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Part 4.
The New DESOR corrections
02/1 DEMS 23

Page 31. Session 3710, 20May37. I have found B21188 take -1, You'll Never Go to Heaven if You Break My Heart. In take -2 Ellington doesn't play. In take -1 one can hear him playing obbligato behind Hodges. Steven Lasker**

Page 43. Session 3915, 22Jun39. The following date correction is appropriate: Cootie Williams: Night Song, WM-1042A is from 21Jun39 and not from 22Jun39. This actual recording date, previously unissued, was found in the A.R.C. ledgers, held by Sony Music in NYC. Masters WM-1043-44-45 are correctly dated 22Jun39. Steven Lasker

Page 46. Sessions 4003 and 4004. The following date corrections are appropriate: Barney Bigard: Mardi Gras Madness, WM-1141A and Watch the Birdie, WM-1142A are from 15Feb40 and not from 14Feb40. These actual recording dates, previously unissued, were found in the A.R.C. ledgers, held by Sony Music in NYC. Masters WM-1139-40 are correctly dated 14Feb40. Steven Lasker

Pages 56, 57 and 1206. Hoefsmit suggested in 01/3-24, to change GALOP into GALLOP. In the index of the copyrighted titles in MIMM (that we retain as our source), GALOP is written with one L. Luciano Massagli**

Page 68. New DESOR 4307a-e originates from an Apr43 broadcast from the Hurricane over station WOR. On 29Jan02, I bought the original 12" acetate aircheck for $40.- from local collector Joey Altruda (who in turn obtained it from the collection of the late Bob Boyajian). Tracks 4307a-c are on one side, d and e on the other, and there is no indication of which side was broadcast first; the time of the broadcast is noted on the side with d and e: 12:00 to 12:30. The broadcast's exact date, not found in any discography, is shown on the disc: 25Apr43. Steven Lasker**

If the broadcast took half an hour it is not impossible that there were seven selections and not five. See Benny Aasland's WaxWorks entry 43-175y and DEMS 01/3-20/Q6. Of the five selections, three are not complete at the end. This fits with the descriptions in the New DESOR. It seems that Giovanni and Luciano have listened to a copy of the same acetate. Sjef Hoefsmit**

I seriously doubt that Wait for Me, Mary and Subtle Slough belong to this broadcast. WOR was a New York station affiliated with MBS network. I don't know if this particular broadcast was picked up by the network or not. (Jerry Valburn may know.) Steven Lasker**

WOR in New York was always the "flag ship" station for the Mutual Network. Jerry Valburn**

Page 73. Session 4335, 19Jul43. "Broadway Bandbox" Duke's appearance in Frank Sinatra's weekly show "Broadway Bandbox" seem to be misdated. We have this sequence (some talking between Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra and the two selections, Solitude and Don't Get Around Much Anymore on the LP Giants Of Jazz GOJ-1002. In Stratemann, Ken Vail and the New DESOR the date is given as 19Jul43. However, WaxWorks entry 43-53, Nielsen, Timner 2nd, 3rd and 4th edition and the liner-notes of GOJ-1002 show Jun43. The correct date finally seem to be 25Jun43. This is confirmed by the recent CD-Rom "Where Or When: The Definitive Sinatra Database". Sinatra's guests on Monday 19july were Virginia Whitler, The Golden Gate Quartet and Benny Goodman (whose two musical contributions can be found on GOJ-1002). Duke Ellington was the guest on Friday 25Jun43, most obviously with the above 4335 sequence, while Sinatra only sang one tune: Paper Doll acc. by the Raymond Scott Orchestra and released on TimeLine-CD 607. The exact location must read: NYC, CBS Playhouse # 3. Klaus Götting

Page 78 or 79. We have a copy of the broadcast from 11Nov43. It is mentioned in Ole Nielsen's book (p.19) and also in WaxWorks of DE (43-180), but not in DESOR. We do understand that the music was from previously recorded sources, but Duke was having a chat with the disc jockey. This should be included in the discography. It even seems that Duke played a short intro on the piano just before they played the record of Never no Lament. Lance Travis and Sjef Hoefsmit**

