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Neatwork RP 2042
Duke Ellington Vol 6 1937-1938
Alternate takes in chronological order
02/3 DEMS 19/1

The sixth CD in the Neatwork series covers the same period as Classics 687 and 700 and the first part of Classics 717. None of these releases were mentioned in DEMS Bulletin, which is why we will also mention occasional peculiarities on the Classics CDs between { }. This will not include eventual errors in the personnel listings.


20May37, Peckin' (-2); Peckin' (-3). Vocal on all three takes is by Cootie Williams with members of the band as choir.

8Jun37, All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (19-2); All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (20-2); Alabamy Home (-2).

16Jun37, Got [sic] It Southern Style (-2); Moonlight Fiesta (-1); Sponge, Cake and Spinach (-2); If You're Ever in My Arms Again (-2).

7Jul37, Back Room Romp (-2); Swing, Baby, Swing (-2); Sugar Hill Shim-Sham (-2); Tea and Trumpets (-2 and -3 are very different. This is -3 and not --2).

20Sep37, Diminuendo in Blue (-2); Crescendo in Blue (-2); Harmony in Harlem (-1), this is the edited version as on the CBS releases, in which Johnny Hodges' first solo, 14 bars pass between 1° and 2°, is replaced by his solo in take (-2).

Still missing:

12Jun37, Frolic Sam, released on Soundcraft LP 1013.

late Jun37, from Soundtrack of Paramount Pictorial Magazine #889, "Record Making with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra": Oh, Babe! Maybe Someday; Daybreak Express, released on Video Storyville 6033.

7Jul37, Tea and Trumpets (-2), released on R/V Records CD 1001.

20Sep37, Harmony in Harlem (-1), the unedited version as on Raretone 23002, which has a short interruption at the end of Johnny Hodges' first solo.


19Jan38, Lost in Meditation (-1); Echoes of Harlem (-1, first 2 notes of intro are missing).

2Feb38, Riding on a Blue Note (-2); The Gal from Joe's (-2).

24Feb38, If You Were in My Place (-1, the beginning up to the 10th bar of Hodges' solo is taken from take -2); Skrontch (-1).

3Mar38, I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (-1); Braggin' in Brass (-2).

Still missing:

19Jan38, If I Thought You Cared (-2), released on R/V Records CD1001. {Drummer's Delight and If I Thought You Cared were recorded on 19Jan38, not on 18Jan38}

24Feb38, two more recordings were made at this session especially for Leonard Feather. The first one, I've Got To Be a Rug Cutter, was released on Jazz Panorama 14; the second with Cootie Williams on trombone, Blues in B- Flat, was played by Leonard at the Ellington Conference in Copenhagen on 30May92.

24Mar38, Harmony in Harlem and If Dreams Come True, released on LP Jazz Archives 13 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801132; If You Were in My Place; Oh Babe, Maybe Someday and Dinah's in a Jam, released on LP Jazz Archives 12 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801122.


7Jun38, Rose of the Rio Grande (-2).

Still missing:

17Apr38, You Went to My Head and Downtown Uproar, released on LP Jazz Archives 12 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801122; Three Blind Mice, released on LP Jazz Archives 13 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801132.

24Apr38, Demi-Tasse; Azure and Carnival in Caroline, released on LP Jazz Panorama 14; Dinah's in a Jam, released on LP Jazz Panorama 14, LP Jazz Archives 13 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801132; On the Sunny Side of the Street, released on LP Jazz Archives 13 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801132.

29Apr38, Chatter Box, released on CD Jazz Unlimited 2069.

1May38, Harmony in Harlem; At Your Back and Call; The Gal from Joe's and Ridin' on a Blue Note, released on LP Jazz Archives 12 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801122; If Dreams Come True, released on LP Jazz Archives 13 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801132.

5May38, Lost in Meditation, released on LP Jazz Panorama 14.

8May38, Oh Babe! Maybe Someday, released on LPs Jazz Panorama 14 and Max 1002; I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart, released on LP Max 1002.

15May38, If Dreams Come True; Birmingham Breakdown and Rose Room, released on LP Jazz Archives 12 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801122; Echoes of Harlem; It's the Dreamer in Me; Demi-Tasse and Lost in Meditation, released on LP Jazz Archives 13 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801132.

22May38, East St. Louis Toodle-O; Jig Walk; In a Sentimental Mood; I'm Slappin' Seventh Avenue; Lost in Meditation; Alabamy Home and If You Were in My Place, released on LPs Jazz Panorama 14 and Max 1002.

29May38, Prelude in C Sharp Minor and Rockin' in Rhythm, released on LP Jazz Archives 13 and CD Archives of Jazz 3801132.

Neatwork RP 2048
Duke Ellington Vol 7 1938-1940
Alternate takes in chronological order
02/3 DEMS 19/2

The seventh CD in the Neatwork series covers the same period as Classics 717, 726, 747, 765, 780, 790, 805 and the first part of Classics 820. None of these releases were mentioned in DEMS Bulletin, which is why we will also mention occasional peculiarities on the Classics CDs between { }. This will not include eventual errors in the personnel listings.


7Jun38, Pyramid (-2).

22Jun38, You Walked Out of the Picture (-1); Lost in Meditation (-1).

