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Part 5. The New DESOR corrections

Pages 33, 35, 46, 49, 614 and 875.

ASCAP's Record of the Works of EKE (printed, without attribution at the back of MIMM, p498) shows Gal From Joe's, but the song's copyright deposit, sheet music, and the label of Brunswick m8108 (and every other issue I can recall) all show The Gal from Joe's. Steven Lasker

Pages 60 and 1403. Session 4201 - 21Jan42.

Moon Mist take -1 or take -2?

DEMS 79/2-1: RCA FXM1-7301 has take -1. All other issues take -2. (G Debroe, JP Gautier)

79/4-3: On Camden QJ-25091 is take -2 which was left out on RCA FXM1-7301. (Aasland?)

79/5-3: HMV B-9292 has not the same take as FXM1-3701. I believe LPV-541 used the same take as B-9292. (H Merlin)

80/1-2: HMV B-9292 has not the same take as FXM1-3701. (H Merlin)

82/2-7: -1: FXM1-3701
-2: Victor 27856, 82-0132, A25V-0320; HMV B-9292, EA-3429, JK-2434, 7EG-8153; RCA LPM-1092, EPC-1092, 547-0594, 430227, 730559, LPV-541, RA-40; Camden QJ-25091 (DEMS)

84/4-8: Mr Yuze is the latest one to have made a thorough investigation which confirms what we said in 82/2-7. According to Mr Carmack (84/1-3) take -2 is the one used for the Franklin Mint 4-LP set "DE - Great Jazz Classics". Finally, and once and for all, the take number given in the liner notes on LPV-541 as - 1 is a mistake and should consequently read as -2. (DEMS)

89/1-2: LPV-541 has a version of Moon Mist, in the liner notes stated as take -1. It is however claimed to be a true take -2. (DEMS)

Further confirmations can be found on p57 of the book accompanying the RCA 24-CD set and in DEMS 99/3-11-CD 13. If you have only one recording you can distinguish which take it is because take -1 has pauses in the intro, which take -2 does not have. SH

Pages 91 and 1278. The correct spelling of the title of 4504m is Wish You Were Waitin' for Me. Lance Travis

Page 91. Eddie Lambert in "A Listeners Guide" p120, notes that Art Tatum was also a guest on the 17Jan45 concert.

Do you know if there is any reason why his performance was not mentioned, not even as a footnote, as to where he played in the concert (being a non Ellington item) as has been done in other entries in the New DESOR?

The Ella Fitzgerald concerts, and DE 5622 are a couple of examples. Lance Travis

Page 151. Session 4729 - 11Nov47. Add after FDC 1023:, VD 833 SH

Page 470. Session 6736 - 6Mar67.

I continue checking my (sometimes-doubtful) tapes and this time stumbled on Little Purple Flower said to be from Stuttgart 6Mar67.

DESOR (old and new) and Nielsen do not show this item as belonging to this concert; only Timner-3 does.

I however have such a recording on my tape said to be from Stuttgart, although there is no link to the preceding and following titles. It clearly is a public performance, probably slightly % at the beginning.

My tape came from Andr, Mahus and his list acknowledges this piece as Secret Galore.

What do you think that this recording may belong to?

I of course compared my tape with the other recordings of Little Purple Flower in my collection (they all correctly follow the descriptions in the New DESOR). I found that Little Purple Flower on my tape is different from all the others as described on p998.

Little Purple Flower on the Andr, Mahus tape starts with a piano- intro leading into something like

1 °?BAND&JHa (note Duke's exclamation "aaah" 7 sec before 1 °). It can only be compared with 6739g and 6732f, but

a) 6739g from 10Mar67 clearly has a 1 °6BAND&DE which is absent from (or at least very different on) my Stuttgart-tape,

b) 6732f from 28Feb67 has indeed 1 °6BAND at the beginning and cod1DE,1JL at the end. It is thus very different from the Stuttgart-tape.

Duke played and recorded Little Purple Flower during March and Apr67. Why not in Stuttgart on 6Mar67?

- Klaus Götting

Timner-3 shows the concert in exactly the same sequence as we both have it on our tapes from Andr, Mahus, including Pitter Panther Patter but without Eggo! However, Timner-3 does indeed show Little Purple Flower.