Page 180. Session 5205, 22Mar52, starts with four vocals. I know that the correct sequence of this session is unknown, but this is certainly wrong. Carl Hällström

Page 245. Session 5746, 9Dec57. According to what is mentioned on page 1486, Oscar Pettiford was in the band during this session. According to the liner-notes of the LP CBS 26306, he replaced Jimmy Woode during the recording of Together. He should be mentioned on page 245. Hans-Joachim Schmidt

Page 247. Session 5806, Los Angeles, Feb58. In an article in the Dec2001 Newsletter of TDES in Washington, Theodore Hudson reports that he listened to the tape with the recorded rehearsals of the 23rd Psalm by Mahalia Jackson and Ellington. He heard Mahalia say: "Tomorrow we will get it better." This makes me believe that the specific date of the session 5806 should read February 10, 1958. SH**

Pages 247 and 1329 and Correction-sheet 1007. Session 5807 and 5808, 11&12Feb58. My copy of the CD "Reminiscing in Tempo", Co CK-48654, has on track 19 the recording of Come Sunday with Mahalia Jackson, 5807a (RHCO40635-10), and not the one without vocal, 5808a (RHCO40652-8). Lance Travis**

Page 271. Session 5911. If the Patti Page show was actually recorded in NYC, the date of 9Mar59 must be wrong. On 9 and 10Mar59 Duke was in Hollywood, negotiating with Otto Preminger his participation in the picture "Anatomy of a Murder". The band played in Boston's Storyville where Billy Strayhorn replaced Ellington at the piano and Harry Carney conducted the band during Duke's absence, which ran from 9Mar through the first set on 12Mar59. (Source: Duke Ellington Jazz Society Newsletter from Mar-Apr59, Hollywood, published in "In a Mellotone", the Newsletter of the Duke Ellington Society Southern California Vol. 6 No. 4, Winter 2001.) If the date of 9Mar59 is correct the location must have been on the West Coast. Sjef Hoefsmit

Page 272. Session 5912. The correct date is 10Mar59. Duke paid a surprise visit to the meeting of the DEJS Hollywood on Tuesday 10Mar59. Hollywood disk jockey Frank Evans of KRHM taped an exclusive interview with Duke at the meeting, which he has broadcast three times on his "Frankly Jazz" shows, and Duke ordered and "dished up" ice cream sundaes for the entire assemblage. (Same source as for Page 271.) Sjef Hoefsmit

Page 307. Session 6202, 4Jan62. Melancholia and Janet were also issued on DETS Souv. Rec. 1984. They are not mentioned on the record label, but they are on track 1 of side A prior to Reflections in D. This correction should also be made on page 1349, item 0335. Sjef Hoefsmit

Page 483. Session 6778, 17Aug67. Change DE(tk.). into DE,Henry F. Whiston(tk.). Sjef Hoefsmit**

Pages 489 and 490. Sessions 6793 and 6794. Alun Morgan, in his article in Jazz Journal Mar02 page 12, quoting from Will Friedwall's book, "Sinatra! The Song Is You" states that Al Porcino played lead-trumpet and Jimmy Jones and Milt Raskin played the piano occasionally. Eddie Lambert was wrong in his "Listeners Guide", saying that the drummer was William Miller. It was Sam Woodyard. Al Porcino also played in the recording sessions of Jan66 for the soundtrack of "Assault of a Queen". Sjef Hoefsmit**

Page 551. Session 9021. LYON 17Nov69 (See 01/3-26). DEMS member Yvan Fournier gave me a tape of another part of this concert. It contains from before the intermission the greatest and last part of the Medley: Just Squeeze Me, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Mood Indigo, I'm Beginning To See the Light, The Blues, Solitude, It Don't Mean a Thing, Be Cool and Groovy for Me, Sophisticated Lady, Caravan. From after the intermission: Take the "A" Train; Satin Doll; R.T.M.; El Gato. Based on the sequence of titles in other concerts of that tour, I presume that the selections, mentioned by Claude CarriSre (and published on Correction-sheet 1029) came immediately after El Gato. Åke Persson soloed both in Take the "A" Train and in R.T.M. Claude Perrottet**