Still missing:

25Jun38, Frolic Sam, released on LP Jazz Panorama 14.


9Aug38, Prelude to a Kiss (-2).

2Sep38, Mighty Like the Blues (-1).

19Dec38, T.T. on Toast (-2); Battle of Swing (-1).

Still missing:

2Sep38, Boy Meets Horn (-1), released on R/V Records CD 1001 (as Stew Burp). {Released on Classics as Twits and Twerps}.

6oct38, Demi-Tasse and I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart, released on CD Jazz Unlimited 2069.

{20Dec38, I'm in Another World; Hodge-Podge; Dancing on the Stars; and Wanderlust are on Classics on 19Dec38}


21Dec38, Mobile Blues (-1).

22Dec38, Blue Light (-1); Slap Happy (-2). Both Neatwork and Classics suggest that Blue Light is the same as Transblucency. That is an overstatement.

28Feb39, She's Gone, previously released on Classics 747.

Still missing:

28Feb39, Ain't the Gravy Good? (-2) is not on Neatwork as claimed! It was released on LP Blu-Disc 1003. On track 11 of Neatwork is put erroneously She's Gone from the same session.

15Mar39, Jazz Potpourri; Lady in Doubt; Demi-Tasse; Jeep's Blues; Old King Dooji; Azure and Harmony in Harlem, released on CD Jazz Unlimited 2069.

20Mar39, Subtle Lament, released on double LP Smithsonian 010 and on CD R/V 1001.


20Mar39, Lady in Blue (-2).

21Mar39, Savoy Strut (-2); Portrait of the Lion (-2).

Still missing:

29Apr39, Serenade to Sweden; Rockin' in Rhythm and In a Red Little Cottage, released on LP Max 1001 and CD Caprice 21452.

28May38, Pussy Willow, released on LP Bandstand 7128.


14oct39, I Never Felt This Way Before(-B); Tootin' Through the Roof(-B). Neatwork credits Harry Carney on bass-clarinet in I Never Felt This Way Before. That seems wrong. I only hear Barney Bigard on clarinet.

Still missing:

6Jul39, East St. Louis Toodle-O; Jazz Potpourri; Something to Live For; Old King Dooji; In a Mizz; Rose of the Rio Grande; Pussy Willow; You Can Count on Me and Way Low, released on LP Max1002 and CD Jazz Unlimited 2022. {The correct recording date for Night Song is 21Jun39, not 22Jun39 as wrongly claimed by Classics' liner-notes and in all discographies.}


Still missing:

1Nov39, Pyramid; Pussy Willow and I'm Checking Out-Goom Bye, released on LP Jazz Moderne 003.

24Nov, I'm Checking Out-Goom Bye, released on LP FDC 1023 and LP Raretone 23004; Tootin' Through the Roof, released on LP FDC 1023; The Sergeant Was Shy, released on LP Raretone 23004.

8Jan40, The Sergeant Was Shy, released on LP Max 1003.

9Jan40, East St. Louis Toodle-O; Me and You; Grievin'; Little Posey; My Last Goodbye; The Gal from Joe's; Tootin' Through the Roof; Day in, Day out and Merry Go Round, released on LP Collector's Classics 16 and CD Jazz Unlimited 2022. {Mardi Gras Madness and Watch the Birdie belong to the session of 15Feb40 and not, as Classics claims, to the 14Feb40 session.}


6Mar40, Ko-Ko (-1).

28May40, Dusk (-2).

24Jul40, Sepia Panorama (-2).

Still missing:

10Jun40, East St. Louis Toodle-O and Never No Lament, released on CDs Jazz Unlimited 2043 and 2069; Ko- Ko; Blue Goose; So Far, So Good; Cotton Tail; Jack the Bear; Boy Meets Horn and The Sergeant Was Shy, released on LP Queen Disc 7 and on CDs Jazz Unlimited 2043 and 2069; Concerto for Cootie, released on LP Queen Disc 7 and on CDs Musica Jazz 1101, Jazz Unlimited 2043 and 2069.


1oct40, Pitter Panther Patter (-1); Body and Soul (-1); Body and Soul (-2); Sophisticated Lady (-1); Mr J.B.Blues (-2). {Classics 820 has indeed take -1 of Mr J.B.Blues and not take -2 as claimed at one place in the liner- notes. In the discographical section the take number is correct: -1.}

Still missing:

29Jul40, Harlem Air-Shaft and All Too Soon, released on LP Everybodys 3005 and CD Natasha Imports 4016; Ko-Ko, released on LP Jazz Supreme 705.

30Jul40, Rose of the Rio Grande and Warm Valley, released on LP Everybodys 3005 and CD Natasha Imports 4016.

17Aug40, Ridin' on a Blue Note and Boy Meets Horn, released on LP Everybodys 3005 and CD Natasha Imports 4016.

19Aug40, Rose Room and Stompy Jones, released on LP Everybodys 3005 and CD Natasha Imports 4016.

6Sep40, Sepia Panorama and Concerto for Cootie, released on LPs Max 1001 and Jazz Supreme 704.