Timner-4 is different. It shows two concerts. The first one has the same titles in the same sequence as Nielsen and Old and New DESOR. This means that it only shows Eggo and not Little Purple Flower. The second concert is the same as the one in Timner-3, but this time it includes both Eggo and Little Purple Flower while Pitter Panther Patter is now deleted (it was copied from the World transcription of 3Jan45). I am fairly certain that both concerts in Timner-4 contain the same recordings in different sequences.

Luigi Sanfilippo also had two concerts in his collection. The Midnight concert followed almost completely the sequence in Timner-3 with only Eggo and no Little Purple Flower. Because I had this concert already on my Andr, Mahus tape, I asked only for a copy of the P.M. concert. This contained 7 selections again including only Eggo. These selections are compared and found identical with the Mahus tape.

I confirm that we both have on our Mahus tape a recording of Little Purple Flower (preceding Eggo) which is different from all the descriptions in the New DESOR. Chronologically it is correctly placed early in March, because the second chorus starts with the full 10 bars of the first A of the AABC structure as it did on 28Feb, 6732. Starting with 10Mar, 6739, in all later recordings only the first 6 bars of the first A in the second chorus were played before Duke took over with his closing improvisation.

- SH

Pages XXXIV and 776. Massagli and Volonté, consider Circle Blues another variant of C-Jam Blues. This is not so in other discographies since it is wrong. Jørgen Mathiasen

Many thanks to Jørgen Mathiasen. He is an attentive reader of our discography and has found a new mistake! Circle Blues is an independent composition (see page 800) and not a subtitle for C-Jam Blues: we will correct pages 776 and XXXIV. Luciano Massagli

Page 1004. According to the Gennett files and the label of Gennett 3403-A, the composers of Lucky Numbers Blues are Eisenberg and Phipps. Mark Tucker (Duke Ellington The Early Years, p266) gives their full names as Morris Eisenberg and Robert W. Phipps, but he gives this spelling of the title: Lucky Number Blues. Steven Lasker

Page 1255. Ultra Blue How Blue Can You Get

You mentioned in a message to the Duke-Lym group that Ultra Blue has two subtitles: Ultra Violet and How Blue Can You Get

You also mentioned that there was no vocal performance made by Duke of this Jimmy Hamilton composition. I found however a recording with the title How Blue Can You Get, made by Ellington on 21Sep50 with vocal by Chubby Kemp. The composer is claimed to be Leonard Feather.

- Sergio Salomon

You are absolutely right. How Blue Can You Get is a blues, composed by Leonard Feather and sung by Chubby Kemp with a small group, including Duke Ellington, on 21Sep50. Ultra Blue or Ultra Violet is composed by Jimmy Hamilton. It was never performed by Ellington with lyrics.

I think I have found the source of my wrong statement that Ultra Blue is the same as How Blue Can You Get.

On 20oct45, during a Your Saturday Date with the Duke broadcast, Don Lowe, the announcer, said: after Ultra Blue was played:

"Yes, that's Ultra Blue or How Blue Can You Get."

That was the first time that the second title was mentioned. The confusion started when Leonard Feather gave his much later composition the same title.

I suggest that we drop How Blue Can You Get as a subtitle for Ultra Blue.

Ultra Violet is a correct subtitle though. It also probably originated from a Your Saturday Date with the Duke broadcast, this time on 21Jul45, when the announcer, Rushon Dumont announced the performance as follows: "And now here's a new song by Jimmy Hamilton, Ultra Violet." After the performance he said: "That was Jimmy Hamilton's Ultra Violet." The title Ultra Blue was probably not yet decided upon.

The title Ultra Blue is first given in the recording session for World Transcriptions on 7Aug45.

Happily nobody used the title Ultra Violet or the title Ultra Blue for another composition.

Thank you very much for your correction. SH

Correction-sheet 1036. Session 3710 - 20May37.

See DEMS 02/3-26/small corrections to page 31.

The two takes of 21188 (which in actuality don't show a "B" prefix) may be shown as having the same description, however I prefer: (3710xa) mx 21188-1: intBCk;1 °30BCk&HC,2BCk&JH; 2 °30JH&DE,2CW;3 °30CW,2BAND. (3710e) mx 21188-2: intBCk;1 °30BCk&HC,2BCk&JH; 2 °30JH,2CW;3 °30CW,2BAND.

