01/3 December 2001-March 2002


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Part 3.

01/3 DEMS 14/1
Sugabeat S3Beat 301 3 CD set Sir Duke The classic Victor recordings1940-1942

This 3 CD set has been sent to me. It has 72 recordings. It's neatly packaged with the discs inside the box in cardboard envelopes. The sound quality is good - similar to the RCAs, I imagine. The only credit for any engineering is given as 'Digital remastering by Mass Masters'. Who he? The originators call themselves Sugabeat Ltd. and the set originates in England. is the only address. I've just been there and it says in many different languages that the site is under construction. Anyone anything to add? Steve Voce**

CD 1 (Total time 76:09)
6Mar40, You, You Darlin'; Jack the Bear; Ko-Ko (-2?); Morning Glory; So Far, So Good. 15Mar40, Conga Brava; Concerto for Cootie; Me and You. 4May40, Cotton Tail; Never No Lament. 28May40, Dusk (-1?); Bojangles; Portrait of Bert Williams; Blue Goose. 22Jul40, Harlem Air-Shaft; At a Dixie Roadside Diner; All Too Soon; Rumpus in Richmond. 24Jul40, My Greatest Mistake; Sepia Panorama (-1?). 5Sep40, There Shall Be No Night; In a Mellow Tone; Five O'Clock Whistle. 1oct40, Pitter Panther Patter (-2?)

CD 2 (Total time 79:10)
1oct40, Body and Soul (-3?); Sophisticated Lady (-2?); Mr J. B. Blues (-1?). 17oct40, Warm Valley (-2?); The Flaming Sword (-2?). 28oct40, Across the Track Blues (-1?); Chloe; I Never Felt This Way Before (-1?). 28Dec40, The Sidewalks of New York; Flamingo; The Girl in My Dreams (-1?). 15Feb41, Take the "A" Train; Jumpin' Punkins (-2?); John Hardy's Wife; Blue Serge; After All. 14May41, Dear Old Southland (-2?); Solitude (-1?). 5Jun41, Bakiff; Are You Sticking? (-1?); Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'; The Giddy-Bug Gallop. 26Jun41, Chocolate Shake; I Got It Bad (-1?)

CD 3 (Total time 71:42)
2Jul41, Clementine; Brown-Skin Gal; Jump for Joy (-1?); Moon Over Cuba. 2Sep41, Five O'Clock Drag; Rocks in My Bed; Bli-Blip. 2Dec41, Chelsea Bridge; Raincheck; What Good Would It Do?; I Don't Know What Kind of Blues I Got (-1?). 21Jan42, Perdido (-1?); C-Jam Blues; Moon Mist (-1?). 26Feb42, What Am I Here For?; I Don't Mind; Someone. 26Jun42, My Little Brown Book; Main Stem; Johnny Come Lately. 28Jul42, Hayfoot, Strawfoot (-1?); Sentimental Lady (-1?); A Slip of the Lip; Sherman Shuffle.

Steve Voce**

01/3 DEMS 14/2
Stardust CLP 1138-2, 2 CD set DE and his famous Orchestra Cotton Club Anthology 1938

I found today at Tower Records this two-CD set. Disc one has 38 min and disc two has 31 min. Each disc has 11 selections. Obviously, both discs would fit on one, but since the price was $14.99, it doesn't really matter.Jim Andrews

The original Jazz Archives LPs had 12 selections each. On your disks Harmony in Harlem (24Mar38) and If Dreams Come True (15May38) are missing. The time on the (complete, 12 selections each) Archives of Jazz CDs is 41 and 34 min. respectively. There is a single CD release on the market with all 24 selections: Arpeggio ARJ 009, Magnum Distribution, total time 75:27. Only 19 titles listed! See DEMS 01/2-28/1 DEMS

01/3 DEMS 14/3
... and His Mother Called Him Bill

We have on the original LP RCA LPM 3906 (from 1968, the year after Billy died) the following selections:

 1. Snibor                          -7     1Sep67 
 2. Boo-Dah                         -2     28Aug67 
 3. Blood Count                     -4     28Aug67 
 4. Upper Manhattan Medical Group   -4     28Aug67 
 5. Charpoy                                15Nov67 
 6. After All                       -6     1Sep67 
 7. The Intimacy of the Blues              15Nov67 
 8. Raincheck                       -6     30Aug67 
 9. Day Dream                              15Nov67 
10. Rock Skippin' at the Blue Note  -4/-5  30Aug67 
11. All Day Long                    -4     1Sep67 
12. Lotus Blossom (solo)                   30Aug67 

We have on the re-issue LP RCA NL 89166 (1983) as additional selections:

16. Smada                           -4     28Aug67 
18. My Little Brown Book            -2     30Aug67

We have on the CD Bluebird 6287-2-RB (1987) as additional selections:

17. Midriff                         -2     30Aug67 
19. Lotus Blossom (trio)            -1     1Sep67

Anthony Harratt reports that he has on the CD RCA Victor Gold Series 74321851512 (2001) the following additional selections:

14. Raincheck                       -4     30Aug67 
15. Smada                           -3     28Aug67 
13. Ocht O'Clock Rock                      15Nov67

He also supplied the track-numbers on his CD, which we have put in front of the selections.