7Sep40, Sepia Panorama and St. Louis Blues, released on LP Jazz Guild 1006; The Gal from Joe's; Me and You and Echoes of Harlem, released on LP Jazz Supreme 705; Stompy Jones, released on LPs Jazz Guild 1006 and Rarities 70; In a Mellow Tone, released on LPs Jazz Guild 1006, Rarities 70 and Max 1003; Chatter Box, released on LPs Jazz Guild 1006 and Max 1003.

10Sep40, Sepia Panorama; Rumpus in Richmond; You Think of Everything; My Greatest Mistake; Bojangles; Azure and Five O'Clock Whistle, released on LP Jazz Supreme 704.

11Sep40, Tootin' Through the Roof; So Far, So Good; The Mystery Song and Warm Valley, released on LP Jazz Supreme 704; April in Paris and Whispering Grass, released on LPs Jazz Supreme 704 and Rarities 56.

12Sep40, Madame Will Drop Her Shawl; Blue Goose; All Too Soon and Rockin' in Rhythm, released on LP Jazz Supreme 704; Slap Happy, released on LPs Jazz Supreme 704 and Max 1003.

13Sep40, Solid Old Man; Maybe; Oh Babe! Maybe Someday; Blueberry Hill and Harlem Air-Shaft, released on LP Jazz Supreme 705.

21Sep40, Jig Walk, released on LP Everybodys 3005 and CD Natasha Imports 4016.

26Sep40, Little Posey and Warm Valley, released on LP Everybodys 3005 and CD Natasha Imports 4016.

??Sep40, Stardust; Subtle Lament; It's the Same Old Story; Cotton Tail; Lady in Doubt; The Sergeant Was Shy and Black Beauty, released on LP Jazz Supreme 705.

3oct40, In a Mellow Tone, released on LP Jazz Supreme 705 and Ring Dem Bells, released on LPs Jazz Supreme 705 and Queen-Disc 007.

Storyville 101 8359
Duke Ellington at the Hurricane
featuring Ben Webster
02/3 DEMS 20/2

This CD is scheduled for a December 2002 release (at least in selected European countries). It contains the complete broadcasts of 3 and 4Apr43, and six titles out of the 6Jun43 "Pastel Period" broadcast.

3Apr43: Take the "A" Train (opening theme); Hayfoot, Strawfoot; It Can't Be Wrong; What Am I Here For?; Main Stem; Could It Be You?; Goin' Up; Don't Get Around Much Anymore; Nevada; Things Ain't What They Used To Be (closing theme).

4Apr43: Take the "A" Train (opening theme); Don't Get Around Much Anymore; Main Stem; I Don't Want Anybody at All; Johnny Come Lately; Things Ain't What They Used To Be (closing theme).

6Jun43: Moon Mist (opening theme); You'll Never Know; Tonight I Shall Sleep; I Don't Know What Kind of Blues I Got; Don't Get Around Much Anymore; Moon Mist (closing theme).

There is a 20 page booklet and Ken Steiner has written the notes.

Carl Hällström

The 3Apr43 broadcast was issued (by Benny Aasland) in 1979 on the LP Azure 431; the 4Apr43 broadcast was issued in 1977 on the LP Rarities 56 and the complete 30' broadcast of 6Jun43 was discovered by DEMS member Dennis Askey in 1997 on a real bootleg LP, "Duke Ellington Pastel Period".

You'll Never Know and Tonight I Shall Sleep have been released previously on LP Jazz Archives 15.


Masters of Jazz double CD R2CD 8028
Billy Strayhorn
02/3 DEMS 21/1

CD 1:
15Feb41, Take the "A" Train. 21Mar39, Something To Live For. 12Jun39, I'm Checkin Out-Goom Bye.
14oct39, Grievin'.
16oct39, Your Love Has Faded. 22Nov39, Lost in Two Flats.
14Feb40, Tapioca. 2Nov40, Day Dream. 15Feb41, After All.
5Jun41, Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'. 2Jul41, Clementine.
3Jul41, Passion Flower.
17Sep41, Chelsea Bridge; Love Like This Can't Last.
29Sep41, Noir Bleu. 2Dec41, Raincheck.
26Jun42, My Little Brown Book; Johnny Come Lately.
24Jul45, Balcony Serenade. 10Jan46, Tonk; Drawing Room Blues.
17Jul46, Double Ruff; A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing.

CD 2:
3Sep46, Midriff. 5Dec46, Flippant Flurry.
11Dec46, Overture to a Jam Session. Late 47, Charlotte Russe.
9Jun47, Violet Blue. 11Nov47, Progressive Gavotte (-1).
20Nov47, Once Upon a Dream (-1). 27Dec47, Snibor; Triple Play. 13Nov48, Paradise; Lush Life. 25Nov48 1, Brown Betty.
1947 2, Halfway to Dawn; Tailspin. 10Jan46, Gone with the Wind. 28oct40, Chloe. 6oct47, Maybe I Should Change My Ways (-2).