When is a background obbligato prominent enough to be worthy of note as a co-solo? That's a judgement call. Steven Lasker

I would say it is prominent enough as soon as it can help to identify the recording. I am however not convinced that Giovanni and Luciano agree with me. SH

Correction-sheet 1043. Session 6932 - 2Sep69.

How do you know that there was an unissued recording of One Note Samba on this day? SH

Stanley Dance described these recording sessions in Jazz Journal, and he wrote that this title was recorded for the first time on 2Sep. Luciano Massagli

Correction-sheet 1043. Session 6934 - 4Sep69. Soon It's Gonna Rain take -5 (on track 9) is recorded on 3Sep say the liner notes (p11). How do you know that this is wrong? SH

Jean Portier has sent us a number of suggestions designed to make several descriptions in Volume II more precise. We collected them together in the following list, in which the suggestions are underlined:

Page 738. Azure - 10Sep40, 4021f
int2DE;1 °8WJ-BB-JT&HC, ....
3 °12HC,4WJ-BB-JT&HC;cod4BAND &DE
instead of: without int;1 °8WJ-BB-JT, ....
3 °12HC,4WJ-BB-JT;cod4BAND

Page 759. Bli-Blip - 19Jul42, 4211a
3 °BAND&JR; instead of 3 °BAND;

Page 766. Blues a Poppin' - 22Jun39, 3915b
1 °(nc)26CW &BS;pas4BAND &BS;
instead of: 1 °(nc)26CW;pas4BAND;2 °10BAND,8JH,10CW;

Page 772. Bouncy Buoyancy - 28Aug39, 3917a
11 °IJT(tb mute)&BAND; instead of: 11 °ICW&BAND;

Page 775. Brown Suede - 29Sep41, 4122a
1 °16BB,8BAND&BS,8BB;pas4BS;2 °16BAND&BS,
instead of: 1 °16BB,8BAND,8BB;pas4BS;2 °16BAND, ....

Page 795. Chelsea Bridge - 02Dec41, 4125e
int4BS;1 °16BAND&BS,8BW &BS,7BAND,1BS;
instead of: int4BS;1 °16BAND,8BW,8BAND;

Page 809. Conga Brava - 07Nov40, 4034al
.... pas6BAND;2 °40BW,10BAND,20BAND&RS;
instead of: .... pas6BAND,2DE;2 °40BW+1BW+1BAND,

Page 877. Give It Up - 15Feb40, 4004d
3 °(nc)16BAND&BS. instead of: 3 °(nc)16BAND.

Page 880. Good Gal Blues - 21Mar39, 3907e
3 °HC&DE;4 °CW&DE; instead of: 3 °HC;4CW;

Page 894. Hayfoot, Strawfoot - 28Jul42, 4217b
same as 4217a but int8RS&DE;
instead of: same as 4217a

Page 917. I Hear A Rhapsody - 15Jan41, 4101b
3 °(nc)16BW;cod1BB,3BW
instead of: 3 °(nc)16BAND;cod2BW

Page 924. I Never Felt This Way Before - 07Nov40, 4034am
1 °16DE,16DE&BB&JH;pas2DE;
instead of: 1 °DE;pas2DE;

Page 968. Jitterbugs Lullaby - 01Aug38, 3823d
3 °LB&DE;4 °HC&DE;5 °JH(s.s.)&DE;
instead of: 3 °LB;4 °HC;5 °JH(s.s.)

Page 971. Jump For Joy - 02Jul41, 4116c
3 °16JH,6BAND&JH,12JH,2DE;
instead of: 3 °16JH,6BAND&JH,14JH;
Jump For Joy - 02Jul41, 4116d
same as (above corrected) 4116c, but between 1 ° and 2 °:
pas4BAND; and IA instead of HJ.
instead of: same as 4116c, but IA instead of HJ.

Page 972. June - 29Sep41, 4122d
int4BAND&BS;1 °BB;2 °JT&BB;
instead of: int4BAND;1 °BB;2 °JT;

Page 974. Junior Hop - 02Nov40, 4033e
instead of: 3 °4BAND,4JH,4BAND,4JH,
Junior Hop - 02Nov40, 4033e
same as (above corrected) 4033e

Page 975. Just Squeeze Me - 03Jul41, 4117b
2 °BAND&RS; instead of: 2 °BAND;

DESOR small corrections 5006

Volume 1 (Corrections April 2003)

58 - Session 4120. Typo: Los Angeles.

