8. Indian Summer                4035
 9. Britt - and - Butter Blues   4036

NYC 1Jun51 Mercer

Juan Tizol, Willie Smith, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Wendell Marshall, Louie Bellson.

10. Caravan                      4039

NYC 19Jun51 Mercer

Juan Tizol, Willie Smith, Jimmy Hamilton, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Wendell Marshall, Louie Bellson.

11. Alternate                    4040
12. Hoppin' John                 4041
13. Jumpin' with Symphony Sid     4042

Los Angeles Feb52 Capitol

Clark Terry, Juan Tizol, John Graas, Willie Smith, Wardell Gray, Harry Carney, Billy Strayhorn, Wendell Marshall, Louie Bellson.

14. Jeep Is Jumpin'              9939
15. Passion Flower               9940
16. Johnny Come Lately           9941
17. Sticks                       9942
18. Punkin'                      9943
19. Eyes                         9944
20. Rainbow                      9945
21. Shadows                      9946

Los Angeles Sep53 Verve

Harry "Sweets" Edison, Maynard Ferguson, Ray Linn, Conrad Gozzo, Herbie Haper, Hoyt Bohannon, Tommy Pederson, Benny Carter, Willie Smith, Wardell Gray, Bumps Myers, Bob Lawson, Jimmy Rowles, Barney Kessel, John Simmons, Louie Bellson.

22. Claxton Hall Swing           1250
23. For Europeans Only           1251
24. Phalanges                    1252
25. Skin Deep                    1253

76 minutes of great music!

Track 2 is the long version as on Me 1967 (5104b).

There are some different opinions about who the piano-player was in the 18May51 session. The liner-notes and Timner claim that tracks 6 and 9 are played by Strayhorn. The New DESOR claims that it was in both cases Ellington. I am not sure about track 6, but I am convinced that Ellington played in track 9.

I found this very welcome addition to my Ellingtonia collection in the Aug03 catalogue of WorldsRecords, item code: 49742 for $15.- (See for address DEMS 02/3-15/3).

This is a so called MultiMedia CD-ROM. It can be played on a regular CD player and it can also be put in a PC to read the liner-notes and to listen to music. SH


Chiaroscuro CR(D)352 – The floating Jazz Festival Trio – with Joe Temperley

03/3 DEMS 24/1

This CD has Joe Temperley, Junior Mance, Keter Betts and Jackie Williams.

In a Sentimental Mood; Single Petal of a Rose / Sunset and the Mocking Bird; In a Mellotone; Creole Love Call; Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me; Jeep's Blues.

It is superb. Not only is it a marvellous CD, but I had the great good fortune to be on the S/S Norway in October 1996 in the Caribbean Sea when the recordings were made over the course of a week - you can probably hear me clapping! The whhole thing is splendid, and it is invidious to pick out particular tracks, but the 20 minute Single Petal of a Rose / Sunset and the Mocking Bird is to die for. Buy it. You won't be disappointed.
Bill Bailey

I have located the CD in the catalogue of WorldsRecords # 21713 for $ 15.- (02/3-15/3). I ordered one and I have played it several times since I received my copy. I am indeed not disappointed, Bill.


Columbia CK 53145 (1992) – "Portraits by Ellington" – LCJO & Wynton Marsalis & David Berger

03/3 DEMS 24/2

Portrait of Louis Armstrong; Thanks for the Beautiful Land of the Delta; Portrait of Bert Williams; Bojangles; Self Portrait of the Bean; Second Line; Total Jazz; Liberian Suite.
Loek Hopstaken

I have this Berger's Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra CD; if you don't have this, you are missing out.
Stan Slome


Dreyfus Jazz FDM 36744-2 – Django Reinhardt – Souvenirs

03/3 DEMS 24/3

The Ellington tracks were recorded in Chicago, 10Nov46:

 18.  Ride Red Ride (L. Millinder - I. Mills)
 19.  A Blues Riff  (D. Ellington)

The other tracks are Django in various settings, dating from 1937-1951:

 1.  I'll See You in My Dreams                      (trio)
 2.  Body and Soul    (Le Quintette du Hot Club de France)
 3.  When Day Is Done                               (same)
 4.  Souvenirs                                      (same)
 5.  Swing 41                          (a pick-up quintet)
 6.  Embraceable You                  (Le Quintette dHCdF)
 7.  Fantaisie                                      (same)
 8.  My Sweet                                       (same)
 9.  Liebestraum No. 3                              (same)
10.  Swing 39                                       (same)
11.  Djangologie                                    (same)
12.  Tea for Two                                    (solo)
13.  Belleville                       (Le Quintette dHCdF)
14.  Danse Norvégienne                              (same)
15.  Coquette                                       (same)
16.  Mélodie au Crépuscule                          (same)
17.  Just One of Those Things                       (same)
20.  Festival 48                                    (same)
21.  Vamp              (Django Reinhardt et son Quintette)
22.  Topsy                            (Le Quintette dHCdF)

Same impeccable sound quality as the other Dreyfus Ellington CD's, "Ko-Ko" (01/1-21-1; 02/1-17/7) and "Take the 'A' Train" (02/1-17/8).
Loek Hopstaken


Storyville 101 8347 – Ben Webster at Montmartre 1965-1966

03/3 DEMS 24/4

21Jan65, with Kenny Drew (p), Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (b) and Alex Riel (d): Pennies from Heaven; Blues in B Flat; My Romance; In a Mellow Tone; How Long Has This Been Going On; Sunday; Someone To Watch Over Me; Cotton Tail; Danny Boy.

12May66, with Atli Bjørn (p), Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen and Rune Carlsson (d): Gone with the Wind; Cotton Tail; My Romance.

Total time 73:52 of previously unreleased material. Liner-notes are by Scott Yanow.

This recently released CD must be a welcome addition to every Ben Webster collection. It contains (in complete form) what must have been the first of a number of broadcasts featuring Ben Webster at this famous "Jazzhus". It shows how fortunate our friends in Copenhagen were, when they could so easily attend Ben's performances during his golden years in Europe.


CDM Records CDM 1001 – The Dom Minasi trio – "Takin' the Duke Out"

03/3 DEMS 24/5

Dom Minasi (guitar) Ken Filiano (bass) and Jackson Krall (drums) recorded live at the Knitting Factory NYC, 23Apr01: Satin Doll; Don't Get Around Any More [sic]; I Got It Bad; Take the "A" Train; Solitude; It Don't Mean a Thing.

Dom Minasi played in Joe Coleman's rhythm section. Joe called the tunes, and they were always Duke Ellington tunes. Joe Coleman played in the Ellington band as a replacement two or three times. This seems to be the strongest link to Ellington, because it is rather hard to recognise the tunes. The three musicians are great instrumentalists, but I cannot give you the guarantee that you will like this record. If you are a completist among the Ellingtonia collectors, contact Jim Eigo, Jazz Promo Services, 269 s. Route 94, Warwick, NY 10990. Tel: 845.986.1677; Fax: 845.986.1699. Email:


Nagel Heyer NH 1009 – Ellington for Lovers – The Duke's Most Romantic Songs

03/3 DEMS 24/6

Vic Bellerby gave a very favourable review in the November 2002 edition of Jazz Journal.

19Nov93, Harry Allen Quartet: Sophisticated Lady.
19oct98, Danny Moss/Roy Williams Quartet: Blues To Be There.
22Dec98, Wycliffe Gordon: Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me
6Aug94, Allan Vaché Swingtet: Warm Valley.
2May93, The New York All Stars: In a Mellow Tone.
19oct98, Danny Moss/Roy Williams Quartet: Mood Indigo.
28Sep95, Bill Allred and Roy Williams: Satin Doll.
20Nov93, Harry Allen Quintet: I Got It Bad.
20Feb98, Warren Vaché/Allan Vaché: Just Squeeze Me.
26Nov94, Butch Miles and friends: Azalea.
6Jan95, Oscar Klein's Anniversary Band: Creole Love Call.
20oct94, Rex Allen's Swing Express: Duke Ellington Medley.
(Total time 75:33).


Blue Note CDP-0777 7 80590 28 (CD) – Promenade with Duke – Michel Petrucciani (solo piano)

03/3 DEMS 24/7

Russ Neff supplied to the Duke-LYM list the contents of this CD, which he called "A mainstay of my collection."
Caravan; Lush Life; Take the "A" Train; Little African Flower; In a Sentimental Mood; Hidden Joy; One Night in the Hotel; Satin Doll; C-Jam Blues.