1 The date of 25Nov48 for Brown Betty must be wrong. We suspect that this recording is from 10Dec48.

2 There were two takes made of Halfway to Dawn. We cannot specify which one this is. The date must have been in 1948 (see DEMS 99/3-16/2)


Prism Leisure Corporation PLATCD 501
The Jazz Master Series
"The Duke at His Best"
02/3 DEMS 21/2

This CD is not of any unique specific interest, but another compilation of the early 40's masterpieces. Except also to say that it cost around $US 3.00. I bought a few to give to friends knowing that now when I visit, I can be entertained with music that I like. Here are the 24 titles and dates:

15Feb41, Take the "A" Train. 4May40, Never No Lament.
1Dec44, I'm Beginning To See the Light (-2).
14Feb40, Solitude. 11May45, Caravan. 21Jan42, Perdido (-1).
5Jun41, Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'. 10May45, Prelude to a Kiss.
30Jul45, Things Ain't What They Used To Be. 14Feb40, Sophisticated Lady. 5Sep40, In a Mellow Tone.
15Mar40, Conga Brava; Concerto for Cootie. 26Jun41, I Got It Bad (-1). 4May40, Cotton Tail. 6Mar40, Ko- Ko (-2).
22Jul40, Harlem Air-Shaft. 14Feb40, Stormy Weather.
28oct40, Chloe.
21Jan42, C-Jam Blues.
26Jun42, Main Stem.
6Mar40, Jack the Bear.
2Dec41, Raincheck.
2Jul41, Jump for Joy (-2).

It is interesting to compare the reproduction with the recent Dreyfus release. The sound on Prism CD is flat in comparison with the Dreyfus issues. On the latter, each track has been lovingly cared for and individually engineered.

The cheaper Prism edition has a rather lacklustre sound quality which lends itself to be used for background music, should any unknowing soul wish to do so. For Ellington's music is made for "thinking listening".

Even so my experience with my selfish gifts has shown that even people who did not know his music can now boastfully recognise a few tunes.

Lance Travis

RCA Bluebird's Best Series 09026639972
Duke Ellington "Jazz Caravan"
02/3 DEMS 21/3

RCA is bringing out this CD over here in their 'Bluebird's best' series. Tracks: Take the "A" Train; Creole Love Call; The Mooche; Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie; Creole Rhapsody; Rude Interlude; Rumpus in Richmond; Concerto for Cootie; Dusk; Me and You; Transblucency; Tonk; Caravan; Depk; The Majesty of God; Medley: East St Louis Toodle-O - Lot O' Fingers - Black and Tan Fantasy. Steve Voce

Compact Cassette
American Jazz & Blues History Vol. 23
Phonic PHC 2523 (P) 1979
Madrazo, 14; Barcelona-6; Espaa
02/3 DEMS 21/4

I expected to find on this cassette as mentioned on its cover and labels the 10 Standard Radio Transcriptions from 3Dec41 as previously issued on Standard (ET) P-183, Tax (LP) m-8037 and Temple (LP) M-550, but the 12 selections on my tape are completely different. I found this cassette in a charity shop, in a box full of old tapes. Lloyd Mair

DEMS does not have files about commercially issued compact cassettes and reel to reel tapes. These releases are also not mentioned in the discographies. We suspect that a mistake was made by putting the wrong cover and labels on this cassette. In that case there could have been released another cassette by this company under a different number and with the following selections as found on your copy:
22Mar27, East St. Louis Toodle-O. 26oct27, Black and Tan Fantasy; Creole Love Call. 30oct28, The Mooche. 10Dec30, Mood Indigo.
16Jan31, Rockin' in Rhythm (-1). 16Jun31, Echoes of the Jungle.
15Aug33, Harlem Speaks. 14May37, Caravan. 15Mar40, Conga Brava.
4May40, Cotton Tail. 15Feb41, Take the "A" Train.


Direct Source Special Products Inc.
at A&B Sound CD LGT 14352
Big Band Legends The Best of DE
02/3 DEMS 21/5

David Palmquist reported to have found this CD for 5.29 Canadian dollars. All 12 tracks are also on the CD TKO Records 30042 (See DEMS 97/4-6/4 and 98/2-16/3). We have not listened to this Direct Source CD but it is safe to say that this is a correct listing of the selections:

The only genuine Ellington recording :
1. Take the "A" Train, Newport 3Jul66

Cat Anderson group, late 1959 with Ray Nance, Quentin Jackson, Budd Johnson, Leroy Lovett, Jimmy Woode and Sam Woodyard:
2. Ac-cent-tchu-ate (The Positive). (See 02/3-11/4)
3. Summertime. 7. Between Some Place Goin' No Place.

Cat Anderson group, same personnel except Rudy Powell in and Budd Johnson out:
5. Chelsea Bridge. 11. Love in Essence.

Dick Vance, his trumpet and his orchestra:
4. Sittin' On a Tree. 6. Savoy Non-Stop. 8. Roof Top.
9. Coffee Mornin'. 10. Dick's Boogie. 12. Dedicated to Duke.

Verve (G) 516 338 - 2
Duke Ellington Jazz Masters # 4
02/3 DEMS 21/6

I am referring to DEMS 93/4-2, where Benny Aasland gave a description of this CD. According to Benny, the CD carries only 12 tracks. My copy, dated 1994 carries an extra track: Rockin' in Rhythm (4.06). The playing time noted in DEMS is the same as in the booklet: 69.57. My timing in the CD-player gives 70.14. Is this just an omission from the published details, or were there two differing issues? Lance Travis

No, only one version has been issued. Here are the titles in chronological sequence, followed by the track numbers.
27Jun57, Caravan (9).
2Sep57,Total Jazz (10).
20Feb59, St. Louis Blues (7); Loveless Love (5).
26Feb59,Stompy Jones (8); Goin' Up (6).
4Jul59, Take the "A" Train (1); Rockin' in Rhythm (13); Flirtibird (3); Perdido (11).
26Jul66, Diminuendo in Blue and Wailing Interval (4).
27Jul66, Jam with Sam (12).
28Jul66, La Plus Belle Africaine (2).