254 - Session 5827. Delete the NOTE. Add a second session on 31Jul58 with number 9032. Correction- sheet 1048. (02/3-17/3)

258 - Session 5841. Add 3 selections. Session 5842. Add 7 selections. Correction-sheet 1047. (02/2-25/1)

259 - Session 5843. Add: Pb PACD-5313-2 after RTE 710707 for the selections 5843 k, l, o, p, q. (02/2-25/1)

278/279 - Replace sessions 5929 & 5930 with sessions 9033 & 9034 respectively. Correction-sheets 1048 & 1049. All corrections as mentioned in 01/3-12/2 and 02/3-13/1 have been accepted with two exceptions. The opening Take the "A" Train is not from the first concert. It belongs to the second concert between Skin Deep and Bill Bailey. Furthermore the sequence in the first concert is as follows: Jeep's Blues; All of Me; Skin Deep; Things Ain't What They Used To Be. (Fanfare is not accepted as an independent title).

458 - Delete the session 6710. (02/3-10/1)

462 - Session 6721. Add 8 "fresh" titles. Correction-sheet 1051. (02/3-10/1&2)

487 - Session 6785. Add Lotus Blossom, take -4 and -5. Correction-sheet 1049. (02/3-25)

567 - Session 7027. Delete: Cave Inn; add: The Cave. (02/3-25)

629 - Session 7165. Add 7165xa, La Plus Belle Africaine, between Right on Togo and Come Off the Veldt. Correction-sheet 1050. (02/3-25)

Volume 2 (Corrections April 2003)

727 - All of Me, 5929l is now 9034k; 5930i is now 9033j.

747 - Beautiful Woman Walks Well. Replace the description of 6721i with that of 6710m; delete 6710m.

749 - Bill Bailey, 5930n is now 9034n. Change five pertinent references.

753 - Black and Tan Fantasy, 5929b is now 9033a; 5930a is now 9034a.

771 - Boo-Dah, 6433a. Delete the whole description: add: 1 °BAND;2 °CA;3 °(nc)16BAND&JHa,6BAND;pas4MH;4 °(nc)16BAND&JHa;5 °(nc)8BAND&JHa;cod8BAND. (02/3-25)

778 - C-Jam Blues, 5930m is now 9033o.

786 - Caravan, *5929n is now *9033q; *5930s is now *9034r. Change one pertinent reference.

799 - Chromatic Love Affair. Delete 6710g.

813 - Cotton Tail. Replace the catalogue number 6710q with 6721xh.

816 - Creole Love Call, 5929c is now 9033b; 5930b is now 9034b. Change eleven pertinent references.

820 - Crescendo in Blue, 5930v is now 9034u.

831 - Diminuendo in Blue, 5930t is now 9034s.

835 - Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me, *5929n is now *9033q.

843 - Don' Get Around Much Anymore, *5929n is now *9033q.

851 - Drag. Replace the catalogue number 6710o with 6721xf and change eight pertinent references.

859 - El Gato, 5929i is now 9034h; 5930g is now 9033h. Change five pertinent references.

912 - I Got It Bad, 5930r is now 9033n.

914 - I Got It Bad. Replace the catalogue number 6710n with 6721xe.

918 - I Let & Don't Get, *5929n is now *9033q; *5930s is now *9034r.

930 - I'm Beginning To See the Light, *5929n is now *9033q; *5930s is now *9034r.

940 - In a Sentimental Mood, *5929n is now *9033q.

953 - It Don't Mean a Thing, *5929n is now *9033q; *5930s is now *9034r.

962 - Jam with Sam, 5930l is now 9034q. Change three pertinent references.

966 - Jeep's Blues, 5929j is now 9034i; 5930h is now 9033i.

969 - Johnny Come Lately. Replace the description of 6721a with that of 6710b and change fourteen pertinent references; delete 6710b.

974 - Juniflip, 5930q is now 9033m.

977 - Just Squeeze Me, *5929n is now *9033q; *5930s is now *9034r.

979 - Kinda Dukish, 5929g is now 9034f; 5930e is now 9033f.

1010 - Mara Gold. Replace the catalogue number 6710l with 6721xd.

1014 - Medley, 5929n is now 9033q; 5930s is now 9034r.

1028 - Mood Indigo, *5929n is now *9033q.

1037 - Mount Harissa. Delete 6710d.

1050 - Newport Up, 5929e is now 9033d.