Rock Skippin' at the Blue Note on LP RCA LPM 3906 and LP RCA NL 89166 has the start of take -4 and the end of take -5. This is also the case on the Centennial 24 CD box of RCA. On the CD Bluebird 6287-2-RB (and also on the CD RCA PD 89565, "Duke Ellington in the Sixties") is the complete take -5.

We feel that Ocht O'Clock Rock does actually not belong to this release. It is the only non-Strayhorn composition. In case you have the RCA Centennial 24 CD box, this most recent Strayhorn tribute album does not contain "fresh" material for you. DEMS**

01/3 DEMS 14/4

There are now four double CDs available with the great Treasury Department broadcasts in 1945 with additional recordings of other broadcasts. See for detailed information DEMS Bulletins 00/4-20/3; 01/1-21/2; 01/2-31 and 01/3-28.

If you cannot find these CDs, you can order them directly from Storyville Records, Dortheavej 39, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark, tel (45) 3819 8590, fax 3819 0110, e-mail

You can also order these CDs from TDES. Conditions are mentioned in DEMS Bulletin 01/1-17/3. Because the TDES PO box is no longer available after the WTC tragedy, Richard Ehrenzeller will handle the orders directly. Send your order to 23 Chestnut Street, Rutherford, NJ 07070, USA.

For those of you who have the DETS Treasury Shows on LP and consequently may not be very interested in the CD re-releases, it is important to know that the double CD DETS 903 9003 (see 01/2-31) contains the broadcasts Magic Carpet numbers 172 and 180, which were never commercially issued in any form. Also DETS 903 9004 (see 01/3-28) contains a bonus, the MBS broadcast from the Zanzibar Restaurant of 10oct45, never issued before with the exception of In a Mellow Tone, which was issued on the CD Musica Jazz MJCD 1140 (see page 17/4). DEMS**

01/3 DEMS 15/1
Penny (E) New Sound, Ltd PYCD 253 Duke Ellington 2 CD set

 1. What Am I Here For?        26Feb42 R 
 2. Raincheck                  2Dec41  R 
 3. In a Mellow Tone           5Sep40  R  G 48 
 4. Ko-Ko                  -2  6Mar40  R  G 48 
 5. Warm Valley            -3  17oct40 R  G 46 
 6. I Got It Bad           -1  26Jun41 R  G 46 
 7. Perdido                -1  21Jan42 R 
 8. Johnny Come Lately         26Jun42 R 
 9. Main Stem                  26Jun42 R 
10. Bojangles                  28May40 R  G 48 
11. Take the "A" Train         15Feb41 R  G 46 
12. Harlem Air-Shaft           22Jul40 R  G 48 
13. Concerto for Cootie        15Mar40 R  G 46 
14. All Too Soon               22Jul40 R 
15. Chelsea Bridge             2Dec41  R 
16. Moon Mist              -2  21Jan42 R 
17. Jack the Bear              6Mar40  R 
18. Never No Lament            4May40  R  G 46 
 1. It Don't Mean a Thing      2Feb32  Br B 86 
 2. St. Louis Blues        -?* 11Feb32 A 
 3. Creole Love Call       -A  11Feb32 A 
 4. Slippery Horn              18May32 A  G 46 
 5. Ducky Wucky            -A  19Sep32 A  CS 
 6. Lightnin'              -A  21Sep32 A  B 86 
 7. Sophisticated Lady     -2  15Feb33 C  G 46 
 8. Drop Me Off in Harlem  -A  17Feb33 A  B 86 
 9. Bundle of Blues        -A  16May33 A  B 86 
10. Harlem Speaks              15Aug33 A  G 46 
11. Daybreak Express       -1  4Dec33  R 
12. Delta Serenade         -2  9Jan34  R 
13. Stompy Jones               9Jan34  R  B 43 
14. Solitude                   12Sep34 A  Ch 
15. Saddest Tale               12Sep34 A  B 86 
16. Moonglow                   12Sep34 A  Ch 
17. In a Sentimental Mood      30Apr35 A  G 46 
18. Showboat Shuffle           30Apr35 A  CS 

R = RCA-Victor; Br = Brunswick; A = ARC; C = British Columbia; G = Giants of Jazz; B = BBC; CS = Compact Selection TQ 151; Ch = Charly 8259-2.

*When I compared St. Louis Blues on CD2 track 2 with the French CBS LP 88035 "The complete Duke Ellington Vol.4 -1932" I found that it was identical with take -A. This is in contradiction with the listing given by Jerry Valburn in DEMS 98/4-5/1. Jerry says that Penny 253 has take -B.

I compared Jazz Information 3001 and found it to be identical with take -B on the French CBS LP.

Jazz Information claims that it has take -A.

On the double LP "The Bing Crosby Story" CBS 66210 are both takes. A comparison of the two reveals that the takes must have been interchanged on the French CBS LP.

One problem remains: the French CBS LP take -B is identical with Columbia/Legacy CK 66372, which is confirmed by Jerry Valburn to have take -B (in DEMS 98/4-5/1). This is also claimed by myself in DEMS 98/3-6/2, but this is not surprising because I used the same French CBS LP for identification of St. Louis Blues on the Columbia/Legacy CD. Sjef Hoefsmit

Re the St. Louis Blues track. I'm referring to Eddie Lambert's book "A Listener's Guide".