Prophone Records AB, PCD 062
Alice Babs "Don't Be Blue"
Nils Lindberg Third Saxes Galore
02/3 DEMS 22/1

Bill Saxonis has sent his fellow Duke-LYM members by e-mail the rave review of this CD in the Boston Globe of 13Sep02 on page E14, written by classical music critic Richard Dyer.

I quote: "The new record, 'Don't Be Blue,' is a beaut, as they would have said in Babs's youth. She sings songs by Richard Rodgers, Vernon Duke, John Lewis, Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, and long time collaborator Nils Lindberg, with clear and buoyant tone, pristine musicianship, natural and meaningful diction, irresistible rhythmic vitality. For about half the record Babs stays in her pop register, and we assume that her days of virtuoso scat-singing in the high soprano range are behind her. And then there it is. She ricochets her voice around tricky coloratura intervals as if she were skipping stones across a mountain lake sparkling in the sunlight. (Finding any unusual record is a quest these days; for this one, try calling 952-938-7745.)"

For more information I went to Bulletin # 4, December 2001 from the Duke Ellington Society of Sweden, p4.

The recordings were made 23-25May01 at the Metronome Studio, Vasastan, Stockholm. Alice sang: I Didn't Know What Time It Was; If I Were Eve; Portrait of Django; Song for a Dreamer; Baroque Stomp; As You Are; Takin' a Chance on Love; Marti's Song; I Could Write a Book; Vocalise; In a Mellow Tone; Thank You for Everything (= Lotus Blossom with lyrics by the late Edmond Anderson).

The title of the album is taken from the lyrics by Mary Guryan for the John Lewis song If I Were Eve.

The combination of Alice's very special voice with only a group of five fine reed-players, combined with a (perfect) three man rhythm section, is highly attractive.

If you have a problem finding this CD you could ask one of your Swedish friends to help you out. Or try


Prestige (US) PCD 24103-2
The Johnny Hodges All-Stars
with the Duke Ellington All-Stars
and the Billy Strayhorn All-Stars
02/3 DEMS 22/2

This 10 year old CD has never been mentioned in our Bulletin.

Jun47, It Shouldn't Happen to a Dream; Who Struck John?; June's Jumpin'; Charlotte Russe (Lotus Blossom); Violet Blue; Searsy's Blues; A Little Taste; Let the Zoomers Drool.

Late 1947, Frisky; Longhorn Blues; A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing; Far Away Blues.

17Apr51 (liner-notes say 17Apr50), Night Walk; She; The Happening; Moonlight Fiesta (take -1).

18May51, Sultry Serenade; Britt-and-Butter Blues; Indian Summer; Swamp Drum.

1Jun51, Caravan.

19Jun51, Hoppin' John (became later the intro to Perdido); Alternate; Jumpin' with Symphony Sid. Ellington is on piano in Caravan; Hoppin' John and Alternate.

Strayhorn is on piano in the 21 other selections.

The same CD is also released as Prestige/Carrere (F) 98.340 and is also available in the UK where it is distributed by Ace Records. Roger Boyes wrote at length about the 1951 'Coronets' sessions in 'Blue Light' 6/4 and 7/1 (1999-2000).


A Jazz Hour with
the Lamplighter's Jazz sessions
JHR 73.597
02/3 DEMS 22/3

Very recently I bought a CD titled "The Lamplighter's Jazz Sessions". There is one Duke Ellington track, Mood Indigo, recorded 18Mar46, which is not mentioned in Timner's "Ellingtonia" 4th Edition (same for Count Basie's track, which is not mentioned in the Chris Sheridan Bio Disco). I tried to make a search through the DEMS Bulletins: New Releases by Jerry Valburn. I did not find it! Do you happen to know something about this track? By ear, I should say Rex Stewart, Russell Procope, unknown trombone. Reading the January 1945 disco, it could be Taft Jordan, Otto Hardwick, Wilbur de Paris. I am really embarrassed!

Bernard Dupuis

The date is not correct. The recording was made on 19Mar45 at Billy Berg's Vine Street Supper Club in L.A. The whole session with Rex Stewart, Bob Wilson (tb), Barney Bigard, Joe Sullivan (p), Rollo Graber (b), Zutty Singleton (d) has been released on LP Duke 1017 (see DEMS 83/1-1). Duke only sat in for Joe Sullivan for one selection: Mood Indigo. This Ellington selection was later included as track 5 in the CD Chess/Vogue(F) 655.004 (see DEMS 90/4-5) and now it is track 1 on your CD. Your guess of Rex Stewart is correct. Russell Procope was not yet in the band, not even on 18Mar46. Jerry Valburn mentioned your CD in his column "New Releases on Compact Disc" in DEMS Bulletin 99/5, p28. As is his custom, his column gave no specifics like dates and locations.