Jean Portier has sent us many suggestions for corrections in Volume 2 of the New DESOR. If it would take too much space, we have only used his initials JP. DEMS**

Page 732. Animal Crackers 21Jun26, 2603a Add: 5°BAND. Jean Portier**

Page 737. At Your Beck and Call 1May38, 3813b int8DE instead of int4DE.Jean Portier**

Page 738. Awful Sad 2oct28, 2809a 2o16BB instead of 2°16HC(cl.). The old Desor (38a) showed BB and not HC, who however can be heard during two times one bar on alto just before BB enters. JP**

Page 784. Caravan 19Dec36, 3611f
5°(nc)32BAND&DE instead of
5°(nc)32BAND. JP**

Page 801. Clouds in My Heart 19Dec36, 3611a int4DE&BT and cod4DE&BT instead of int4DE and cod 4DE. Jean Portier**

Page 815. Creole Love Call 3Feb32, 3202 3202c - 4°IIHC(cl.);5°IIBB instead of 4°/5°IIHC(cl.) 3202f - Same as 3202c Creole Love Call 11Feb32, 3205 3205c - 5°IIHC(cl.);6°IIBB instead of 5°/6°IIHC(cl.) JP**

Page 819. Creole Rhapsody, Part 2 20Jan31, 3104 3104c - pas8DE;10°12DE(!) instead of pas12DE;10°IDE 3104d - Same as 3104c Jean Portier**

Page 852. Drop Me Off in Harlem 17Feb33, 3304i Same as 3304h but add some notes by FG at the very end. Jean Portier**

Page 875. Gal from Joe's 1May38, 3813d (on CD!) int8DE and cod6BAND&DE,6DE (then 6DE into 3813e) instead of int4DE and cod6BAND,2DE.Jean Portier**

Jean is right, the CD is longer at begin and end than the LP from the first release (light blue jacket). There was however a second release on LP (light pink jacket), made in 1975 from new masters, which already followed Jean's longer description. Sjef Hoefsmit**

Page 878. It is stated that J.Hodges composed Goin' Nuts. What is the source of this data? Steven Lasker**

Page 893. Haunted Nights 16Sep29, 2916c 5°(nc)I16BAND&TB instead of 5°(nc)I16BAND JP**

Page 907. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 22Dec32, 3214c
ver16EW&DE;1°EW;2°2DE,30EW;cod4EW instead of
3214d Same as (the corrected) 3214c JP**

Page 965. Jazz Convulsions 13Sep29, 2915b The end should read 4BAND&JH instead of 4BAND JP**

Page 966. Jeep's Blues 28Mar38, 3807a,br> 1°4BAND,8JH(s.s.)&DE instead of
1°4BAND,8JH(s.s.). Jean Portier**

Page 973. Jungle Jamboree 29Jul29, 2911b 3°FJ instead of 3°CW Jean Portier**

Page 1000. Lost in Meditation 19Jan38, 3802 3802d cod14BAND&JN instead of cod14BAND. 3802e Same as 3802d but cod12BAND&JN instead of cod12BAND. Jean Portier**

Page 1036. Moonglow 12Sep34, 3414c
2°16JH(s.s.)&BAND,14BAND,2JH(s.s.) instead of
2°14JH(s.s.)&BAND,16BAND,2JH(s.s.) Jean Portier**

Page 1055. Oklahoma Stomp 29oct29, 2918 2918b ver16CW instead of ver16HBR
2918c Same as 2918b Jean Portier**

The 16 bars that proceed the piano solo are played either by a.) trumpet (per my ears) or b.) kazoo (per DESOR). Steven Lasker**

Page 1089. Ring Dem Bells 20Aug30, 3011a
10°BAND&BB instead of
10BAND&BB Jean Portier**

Page 1091. Rockin' in Rhythm 16Jan31, 3103 3103d
ver16BB;pas4DE instead of
3103e Same as 3103d instead of Same as 3103b, but 2°IICW-JN instead of 2°II8CW-JN,8BAND. and ver16BB;pas3DE instead of ver16BB;pas4DE; Jean Portier**

Page 1099. Rose Room 15May38, 3816c (CD!) int6DE;1°30BB,2DE; instead of 1°30BB,2BB&DE; JP** See my comment on Page 875. Sjef Hoefsmit**