Page 53. The bottom of the left hand column and top of the right: Eddie mentions "two takes, easily distinguishable as Williams's first chorus is played muted and in the growl style on the first and on open horn on the second." According to this, the "Penny" track would be take -B. Lance Travis

We have listened to the 78 rpm Columbia BX 11263B, D.X.898. It has Lambert's take -2. This leads to the conclusion that the French CBS LP 88035 must be in error. Our publications in DEMS 98/3-6/2 and 98/4-5/1 are therefore not correct: Columbia CD 66372 has not take -B but take -A. DEMS

01/3 DEMS 15/2
Columbia/Legacy CK 85316 Duke Ellington Love Songs

Star-Crossed Lovers on track 7 of this CD, is listed in the booklet as "MX CO 57015-2, (C3K 65541)". It is listed as playing for 4:00 minutes but actually the last note Duke hits on the piano is at 3:52 and the rest of the track remains silent until the 4:00 mark.

On Columbia/Legacy CK 65568 "Such Sweet Thunder" (see DEMS 99/4-18/2), Star-Crossed Lovers on track 9 is listed as CO 57015 remake -4 with insert. It is recorded on 3May57 and also listed as playing for 4:00 minutes. Track 13 has remake takes and inserts from the same session, 3May57, and track 22 has takes and rehearsals from 6Dec56.

Now to my ears track 7 of 85316 and track 9 of 65568 play for almost identical times except that on track 9 Duke seems to hit the last note at 3:49, not at 3:52 as on track 7, which is also claimed to take 4:00 minutes.

Listening to the French CD Col 469140 2, Star-Crossed Lovers on track 9 plays identical to track 7 of 85316 and track 9 of 65568. This French CD is listed as "re-release of former LP CL 1033." Of course it is not indexed, but the insert at 2:32 (see DEMS 99/4-19) is the same here as on track 7 of 85316 and track 9 of 65568. Which take is used on the original LP CL 1033? Take -2 (track 7 of 85316) or take -4 (track 9 of 65568)?

Bill Morton

You are right. Track 9 of 469140, track 7 of 85316 and track 9 of 65568 are all three identical to each other. There is indeed a minor difference in speed. Also 65568 is a tiny little bit faster than 469140. Sjef Hoefsmit**

This CD is mentioned in Jerry Valburn's column in DEMS Bulletin 01/1-29. Here are the recording dates of the 14 selections as mentioned in the liner-notes: 19Feb59, Satin Doll. 18Nov47, Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me. 23Jan&8Feb65, I Got It Bad. 1Mar61, Body and Soul. 1Sep49, Creole Love Call -1. 1oct57, Prelude to a Kiss. 3May57, Star-Crossed Lovers -4. 6Jul61, Corner Pocket; To You. 14nov47, Take Love Easy. 19Feb59, All of Me. 9Sep57, Tenderly. 20Nov50, Love You Madly. 14oct57, My Heart, My Mind, My Everything. DEMS**

I am now convinced that you are right that it is in fact take-4 and that references to take-2 are simply errors, which were compounded by not only the new 85316 CD but also the three CD package, "The Essential Collection" from Columbia, C3K 65841, which lists track 4 on CD 3 as "mxco 57105-2 Col cl1033" and also plays the same as take-4. Bill Morton**

Indeed, see DEMS 00/1-16/1. Sjef Hoefsmit**

01/3 DEMS 16/1
Bethlehem R2 74315 "Historically Speaking The Duke"

This is another welcome re-release on CD of the famous album. Recordings made 7 and 8Feb56. No alternates, which leaves us with: East St. Louis Toodle-O; Creole Love Call; Stompy Jones; The Jeep Is Jumpin'; Jack the Bear; In a Mellow Tone; Ko-Ko; Midriff; Stomp, Look and Listen; Unbooted Character; Lonesome Lullaby and Upper Manhattan Medical Group. Original notes by Joseph Muranyi and supplementary notes by Jaclyn Levine. Marc Ellis

01/3 DEMS 16/2
High Definition Jazz HDJ 326 (CD) Duke Ellington Swings (1999)

 1. Take It Easy                        21Mar28  Br G 30 
 2. Mood Indigo                         17oct30  B  G 30 
 3. The Mooche                          1oct28   O  G 30 
 4. Cotton Tail                         4May40   R  G 46 
 5. All Too Soon                        22Jul40  R 
 6. In a Mellow Tone                    7/8Feb56 Be G 66 
 7. Sophisticated Lady              -2  1oct40   R  G 48 
 8. Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'        5Jun41   R  G 48 
 9. Five O'Clock Whistle                5Sep40   R 
10. Take the "A" Train                  15Feb41  R  G 46 
11. I Got It Bad                    -1  26Jun41  R  G 46 
12. Clementine                          2Jul41   R 
13. Jump for Joy                    -2  2Jul41   R 
14. Flamingo Anderson (sic)             28Dec40  R 
15. Perdido                         -1  21Jan42  R 
16. C-Jam Blues                         21Jan42  R 
17. I'm Beginning To See the Light  -2  1Dec44   R 
18. Caravan                             11May45  R 
19. Blue Skies                          25Nov46  M 
20. Creole Love Call                    26oct27  V  G 30 

Br = Brunswick; O = Okeh; R = RCA-Victor; V = Victor; Be = Bethlehem; M = Musicraft; G = Giants of Jazz. The high frequencies in the high notes on the piano in the first chorus of Caravan are lost.