This is what the liner-notes say:
Duke Ellington, Mood Indigo, 4:09, 18Mar46.
Count Basie, Count Down, 4:29, 15Jul45.
Les Paul, Body and Soul, 5:12 and Clouds, 3:54, 18Nov45. Fletcher Henderson, Lamplighter Leap, 9:58, 26Aug45.
Stan Kenton, I'm in the Mood for Love, 3:06, 16Dec46. Barney Bigard, B.B.Blues, 9:15, 27Aug45.
Oscar Pettiford, Indiana, 2:28, 27Dec45.
Joe Turner, When I Was Young, 2:52, 4Jul45 and Lovin' Man, 4:50, 23Jun46.
Benny Carter, Body and Soul, 6:09, 25Mar45.


After learning the exact date from you, I've found everything about Mood Indigo in Timner and in my own collection, under Rex Stewart, the LP Duke 1017, with the entire session. The time of Mood Indigo on this LP is 7:45; the talk is 2:05, the music is 5:40; but there is only 4:09 music on the CD! They have deleted 91 seconds after the trombone solo by Bob Wilson, they have deleted the 5° chorus by Rex Stewart and most of the 6° chorus, leaving just the tail end of the theme.

I have also found the Basie track in Sheridan's discography by listening to it: It is Royal Garden Blues instead of Count Down. All of this indicates that this is not a very serious work.

Bernard Dupuis

Flaming-O Productions PHMC-327-4
Herb Jeffries "The Duke and I"
02/3 DEMS 22/4

Basin Street Blues; Satin Doll; I Got It Bad; It Don't Mean a Thing; Solitude; Old Black Magic; Sophisticated Lady; Bye Bye Black Bird; Flamingo; Old Man River; Angel Eyes.

When you listen to the CD it is almost unbelievable to realize how old he is. My wish for you and me, Sjef, is that we are blessed with the same longevity genes as Herb.

I am looking for a VHS copy of the mid 1950s musical by Herb, titled "Calypso Joe", which is apparently "lost". If there is a cinephile out there who can make me a copy, I would greatly appreciate it.

Irv Jacobs

Ocium OCM 0013 (CD)
Willie Smith A Sound of Distinction
02/3 DEMS 23/1

2Nov45 with Billy May, Murray McEachern, WS, Arnold Ross, Les Paul, Ed Mihelich, Nick Fatool: September in the Rain; You Ought To Be in Pictures; Moten Swing; Willie Weep for Me. (In the liner-notes the date is 11Feb45, presumably caused by the difference in notation of dates on the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean.)

5Nov45 with Buddy Childers, WS, Vido Musso, André Previn, Eddie Safranski, Lee Young: All the Things You Are; I Never Knew (parts 1 and 2, earlier on Swing as Dexter Digs Again, on Vogue(E) Dexter Digs In and on Monarch Grandular Activity).

Same date with Howard McGhee, WS, Lucky Thompson, Arnold Ross, Eddie Safranski, Lee Young: I Found a New Baby; Windjammer; Skylark; Experiment Perilous (parts 1 and 2, earlier on Monarch as Lover Come Back to Me). (Liner-notes: I Found a New Baby was from 5Nov45; the rest was from 12Nov45.)

7Apr46 with Juan Tizol and his orchestra: Dick Cathcart, JT, WS, Babe Russin, Arnold Ross, Irving Ashby, Ed Mihelich, Nick Fatool: Keb-Lah; The Sphinx; Zanzibar; You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too.

Nov47 with WS, Dodo Marmarosa, Barney Kessel, Red Callender, Jo Jones: Not So Bop Blues; Tea for Two; Sophisticated Lady. (Dodo Marmarosa died recently on 17Sep02, at the age of 76 years.)

With the Ellington orchestra: 7Aug51, Please Be Kind. (Liner-notes give wrong date as 24May and wrong personnel.)

11Dec51, Blues at Sundown; Vagabonds. (Date is correct, but personnel is not.) This 72:24 CD has good sound and is also multimedia.

Bob Rickles, Steve Voce and SH

Jazz Factory CD JFCD 22840
Coleman Hawkins Johnny Hodges
Complete 1949-50 Vogue Master Takes
02/3 DEMS 23/2

This CD has been brought to my attention by DEMS member Graham Colombé. It contains the six Hawkins titles from Paris 21Dec49: It's Only a Paper Moon; Sih-Sah; Bean's Talking Again; Bah-U-Bah; I Surrender Dear; Sophisticated Lady. (Graham assumes these are the original issued takes though he hasn't checked).

This Hawkins session is followed by the sixteen Hodges titles of three Parisian sessions.

15Apr50: Jump That's All; Last Legs Blues (part 1); Last Legs Blues (part 2); Nix It, Mix It; Time on My Hands.

20Apr: Run About; Wishing and Waiting; Get That Geet; That's Grand; Skip It.

20Jun50: Perdido; In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree; Mood Indigo; Sweet Lorraine; Bean Bag Boogie (Rendez-vous at the Hot Club); Hop, Skip and Jump.