1064 - Paris Blues, 6108a, 6 ° chorus. Typo: JH.

1081 - Princess Blue, 5827a. 1 °DE.

1092 - Rockin' in Rhythm, 5929h is now 9034g; 5930f is now 9033g. Change five pertinent references on pages 1092 and 1093.

1101 - Rue Bleue. Delete 6710f.

1102 - Salom,. Delete 6710h.

1105 - Satin Doll, *5929n is now *9033q; *5930s is now *9034r.

1126 - Skin Deep, 5929m is now 9034l; 5930j is now 9033k.

1132 - Solitude, *5929n is now *9033q; *5930s is now *9034r. Change one pertinent reference.

1143 - Sophisticated Lady, *5929n is now *9033q; *5930s is now *9034r.

1162 - Such Sweet Thunder, 5929f is now 9033e, 5930d is now 9034e. Change eight pertinent references on page 1163.

1169 - Swamp Goo. Delete 6710c.

1177 - Take the "A" Train. Replace the catalogue number 6710j with 6721xb. Change three pertinent references on pages 1177 and 1178.

1188 - Take the "A" Train, 5929a is now 9034m.

1192 - Take the "A" Train. Replace the catalogue number 6710a with 6721xa.

1214 - The Mooche, 5929d is now 9033c; 5930c is now 9034c.

1224 - The Shepherd. Replace the catalogue number 6710k with 6721xc.

1232 - Things Ain't What They Used To Be, 5929k is now 9034j; 5930p is now 9033l. Change four pertinent references on pages 1232, 1233, 1234 and 1236.

1235 - Things Ain't What They Used To Be. Replace the catalogue number 6710p with 6721xg.

1257 - Up Jump. Delete 6710e.

1262 - V.I.P. Boogie, 5930k is now 9034p.

1263 - Wailing Interval, 5930u is now 9034t.

1266 - Walkin' and Singin' the Blues, 5930o is now 9034o.

1276 - Wild Onions. Delete 6710i; substitute the description of 6721h for: Same as 6703cs.

1289 - Add: LP 0836. AFRS BW-31, between 0013 and 0014. Correction-sheet 3009. (99/4-6)

1301 - Add LPs 0838, 0839, 0840, 0841 and 0842. AFRS HBS-59 (1/3, 2/5, 4/6, 7/9 and 8/10), between 0085 and 0086. Correction-sheet 3010.

1302 - Add: LP 0843. AFRS J-117, between 0087 and 0088. Correction-sheet 3011.

1306 - Add: LP 0844. AFRS MH-192, between 0113 and 0114. Correction-sheet 3011.

1308 - Add: LP 0845. AFRS ONS-854, between 0126 and 0127. Correction-sheet 3011.

1309 - Add: LP 0837. AFRS TDS-57, between 0136 and 0137. Correction-sheet 3010.

1313 - Add: CD 0860. Blue Note 72435-38227-2, between 0156 and 0157. Correction-sheet 3014. (02/2-24/4)

1314 - Add: CD 0857. Bluebird 0902663953-2, between 0163 and 0164. Correction-sheet 3014. (02/2-23/3)

1314 - Updates of LPs 0165 and 0166, BYG YX-2035 and 2036, are on correction-sheet 3016. (02/3-13/1)

1349 - Add: CD 0862. D.E.T.S. 9039006. Correction-sheet 3016. (02/3-18/2)

1362 - Add: LP 0859. Gotham (GRC-DE1R/DE2R), between 0407 and 0408. Correction-sheet 3015. (02/3-12/1)

1378 - Add: LP 0858. Marriot MM-294, between 0496 and 0497. Correction-sheet 3015. (02/3-13/1)

1382 - Add: CD 0848. Media 7 MJCD-173, between 0516 and 0517. Correction-sheet 3011. (00/4-18/1)

1385 - Add: LP 0856. Folkways Records FJ-2968, between 0383 and 0384. Correction-sheet 3014. (01/3-24 and 02/3-26, p180)

1387 - Add: CD 0846. Musica Jazz MJCD-1140, between 0544 and 0545. Correction-sheet 3011. (01/3-17/4) Add: CD 0847. Musica Jazz MJCD-1141, between 0544 and 0545. Correction-sheet 3011. (01/3-17/3)

1391 - Add: CD 0861. Pablo PACD-5313-2, between 0564 and 0565. Correction-sheet 3015. (02/2-25/1)