01/3 DEMS 16/3
Storyville 103 8341 - double CD Carnegie Hall, 11Dec43

Just spoke with Mr. Knudsen in Copenhagen who confirmed that this double CD-set will be issued in due course. Release date is expected to be in time for this year's Christmas.

New digital transfers from original source recordings are made. Thus Jack Towers went back to Jerry Valburn's original 16" glass based acetates, and Bjrn Almstedt again used the "CEDAR" clean-up process.

This concert has recently been re-released on an Ember double CD (see DEMS 00/3-16/2). The Storyville release will include Duke's stage announcements and the 24 page booklet will include a 21 page dissertation, written by Ken Steiner.

The liner-notes for the Ember release were written by Jeffrey Kruger, who states that the Duke's "childhood friend" Artie Whetsol is featured in this concert. Juan Tizol and Adelaide Hall are listed as "vocalists" in the personnel listing and Junior Raglin is listed as "Raglan" in the main text and as "Ranglin" in the personnel listing. Jimmie Blanton is said to have died in 1943.

All rights of this concert recording are held by "the Kruger Organisation, Inc." (sic !) according to a note in the 3 page Ember booklet. Carl Hällström**

01/3 DEMS 16/4
Storyville STCD 8324

See DEMS 01/1-17/1

18Sep01; John Norris of Sackville Records tells me that he has spoken to Karl Knudsen recently and was advised that this CD will not be out soon. Bill Morton

6Nov01; I had the privilege to see a draft of the liner notes, written by my friend Loek Hopstaken. The CD with the Munich concert of 14Nov58 is definitely coming but it may take a while. Sjef Hoefsmit**

01/3 DEMS 16/5
Columbia 501654 2, double CD Duke Ellington presents Ivie Anderson

We found this listing in Jazz Journal of Nov01.

CD 1: 2Feb32, It Don't Mean a Thing. 21Dec32, Delta Bound (-A?). 9May33, Happy As the Day Is Long; Raisin' the Rent; Get Yourself a New Broom. 15Aug33, I'm Satisfied. 19Aug35, Truckin'. 27Feb36, Isn't Love the Strangest Thing? 28Feb36, Love Is Like a Cigarette; Kissin' My Baby Goodnight; Oh, Babe! Maybe Someday. 17Jul36, Shoe Shine Boy; It Was a Sad Night in Harlem. 5Mar37, I've Got To Be a Rug Cutter (-1?). 9Apr37, There's a Lull in My Life; It's Swell of You. (Total playing time 47:15)

CD 2: 8Jun37, Alabamy Home (-1?); All God's Chillun' Got Rhythm (-2?). 24Feb38, If You Were in My Place (-2?). 11Apr38, Swingtime in Honolulu. 7Jun38, You Gave Me the Gate; Rose of the Rio Grande (-1?); When My Sugar Walks Down the Street. 12Jun39, I'm Checking Out-Goom Bye; In a Mizz; Lonely Co-Ed; You Can Count on Me. 16oct39, Your Love Has Faded; Killin' Myself. 14Feb40, Solitude; Stormy Weather; Mood Indigo.

(Total playing time 44:14).
Liner-notes by Helen Oakley Dance.

Vic Bellerby mentioned that there were quite a few errors in personnel listings, so he took them from another source. This other source does not seem to be very reliable either because there are still many discographical errors in his review. Lawrence Brown was not in the band of 2Feb32 but Barney Bigard was; how could he otherwise be "out" at the next session? The date of 9Jan33 for Delta Bound is wrong, it is 21Dec32 and Otto Hardwick replaced Barney Bigard. The date of 9May33 for I'm Satisfied is wrong, it is 15Aug33. Ben Webster was in the band on19Aug35. The date of 28Feb33 for Isn't Love the Strangest Thing is wrong, it is 27Feb33; Otto Hardwick is in the band on that date; Hayes Alvis did not play in that number. The last session on CD 1 is not from 18Mar37 but from 9Apr37. The first session on CD 2 is not from 20Sep37 but from 8Jun37; Wallace Jones was not in the band, it was still Arthur Whetsel; also Juan Tizol was in the band. On 16oct39, Billy Taylor was still the only bass-player and Billy Strayhorn played the piano in both selections. DEMS**

01/3 DEMS 16/6
Jazz Hour JHR 73504 "Rockin' in Rhythm"

I am assuming that this CD carries the same tunes as "Satin Doll" (Jazztime JTM 8107) with the addition of Diminuendo and Crescendo In Blue and Mr Gentle And Mr Cool. Can you give me the dates and locations where these two tunes were recorded please? Lance Travis

Indeed Jazztime 8107 (DEMS 00/3-18/3) is the same as Jazz Hour 73504 (DEMS 90/1-2) with the exception of two selections which are missing on Jazztime. They were both recorded during the first concert in Gteborg on 6Nov58. (DEMS 98/4-3). DEMS