Page 1100. Rude Interlude 26Sep33, 3312a
2°11BAND;pas8CW,1DE;3°BAND&LBa(vc.);pas3BAND&LBa(vc.),3DE; instead of
3312b Same as (the corrected) 3312a JP**

Page 1103. Sam and Delilah 16Jan31, 3103c 5°14CBu,2DE instead of 5°CBU Jean Portier**

Page 1123. Showboat Shuffle 30Apr35, 3503b 2°30BAND,4RS(!); instead of 2°28BAND,4RS; and 4°(nc)14BAND,16BAND&BB instead of 4°14BAND,18BAND&BB; Jean Portier**

Page 1130. Solitude 10Jan34. 3402a
1°16AW-JN-BB,8HC,8AW-JN-BB&LB; instead of
1°AW-JN-BB,8HC,8AW-JN-BB&LB; Jean Portier**

Page 1153. Sponge, Cake and Spinach 16Jun37, 3713 3713e
3°(nc)7BAND,1BB,7BAND,9HC,6BAND; instead of
3713f Same as 3713e but: 3°(nc)7BAND,1BB,7BAND,1BB,8HC,6BAND; Jean Portier**

Page 1156. Stevedore Stomp 7Mar29, 2905f
4°(nc)30BB;5°6BAND,2JH,6BAND,10JH,8BAND&BB instead of
4°BB;5°16BAND,8JH,8BAND. Jean Portier**

Page 1199. That Rhythm Man 28May29, 2910a at the end 8HC(cl.)&BAND instead of 8BB&BAND. BB's tenor can be heard with the ensembles behind the clarinet, whose sonority is different from BB's. JP**

Pages 1213 and 1267. The Mooche by RN or RS? See 01/3-27. We listened carefully to the trumpet in The Mooche (Fargo) and we are strongly convinced that the soloist is Ray Nance. Luciano Massagli**

Page 1240. Though Truckin' 5Mar35, 3502 Tough Truckin' instead of Though Truckin'; all previous discos, LP releases etc. (with the exception of the old Desor) show Tough Truckin, never Though Truckin'.
3502d 3°(nc)4RS;4oRS; instead of
3502e Same as 3502d but 2°5JH(s.s.)3RS;3°/4°RS and cod6BAND,7DE. Jean Portier**

Page 1241. The composer of Three Blind Mice is shown to be C. Morehouse. This is a mistake: Three Blind Mice as broadcast from the Cotton Club by Ellington on 17Apr38 is a traditional folk song. An entirely different song of the same title was recorded by Frank Trumbauer and His Orchestra on 25Aug27 and by The Chicago Loopers in Oct27. (OKeh 40903 shows the composers as Trumbauer-Morehouse, Path, 36729 shows Trumbauer alone. According to Bix, Man and Legend, however, the sole composer is Morehouse. (Copyright data isn't at hand.) Steven Lasker**

DESOR small corrections 5004
02/1 DEMS 25

Volume 1 (Corrections April 2002)

15 - Session 3018. January 8, 1931 instead of November 8, 1930. (01/3-13/1)

69 - Session 4312. May 28 instead of April 28; Same as 4317 instead of Same as 4309. (01/3-24)

71 - Put a note on one of the pages 71-75 for a one-title broadcast from the Hurricane in Summer 1943, DE9022a I Didn't Know About You unissued (Comments on Timner 33/13) Correction-sheet 1034.

80 - Session 4364. Delete: but: JT(tb.)out. (01/3-24)

87 - 4435d Don't You Know I Care. Add: RCA EPAT-435 4435e delete: RCA EPAT-435 (01/3-24)

180 - 5204o Mood Indigo. Delete: unissued; add: Su 501, Fk LP-2968 (01/3-24)

180 - 5205 Put between d and e: 5205xa, Take the "A" Train. Add after ac: 5205ad, Take the "A" Train. (Comments on Timner 34/22) Correction-sheet 1032. 5205k Caravan. Delete: unissued; add: Fk LP-2968 5205t Mood Indigo. Delete: Su 501; add: unissued (01/3-24)

218 - 5610 Put before 5610a: 5610xa, Take the "A" Train. Add after 5610b: 5610xb, Take the "A" Train. The date of 5610 is 14Apr56. (01/3-25) Correction-sheet 1033.