1413 - Add: CDs 0834 and 0835. Roulette 7243524547/8, between 0677 and 0678. Correction-sheet 3009. (00/3-20)

1415 - An update of CD 0692, Sarpe Top Jazz SJ-1013, is on correction-sheet 3016. (02/3-13/1)

1419 - Add: CD 0850. Storyville STCD-8323, between 0721 and 0722. Correction-sheet 3015. (02/1-6/1)

1421 - An update of CD 0732, The "Jazz" Collection JCD-05, is on correction-sheet 3015. (02/3-13/1)

1424 - Add: CD 0833. Turner Classic Movies R2-79805, between 0743 and 0744. Correction-sheet 3009. (00/3-8/1)

1444 - Berry, "Bill" William R. Sep 14, 1930 - Oct 13, 2002. (02/3-1)

1461 - Fuller, Jerry. Add: 1939 - Jul 2002.

1480 - Michaels should read Michels.

Correction-sheet 1041 - 6841xa, Satin Doll: 3 °(nc)8BAND,8DE instead of 3 °8BAND,8DE.

Fall 1965 - New Desor 9007 and 9029

Here we have something which very obviously escaped the incessant cross-checkings of our Italian discographers:

Duke's "standard-answers" to unheard standard-questions on RCA SP-33394 and the recent BlueBird 0902663953-2 are given two different entries:
9007a from Fall 1965 on correction-sheet 1017 (00/2-20)
9029a from Fall 1965 on correction-sheet 1037 (02/3-27)
The title 'Duke Talking About "The Duke At Tanglewood" ' seems rather confusing to me. (See 98/4-8/2 and 99/4-9/2).

- Klaus Götting

Well this has not escaped my attention. If you had executed the small correction on p407, mentioned in 00/2-19, you should find in your New DESOR the following note:

407 - 411 - Make a note on one of these pages for a "fresh" session. Duke Ellington - Fall 1965 - DE(tk.) - U.S.A. - DE9007a - Interview for Tanglewood LP - RCA SP-33394 (99/4-9/2) Correction-sheet 1017.

In the last Bulletin (02/3-26) I asked to edit this note.

I was not happy with the corrected session 9029 on correction- sheet 1037. I would rather have seen a correction, made on correction-sheet 1017 about the latest release on Bluebird. I also prefer the previous description: "Interview for Tanglewood LP."

Giovanni Volonté, and Luciano Massagli are completely independent as far as corrections on the New DESOR is concerned. One is free to make corrections in the New DESOR exactly the way one prefers. With all the references to earlier publications, it seems not too difficult to understand what the matter is and to decide if and how one wishes to make a correction. SH

New DESOR correction-sheets


1047 - 5841 Paris, 2nd concert 28oct58 02/2-25/1
5842 Paris, 1st concert 29oct58 02/2-25/1

1048 - 9032 Toronto 31Jul58 02/3-17/3
9033 Paris, 1st concert 20Sep59 02/3-13/1

1049 - 9034 Paris, 2nd concert 20Sep59 02/3-13/1
6785 NYC 1Sep67 02/3-25/487

1050 - 7165 Paris, 1st concert 28oct71 02/3-25/629

1051 - 6721 Manchester 10Feb67 02/3-10/1&2
Correction-sheet 1051 is not yet available.


7135/6/05/12/25/8 Storyville 8323 02/1-6/1
5124 Gotham GRC-DE1R/2R 02/3-12/1
5842/43/41 Pablo PACD-5313-2 02/2-25/1
6786 Marriot MM-294 02/2-13/1
7047/9033 The "Jazz" Collection 05 02/3-13/1

4539/85/82/40 DETS Vol.6 02/3-18/2
9033/34 BYG YX-2035 02/3-13/1
9033/34 BYG YX-2036 02/3-13/1
9033/34 Sarpe Top Jazz SJ-1013 02/3-13/1


02/1-6/1, in line six: The correct reference is 01/2-25/2, not 01/2-15/2.

02/3-21/1, note 2: There were two takes and not ware two takes.

02/3-24, listing of CA-30 side A. Black and Tan Fantasy -2 has number 6222g and not 6222h.

02/3-27, New DESOR correction-sheets. Add under 1038: (This is an update of 5205 on correction-sheet 1032)

NOTE: These typing errors have been corrected in past online issues - Peter MacHare (apr 2003).