Hodges' part of the CD is the same as previously issued on the Vogue LP VG 405 JLA.59, Jazz Legacy #9, titled "Johnny Hodges, The Rabbit in Paris", a French release from 1978. Two earlier releases on LP were different: the French Vogue L.D. 588-30, Vol. 31 in the series Xe Anniversaire des Disques Vogue, titled "The Rabbit - Johnny Hodges" and the identical first American release on Master Jazz Recordings MJR 8107 "A Memory of Johnny Hodges". These LPs have an alternate take of Time on My Hands, which is welcomed by Graham who finds this tune the most unusual and attractive item from those sessions: "It is a delightful conversation between Hodges and Hamilton." Graham also pointed out that the recording of Wishing and Waiting is missing on the earlier releases and the version of Last Leg [sic] Blues on the earlier releases turns out to be a bizarre edit of Last Legs Blues (part 2), with 4 bars of ensemble and 12 bars of piano removed and the last 8 bars of ensemble with clarinet obbligato replaced by a repeat of the first 8 (with a brief clarinet trill) which is then faded out.


Classics CD 1248
Johnny Hodges 1950 - 1951
02/3 DEMS 23/3

DEMS member Graham Colombé has brought this CD to my attention. This CD contains the same three Hodges sessions of 15Apr, 20Apr and 20Jun50 in Paris, as are at the end of the Factory CD (see left column). Time on My Hands is the same original master take as on Jazz Factory but Classics has a generally better sound retrieval.

Also included is the session of 1Jun50 in Copenhagen with Mellow Mood; How I Wish I Was Around; I Met a Guy and Tea for Two. Graham, who has heard this session for the first time, writes: "I'm convinced that the drummer is Sonny Greer and not Butch Ballard as claimed by Classics, Jepsen, Timner and presumably other discographers. There are enough of the unexpected interventions and decorations typical for Greer and not at all typical for the more straightforward Ballard to make me quite certain of this correction."

The following session is again from Paris 20Jun50: Perdido; In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree; Mood Indigo; Sweet Lorraine; Rendez-Vous at the Hot Club and Hop, Skip and Jump.

The CD ends with the session of 15Jan51 in N.Y.C.: Rabbit's Blues; Something To Pat Your Foot To; Blue Fantasia and My Reward.

The CD is available at WorldsRecords under Item Code: 37054 for $16.-. (See 02/3-15/3).


Classics 1234
Al Hibbler 1946-1949
02/3 DEMS 23/4

What makes this such an interesting release is that it contains three Billy Strayhorn led groups that recorded for Miracle and Sunrise. Included are four Strayhorn compositions that he obviously arranged for the groups:

New York 1947, My Little Brown Book (Sunrise 2001), Detroit Nov47, Tonight I Shall Sleep (Miracle 503),
Chicago 1948/49, Ghost of Love and Hey Baby (Sunrise 520 & 515).

It would appear that these records were not available to Dr. van de Leur because he makes no mention of them. He describes Ghost as first recorded 24May59 by Ellington (p216) and Hey Baby as first recorded on 27Jan56 with Rosemary Clooney (p219). Hey Baby was even recorded before 1948/49, on 10Jul46 for RCA and the next day for Capitol Transcriptions. They have the same arrangement, for which I think Billy was responsible. Ray Nance did the vocal.

Bill Morton

The Billy Strayhorn groups consisted almost exclusively of Ellingtonians.

New York: Ray Nance, Jimmy Hamilton, Al Sears, Harry Carney, BS, Junior Raglin and Fletcher Jackson.
Detroit: Taft Jordan, Johnny Hodges, Al Sears, Harry Carney, BS, Oscar Pettiford and Sonny Greer.
Chicago: Ray Nance, Tyree Glenn, Ben Webster, BS, Junior Raglin and Fletcher Jackson.


Fantasy FCD-24765-2
Mercer Ellington
02/3 DEMS 23/5

This re-release of the first LP which appeared after Duke's death has four additional tracks: Harlem Air-Shaft; Congo Brava; Blem and Wave. This brings the total number of tracks on 15. The original LP Fantasy F-9481 contained: Jump for Joy; Black and Tan Fantasy; Warm Valley; Drop Me Off in Harlem; All Too Soon; Rock Skippin' at the Blue Note; Jeep's Blues; Ko-Ko; Carney; Blue Serge; and Happy-Go-Lucky Local. This release contains the last recordings made by Harry Carney on 17Jul74. Richard Ehrenzeller


Lydian Sound Orchestra
Timon of Athens Suite
FX 1003/1095
02/3 DEMS 24/1

I have found this Italian CD, recorded in Aug/Sep95 at the Work Music Studio in Montecchio Maggiore and the Movin' Studio in Padova.

The music is arranged and the performance conducted by Riccardo Brazzale. It is based on Stanley Silverman's revision, released in 1993 by VarSse Sarabande. See DEMS 94/1-4; 94/2-4; 94/3-6 and 97/1-7 and John Franceschina "Duke Ellington's Music for the Theatre", pp130/135.

The total time of this Italian CD is 60 min.