265 - 5854 Put between 5854q and 5854r: 5854xa, Stompy Jones. (01/3-25) Correction-sheet 1033.

398 - Session 6527. Change Harry into Henry F. (01/3-26)

480 - 6767a Delete: Att ACDM-1425. Add after 6767a: 6767xa, Nameless Hour Att ACDM-1425 (01/3-10/2) Correction-sheet 1034.

555 - 6970p -l) I Got It Bad. Delete: vcTW (01/3-26)

556 - 6972i -m) I Got It Bad. Delete: vcTW (01/3-26)

599 - 7105f Delete: unissued; add: Sv STCD-8323

604 - 7112i,m,n Delete: unissued; add: Sv STCD-8323

609 - 7125c,e,f,g Delete: unissued; add: Sv STCD-8323

610 - 7128 f,l Delete: unissued; add: Sv STCD-8323

613 - 7135b,g,k Delete: unissued; add: Sv STCD-8323 7136c,d,f,j Delete: unissued; add: Sv STCD-8323 See for Sv STCD-8323 00/2-16/1 and 01/2-25/2

652 - 7215 Is not complete. (01/3-26) Correction-sheet 1034.

Volume 2 (Corrections April 2002)

722 - Afrique. 7136j: int14DE&JBe instead of int4DE&JBe

736 - Around My Heart. 4312b: int12DE instead of int16DE (01/3-24)

784 - Caravan. J.Tizol/I.Mills instead of J.Tizol, I.Mills (01/3-27)

855 - E and D Blues. 5610a. The structure should read as follows: 1°DE;2°/4°BAND;5°/6°JH;7°/8°CA;9°BAND; 10°/11°CT;12°/13°JHa(t.s.);14°/16°BAND. (01/3-25)

881 - Goof. 7215f. Delete: ,but5°4BAND,5JC(fl.),%. (01/3-26)

1026 - Mood Indigo. 5204o. Delete int6DE and add the structure as described for 5205t
5205t. The structure is actually as follows: Same as 5204o, but: %;1°%,6BWo-Qj-HC( (01/3-24)

1068 - Perdido. 4312c: 2°TJ instead of 2°RS. (01/3-24)

1083 - Race. 6857c. The description should read as follows: 1°DE;2°(nc)15DE. (01/3-2)

1190 - Take the "A" Train. 6349a. Delete: 1°BAND;cod8BAND; add: Same as 6348a. (01/3-27)

1213 - The Mooche. 5610b. Delete: %; add: 4°/5°IIQJ;pas4QJ,4BAND&JHa;6°IJHa-HC(cl.)-RP(cl.)&CA;cod4CA,2CA&BAND. (01/3-25)

1268 - Way Low. 4312a. Delete the whole description; add: Same as 4317d, but: int8DE. (01/3-27)

1282 - Your Love Has Faded. 3921c. CW instead of RS. (01/3-27)

1311 - ATTIC ACDM-1425. 02. Nameless Hour (6767xa); (01/3-10/2)

1439 - Adler, Larry. Mar1914-Aug 7, 2001. (01/3-13/3)

1449 - Candoli, "Conte" Secondo. Jul 27, 1927 - Dec 14, 2001.

1459 - Farmer, Betty. -Sep 11, 2001. (01/3-27)

1515 - Whiston. Change Harry into Henry F. (0/1-3-26) Correction-sheet 1004 - 4117 4117a. Add, after RCA 09026: -63386-2 4117b. Add, after RCA 09026: -63386-2

New DESOR correction-sheets
02/1 DEMS 25

CoT means Comments on Timner

1032 5205 Salem, OR.22Mar52 CoT 34/22

1033 5610 NYC. 14Apr56 01/3-25/218

5854 Basel . . . . . .16Nov58 01/3-25/265

1034 6767 Toronto. .24Jul67 01/3-10/2

7215 Portland, OR. . .21Feb72 01/3-26/652

9022 NYC . . . . .Summer 1943 CoT 33/13