01/3 DEMS 17/1
Bella Musica BMMC 26.4008 (MC) Duke Ellington

My brother in law discovered this cassette in Hamburg. I guess that the majority of the selections (1956) are from the Bethlehem sessions. Lance Travis

Take the "A" Train                 9Sep58   Col GoJ 66 
Mood Indigo                        9Sep57   Col GoJ 66 
Indian Summer                      7/8Feb56 Bet        Ch 20 
East St. Louis Toodle-o            7/8Feb56 Bet GoJ 66 Ch 20 
Satin Doll                         31Mar58  Col GoJ 66 
Perfidio (sic)                     8Sep59   Col 
Day Dream                          7/8Feb56 Bet        Ch 20
Cotton Tail                        7/8Feb56 Bet GoJ 66 Ch 20 
Creole Love Call                   7/8Feb56 Bet        Ch 20 
Sophisticated Lady                 7Jul56   Col GoJ 66 
Prelude to a Kiss                  1oct57   Col GoJ66 
Things Ain't What They Used to Be  8Sep59   Col 
Ko-Ko                              7/8Feb56 Bet GoJ 66 Ch 20 
I Got It Bad                       7Jul56   Col GoJ 66 
Caravan -1                         19Dec36  Col 
Dancers in Love                    9Dec57   Col 

Col = Columbia; Bet = Bethlehem; GoJ = Giants of Jazz; Ch = Charly

You are quite right. There are two 1956 selections from Newport. All the other 1956 recordings are from Bethlehem. Only Take the "A" Train is from a live recording for the "Jazz at the Plaza" album. Satin Doll is not live. It is taken from the "Bal Masqu" album together with the dubbed applause. Perdido and Things Ain't What They Used To Be are also claimed to be from a live recording. They are recorded in the studio for the "Festival Session" album. Sophisticated Lady and the major part of I Got It Bad on the other hand are from a live recording (Newport '56). This is not acknowledged in the liner notes in spite of the audible applause. Caravan is not from 1940 but from 1936. DEMS

01/3 DEMS 17/2
Definitive 11170 - 4 CD box DE Complete Columbia and RCA Victor sessions with Ben Webster

We saw this "Centennial Edition" CD set advertised in Worlds Records winter 2001 catalogue. We cannot give you from each selection the correct date and take number. The 10 ARC-Brunswick and 78 RCA titles are mentioned by Jerry Valburn in his column in DEMS 00/4-27. No alternate takes are included. Unless you have missed the French Classics and the German History CDs of the period you will find one Brunswick recording, Cotton from 19Aug35, for the first time on CD. DEMS

01/3 DEMS 17/3
Musica Jazz MJCD 1141 "Mary Lou's Idea" Mary Lou Williams

The June edition of the Italian magazine "Musica Jazz" came out with a CD dedicated to Mary Lou Williams. This CD contains one original previously unissued Ellington recording: Blue Skies from the 21May44 broadcast from the Hurricane restaurant. The other 22 tracks of this 71'35" CD contain previously issued material. The first one is an original by Mary Lou, played by the Benny Goodman band: Roll'Em. The second track is a piano solo by Mary Lou, Night Life. On the other 20 tracks Mary Lou on the piano is surrounded by many famous musicians. In the magazine is a long article dedicated to Mary Lou Williams and written by Brian Priestley. Luciano Massagli

01/3 DEMS 17/4
Musica Jazz MJCD 1140 Rex Stewart Take It Easy

This 72 minutes CD contains two previously unissued Duke Ellington selections [16 and 17]! Georges Debroe

 1.  Boy Meets Horn            236         8Feb48  Mercury 8001 
 2.* Linger Awhile             BS-053610-2 2Nov40  Bluebird B-11057 
 3.* Subtle Slough             BS-061343-1 3Jul41  Bluebird B-11258 
 4.  Take It Easy              W-141153-3  19oct25 Columbia 14105-D 
 5.  The Stampede              W-142205-3  14May26 Columbia 654-D 
 6.  Singing the Blues         BRC-53066-1 29Apr31 Victor 22721 
 7.  Primitive                 15575-1     8Aug34  Banner 33399 
 8.* Tough Truckin'            B16975-2    5Mar35  Columbia 37297 
 9.* Kissin' My Baby Goodnight B18739-1    28Feb36 Brunswick 7627 
10.* Braggin' in Brass         M773-1      28Feb36 Brunswick 8099 
11.* San Juan Hill             M994-1      20Mar39 Vocalion 5510 
12.  Finesse                   OSW-65-1    5Apr39  Swing 70 
13.* Tootin' Through the Roof  WM1094-A    14oct39 Columbia 35310 
14.* Morning Glory             BS-044890-1 6Mar40  Victor 26536 
15.* Dusk                      BS-053020-1 28May40 Victor 26677 
16.* Emancipation Celebration              28Jan43 unissued 
17.* In a Mellotone                        10oct45 DETS 903 9004 
18.  Swamp Mist                RX4-2       5Jul44  Keynote 1306 
19.  Jug Blues                 237         8Feb48  Mercury 8001 
20.  Mobile Bay                ST2222      5Dec47  Blue Star 74 
21.  Be Bob Boogie             ST2202      8Dec47  Blue Star 65 
22.  Confessin'                ST2221-3    10Dec47 Blue Star 73 
23.  Night and Day             ST2220-3    10Dec47 Blue Star 73

The 11 Ellington tracks are marked with an asterisk. Here are some remarks about the Ellington tracks:

10. The correct date is 3Mar38.

11. Brick Fleagle cannot be heard. Billy Taylor is on bass instead of Hayes Alvis.

16. The description in the New DESOR for 4302i is not correct. It is the same as 4301m, but 12 RS-JN.

17. Sid Catlett is on drums and not Sonny Greer. A few notes are deleted at the start, just after the intro- duction by the radio announcer. This recording was still unreleased when I received Georges Debroe's message. See DETS 903 9004 on pages 14 and 28.