It contains the following
Themes in "Timon of Athens":
Timon's Theme [tracks 1 (Prologue); 2; 11; 17; 19]
The Banquet Theme [tracks 3; 12]
Toasts [tracks 4 (Introduction); 5; 15]
Skillipoop [track 6]
Market Crash [tracks 7; 20]
Revolutionary March [track18 (as Alcibiades March)]
The Senate [track 10]
Gold [track 13]
Incidental Music:
Black and Tan Fantasy [track 8]
Funeral March [track 9 (by Chopin)]
The Mooche [track 14]
Caravan [track 16]

Oliviero Olivieri

Lush Life
02/3 DEMS 24/2

My nomination for one of the finest and perhaps the most unsung version of Lush Life is from an obscure Kenny Burrell CD called "Heritage". The recording was released on the Voss label in 1987. In addition to Kenny's beautiful guitar, Lush Life serves as a vehicle for the artistry of the late saxophonist Jerome Richardson.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to chat with Jerome about Lush Life and what stuck in my mind were his comments about how much rehearsal time was necessary to play the song properly. This observation was, of course, from an extraordinarily gifted musician. I am not surprised that even Sinatra had trouble with Lush Life !

By the way, the Heritage CD features a great collection of classic jazz compositions (e.g., Round Midnight, Niama, Struttin' with Some Bar-B-Que).

In addition to Mr. Richardson, Kenny is joined by several all star musicians including Marshall Royal, Snooky Young and Shelly Manne.

Bill Saxonis

Miles Music MMCD 085
Pete King "Lush Life"
02/3 DEMS 24/3

Pete King performs the title-song, including the verse, completely solo. Breathtaking playing from a virtuoso mu-sician. I've heard Pete King perform it 'live' a couple of times and it's a quite extraordinary experience.

Tony Faulkner

Titles: In a Monochrome 1; Lush Life 2; Tristan's Song 3; Lust 3; Brazilian Thoroughfare 1; Scrambled Eggs 3; Spirit of Ornette 3; Prisoner's Song 4; Ronnie's Sorrow 4; Flying Scotsman 5.

Composers: 1 S. Melling; 2 Billy Strayhorn; 3 Peter King; 4 Traditional/Peter King; 5 S. Hamilton.

You can buy the "Lush Life" CD via internet from Miles Music at. or by e-mail to or

Peter King

CA-30 is out At the End of 2002

Another year passed by. A rather uncertain future lies ahead of us. Traditionally, I offer you this selection of unissued recordings on DEMS cassette CA-30.

I mentioned in Bulletin 02/1-2 Steven Lasker's donation to DEMS of a recording of the Hurricane broadcast of 1Jun44. It is documented now in the New DESOR entry 9026 (Correction-sheet 1035). Steven's generosity makes it possible to start this cassette with that splendid broadcast, probably recorded by Baron Timme Rosenkranz.

Two studio sessions were recorded on 24 and 25May62 in which Ray Nance was featured in several selections. Most of these have been released on the famous 5 LP box and later on a set of 5 Black Lion LPs and many CDs (See 98/4-3).

An alternate take of Flirtibird has been broadcast through the Danish radio and I can add an alternate take of Black and Tan Fantasy from my own collection.

Also, two selections featuring Milt Grayson were recorded on 25May62. They are both still unissued, but they were broadcast through the Danish radio.

The last selection on side A of this cassette is titled Just a Little Jive, from 23Nov68.

On p13/2 of this Bulletin is a discussion about the two concerts of 26Sep59 in Stockholm. Jan Bruér not only donated his tape to DEMS for research purposes, but he also gave me permission to use it for this DEMS cassette.

I am sure you will enjoy the extremely rare (and great) performance of Clark Terry in Black and Tan Fantasy and in The Mooche.

If you compare Jeep's Blues with the recording in the 5LP box, you will notice that both Timner (4th edition, p189) and Nielsen (p209) are mistaken. The 26Sep59 recording is still unissued.

Sjef Hoefsmit

Side A

Broadcast from Hurricane Restaurant, N.Y.C.
San Fernando Valley [1Jun44 49026a]
Perdido [49026b]
My Little Brown Book [49026c]
Hop, Skip and Jump [49026d]
Ring dem Bells [49026e]
Now I Know [49026f]
Mood To Be Wooed [49026g]

Stockpile sessions at Bell Studio, N.Y.C.
Flirtibird [take -3 24May62 6221c]
Black and Tan Fantasy [-1 25May62 6222f]
Black and Tan Fantasy [-2 6222g]
One More Once [-1 6222i]
The Feeling of Jazz [-3 6222j]

Stockpile session at National Studio, N.Y.C.
Just a Little Jive [-16 23Nov68 6860ac]
Just a Little Jive [-17 6860ad]

Side B

1st Concert at Konserthuset, Stockholm.
Take the "A" Train [26Sep59 5931xa]
Black and Tan Fantasy [5931a]
Creole Love Call [5931b]
The Mooche [5931c]
Deep Purple [5931d]
Jeep's Blues [5931f]
All of Me [5931g]
V.I.P.'s Boogie [5931xb]
Jam with Sam [5931xc]
Just Squeeze Me [from Medley 5931h(j)]
It Don't Mean a Thing [from Medley 5931h(k)]
Diminuendo in Blue [5931xd]
Wailing Interval [5931xe]
Crescendo in Blue [5931xf]

Each DEMS member may order up to 3 copies. The price is 9 Euros a piece including mailing expenses. DEMS