There is more to say about some of the other tracks:

1. and 19. are from the same session, which took place on 8Feb46. They are included in Delaunay (1948). Delaunay seems to be wrong in crediting Stafford Simon for playing the trumpet. Musica Jazz is right. I hear a tenor.

4. This earliest known Rex Stewart recording is a vocal rendition by Monette Moore of a tune which has nothing to do with the Ellington (instrumental) composition with the same title as recorded in 1928.

5. and 6. I must leave these two tracks to the Fletcher Henderson specialists to figure out who is right about the personnel, Delaunay or Musica Jazz. The matrix number of 6. seems to be wrong. Delaunay has 53069.

7. In the personnel of the Luis Russell band are two discrepancies with Delaunay, again in the brass sections.

18. The date seems to be wrong. Delaunay and also the liner-notes of the original Trip LP TLP-5549 and the Mercury CD "The Fabulous Ellingtonians" 830 926-2, which contains 6 alternate takes, mention 5Jun44 (see DEMS 88/1-5 and 88/4-6).Sjef Hoefsmit

In case you are interested in Musica Jazz CDs you can contact Rusconi Editore S.P.A. Viale Sarca 235 20126 Milano, tel (02) 6411.0911, fax. (02)6611.0919, e-mail DEMS


01/3 DEMS 18/1
Avid AMSC 720 double CD "A Centenary Celebration"

The Adelaide Hall faction might be interested to know that Avid, the English record label, has just released this double album to note Adelaide Hall's birthday (Oct 20). It includes over 50 songs she made from 1927 to 1945. I have details of some of the titles: they start with Creole Love Call/The Blues I Love To Sing/Chicago Stomp Down. See also page 4 of this Bulletin. Steve Voce**

01/3 DEMS 18/2
Blue Moon 1028-1029-1030-1031-1032 Johnny Hodges, "The Complete 1941-1954 Small Group Sessions"

I have managed to pick up this 5 CD set by Rab on the Spanish Blue Moon label. Great music as one would expect with an interesting coverage of the European sessions with Don Byas, etc. By the way, does anyone know when Charlotte Russe became Lotus Blossom? Michael Palmer

These Blue Moon Johnny Hodges CD's contain most, but not all of the recordings he did away from the Ellington Orchestra during those years. It covers most, but not all of the first Mosaic Hodges box. What it has that is not commonly elsewhere are the recordings he made for the Danish Tono label in 1950. [FN-1]

It does have You're Driving Me Crazy that was recorded in 1947 for the Wax label. It does not contain the 3 other sides that members of the Ellington Orchestra recorded for that label. [FN-2]

There is a new Johnny Hodges Classics CD. It contains these three sides plus the Sandy Williams record date for HRS that he is on. [FN-3]

During these years, probably the least known Hodges' recordings are the Ivory Joe Hunter date that he is on. [FN-4] On this date, Russell Procope is on tenor saxophone and at one point he plays a duet with Johnny. Richard Ehrenzeller

Note 1. Copenhagen, 1Jun50: Mellow Mood; How I Wish I Was Around; I Met a Guy; Tea for Two.

Note 2. 2NYC, 1947: Key Largo; Triple Play; Why Was I Born? This complete session was reissued on the LP "The Dukeless Gang", Queen Disc 041.

Note 3. 3NYC, 5Nov45: Mountain Air; Sumpin' Jumpin' Round Here; After Hours on Dream Street; Chili Con Carney. This HRS session was reissued on the LPs Allegro 1643, Halo 50229 and Riverside RLP 145.

Note 4. On the King label, Cincinnati, 15Jul49: Please Don't Cry Anymore; I Got Your Water On; I Quit My Pretty Mama; Lying Woman Blues; I Have No Reason To Complain and on 16Aug49: Jealous Heart. These six selections are not on this Blue Moon set. DEMS

Most of the Ivory Joe Hunter King label recordings can be found on the CD, "Ivory Joe Hunter Sings Sixteen of His Greatest Hits", King KCD-605. There is no disco-graphical information on this CD. That information can be found in Timner's "Ellingtonia" (p.471). There are a few songs not listed in this book; no Ellingtonians are on those recordings. While this CD contains most of these re-cordings, it does not contain all of them. Rich Ehrenzeller**

01/3 DEMS 18/3
Hep CD 1065 "Sounds of Harlem" - Volume 1

This 68 minutes and 24 tracks CD contains 4 tracks by "Taft Jordan and The Mob", the only four 78 rpm sides recorded by Taft Jordan as a leader. NYC on 21 and 22Feb35: Night Wind; If the Moon Turns Green; Devil in the Moon and Louisiana Fairy Tale.

It also contains the only three sides recorded by Freddy Jenkins as a leader. NYC on 26Aug35: Old Fashioned Love; Nothing But Rhythm and Swinging 'Em Down. This last selection has Freddy as vocalist.

On the same day with the same group three other sides were cut, but now under the name of Bernard Addison and His Rhythm: Lovely Liza Lee; I Can't Dance and Toledo Shuffle. All six Freddy Jenkins selections were earlier released on LP RCA LPV-566 or RCA 730-612 or RCA LPM 34029 but here as featuring Albert Nicholas on side B. (Side A was dedicated to Barney Bigard.)

The remaining 16 tracks contain recordings by Benny Morton Orchestra, Buster Bailey and His Chocolate Dandies, The Delta Four and Ace Harris and His Sunset Royals.

Sjef Hoefsmit

01/3 DEMS 18/4
Naxos 86032-2 "Double Duke" Joe Temperley

Recorded with Wycliffe Gordon (tb.), Eric Reed (p.), Rodney Whitaker (b.), Herlin Riley (d.) on 2and3oct98 in NYC: Raincheck; Creole Love Call; Tricotism; Black and Tan Fantasy; Double Duke (Rubber Bottom/Cotton Tail); Try a Little Tenderness ; Elsa; Fascinatin' Rhythm and Danny Boy. (Total time listed as 56:57). A nice album with Danny Boy being the weakest track (in my view). Stanley Dance has done the liner notes. Anthony Harratt**

01/3 DEMS 18/5
Arbors CD ARCD 19225 The International All-Star Band "A Portrait of Duke"

The Netherlands: Frank Roberscheuten, co-leader, cl., a.s., t.s.; Joep Peeters, b.s., a.s., vc.; Onno de Bruijn, d., mc. USA: Dan Barrett, co-leader, tb., t. USA/Australia: Tom Baker, t., tb., t.s., a.s. USA/Germany: Christian Hopkins, p. Belgium: Karel Algoed, b.

Take the 'A' Train; Swing Pan Alley; I Didn't Know About You; Subtle Slough; The Jeep Is Jumpin'; Moonlight Fiesta; Ballad Medley:

In a Sentimental Mood, I Got It Bad, Solitude; In a Mellotone; The Mooche; Love's in My Heart; Mood Indigo; Things Ain't What They Used To Be; Squaty Roo; Pitter Panther Patter; East St. Louis Toodle-Oo; Happy Reunion; C-Jam Blues.

A splendid album. I believe Dan Barrett did most of the arrangements. Wonderful playing. Tom Baker plays some lovely open horn, and everyone solos magnificently at one point or another. Jim Andrews

01/3 DEMS 18/6
Arbors CD ARCD 19226 Manhattan Swing: Bucky Pizzarelli, John Bunch and Jay Leonhart "A Visit With The Duke"

Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me; I'm Beginning To See the Light; Isfahan; Satin Doll; All Too Soon; Don't Get Around Much Any More; Passion Flower; In a Mellow Tone; Black Butterfly; Take the 'A' Train; C-Jam Blues. Fine music from terrific musicians. Jim Andrews

01/3 DEMS 19/1
LP Columbia CL 1649 (Stereo CS 8449)
André Previn trio.

Previn - piano; Red Mitchell - bass; Frank Kapp - drums. On the label: (x"Lp" 53047) and (x"Lp" 53048) are printed on sides 1 & 2 respectively. This session, in my Bruyninckx discography, reads Los Angeles 1960.

André Previn recorded Le Sucrier Velours for this album after Ellington's first version of 25Feb59, thus released many years before Ellington's version finally appeared on Pablo.

It should be noted that Duke recorded Le Sucrier Velours and two other pieces from what we now know as the "Queen's Suite" (Northern Lights and Lightning Bugs and Frogs) at the same session (25Feb59) which produced two titles for the "Jazz Party" album (Tymperturbably Blue and Malletoba Spank) and one title for the "Blues in Orbit" album (Villes Ville Is the Place, Man) both albums for Columbia.

In his notes for Previn's album, Richard Gehman says: "There is also an Ellington premire, Le Sucrier Velours, which Duke gave to Andr especially for this collection."

I wonder - Ellington was in Hollywood in Jun59 recording music for the picture and the Columbia LP "Anatomy of a Murder". Perhaps Ellington met Previn at that time and gave him the sheet music. Someone should contact Previn and ask him about it.

The pieces Previn recorded are: I Got It Bad; Satin Doll; I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart; Perdido; Solitude; Le Sucrier Velours; A Portrait of Bert Williams; A Touch of Elegance (composed by Previn); It Don't Mean a Thing; Prelude to a Kiss; What Am I Here For?; Sophisticated Lady. Andrew Homzy

It is true that we could not lay our hands on Le Sucrier Velours before Pablo released the "Queen's Suite" shortly after Duke died. It was however not as obscure as many of the other parts of the "Queen's Suite". It was played and recorded regularly, but never commercially available during Duke's life. The first time Ellington recorded Le Sucrier Velours was with the whole band in a recording session at the Universal Studio on 3Jan56 under the title Do Not Disturb. Take -9 is released in the Private Collection, volume 1 (DEMS 88/2-1). This explains why the piece was written down. If Ellington had played it exclusively as a piano solo, a written version would probably never have existed. Ellington played Le Sucrier Velours on an electric piano during a private party in Chicago on 28Dec58. A performance by the whole band was recorded on 18Feb65 for a telecast by BBC 2 "Ellington in Europe" (part 2) on 10Apr65. Duke played it again at the University of Cincinnati on 13Apr66 during a recital following a Masterclass. In the Smithsonian Collection is a recording, made by Duke's trio on 15Jun66 at a Columbia Studio. It is again included as a trio performance on 23Jan67 in Copenhagen for the telecast TV-Byen, recently released on video and DVD through the Duke Ellington Masters (DEMS 01/2-10). A piano solo version was recorded on 11Mar67 in Washington at the Statler Hilton Hotel. Duke played it again at the Rainbow Grill on 17Aug67 before the start of a CBS broadcast. The whole session (before and during the broadcast) is released on Moon Records MCD049-2 (DEMS 93/4-2). The theme of Le Sucrier Velours is included in the piano interlude recorded on 6Jul70 at the ORTF Studio in Paris for the telecast "Bienvenues Chez Guy Béart". On 10Apr72, it was included in Duke's recital at the Whitney Museum. This is released on the Impulse CD IMP 11732 (DEMS 96/1-9 and 96/2-5). Duke played it during his Masterclass on 21Jul72 at the University of Wisconsin and in the evening concert on the same day at the Memorial Union Theatre in Madison. He played it again at least twice during a recording session for solo piano on 25Aug72. These recordings were included in broadcasts #36 and #46 of the Danish Radio. DEMS

01/3 DEMS 19/2
Mainstem Duo Series Vol. 3, MCD 0021 "Ellingtonian Tales" Ken Peplowski, John Horler, Phil Lee

This is a very welcome addition to the ever growing collection of Ellingtonia. Almost 71 minutes of splendid Ellingtonia, 7 tracks pure Ellington, 6 tracks pure Strayhorn and two tracks Hodges and/or Mercer, recorded 2 and 3Feb01. There is one previously unknown Strayhorn composition with a rather apt title on track 4, No One Knows. It is not even mentioned in "Lush Life", David Hajdu's Strayhorn biography. David must have found it too late because he gave it to Ken Peplowski. Two selections are very rare: Viscount (from the Hodges' album "The Big Sound") and Ballade for Very Tired and Very Sad Lotus Eaters (from the Hodges' album "Duke's in Bed"). Ken Peplowski plays either clarinet or tenor and is accompanied by either John Horler on piano or by Phil Lee on guitar with the exception of track 1, which is a clarinet solo.

Here are the titles: Single Petal of a Rose; I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart; Viscount; No One Knows; Lotus Blossom; Mr. Gentle and Mr. Cool; Ballade for Very Tired and Very Sad Lotus Eaters; All Too Soon; Raincheck; Prelude to a Kiss; Johnny Come Lately; Blue Serge; Come Sunday; Take the "A" Train; Heaven.

We thank Steve Voce for bringing this remarkable CD to our attention. If you cannot find it, tell your record dealer to order it for you from Mainstem Productions. P.O.Box 320, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 3YU, tel/fax: 01494 792 776. DEMS

01/3 DEMS 19/3
Over the Edge Records" Goin' Home" A Tribute to Duke Ellington

14oct01. While at Borders today, I came across this Duke Ellington tribute CD, which features a variety of artists interpreting Ellington in a variety of ways, including "rap" and "smooth jazz." The recording was released in conjunction with the Duke Ellington Foundation. What and who is the Duke Ellington Foundation? This is the web-site of Lightyear Entertainment: Bill Saxonis**

The CD was produced by Terrence Bell, who is based here in Chicago. I had a party at my home for Clark Terry in May when he was performing here with Jeff Lindberg. Terrence was one of my guests and he brought the CD for us to hear. Terrence is very dedicated to the Ellington legacy and has worked with Mercedes through the Duke Ellington Foundation, which she helped found. He is a very creative marketing person with a lot of great ideas for marketing jazz to a wider public. The CD release party was held here in Chicago in late summer at the Chicago Historical Society and it had a major attendance. Terrence is distributing the CD through a number of avenues. He plans future recordings as well. Alyce A Claerbaut**

We went to the web-site and found the following listing of titles and artists: All the Way Cool, vocal; Groovepushers. Goin' Home; Jon Hendricks, Al Jarreau, Take 6, Gregory Hines. I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues; Otis Clay, Delya Chandler. Ellington Medley; Jonathan Butler, Dianne Reeves, Jeffrey Osborne. The Duke; Rachelle Ferrell, Grady Tate, Christian McBride, Kirk Whalum, Marcus Printup, Everette Harp. Come Sunday; Otis Clay, Delya Chandler. Swinging at the Cotton Club; Jerry Butler, The Dells, Grady Tate. Don't Get Around Much Anymore; Nancy Wilson, Kenny Latimore. Smokin'; Sam Most, Snooky Young. Bring That Duke; Ernie Andrews, Barbara Morrison. It Don't Mean a Thing; Guru, Tashina Daniels. All the Way Cool, instrumental; Groovepushers. DEMS**